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Developer: Obidak Software

Publisher: Obidak Software

Genre: simulator, indie

Release date: 01.12.2016

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Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thievesadventure game, actionfrom 199 RUB
Surviving Mars
Surviving MarsRTS, sim cityfrom 554 RUB
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
Final Fantasy XV Windows EditionRPG, actionfrom 1429 RUB
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletRPG, actionfrom 825,55 RUB
Metal Gear Survive
Metal Gear Surviveadventure game, action, survival modefrom 1184 RUB
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: DeliveranceRPG, open worldfrom 90 RUB
Rustsurvival horrorfrom 10 RUB
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
Civilization VI: Rise and Fallturn-based strategyfrom 793 RUB
DESOLATERPG, adventure game, actionfrom 357 RUB
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball FighterZfightingfrom 1585 RUB


Minecraft"sandbox, open world, survival modefrom 0,9 RUB
Fortnite"survival modefrom 199 RUB
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO,CS GO)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"first person shooterfrom 1 RUB
Grand Theft Auto V (GTA)
Grand Theft Auto V"third person shooter, action, open worldfrom 3 RUB
FIFA 18"sports simulatorfrom 3 RUB
PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS"adventure game, action, survival mode, MMOfrom 9 RUB
Hearts of Iron IV
Hearts of Iron IV"military simulationfrom 156 RUB