15 jobs in analytical chemistry (K / P 1, Var 3 MGTA)

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Task №3
How and why should check the completeness of the precipitation discharge cation? Which acid-base error method will result incomplete deposition of cations of Group II for the subsequent detection of cations of Group III in the analysis of mixtures? Write reaction equations in real and ionic forms.

Task №13
Which compounds are in aqueous solutions of acids and bases which from the point of view of the theory of protolytic BrenstedaLouri: H2O, NH3, NSLO4, CN, NH4 +, SO32, HCO3-, Cl?

Task №23
What volume of 10.0 n. HCl solution to be added to 500.0 ml of water to obtain 2.0% solution of HCl?

Task №33
Calculate solubility of AgCl in g / dm3: 1) in water; 2) solution in 0.10 M KCl.

Task №43
Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by dissolving 1.68 g of potassium hydroxide in 300.0 ml of water.

Task №53
Calculate the pH of the acetate buffer mixture obtained by dissolving
1.64 g of sodium acetate in 100.0 ml of 0.20 n. acetic acid.

Task №63
What ml of 3% ammonium oxalate solution should take to precipitate calcium oxalate from the sample 0.5617 grams of calcium carbide?

Task №73
How knowing the dissociation constant of the acid-base indicators, find the range of the color change of these indicators?

Task №83
Calculate the content of CH3COOH in solution if the titration gone 20.00 ml of sodium hydroxide titer 0.04614 g / ml. Calculate titer of sodium hydroxide by acetic acid.

Task №93
In the titration of a solution containing 3.2002 g of KOH, 28.00 ml of a solution went HCl, NaOH titre on which is 0.06400 g / ml. Calculate the percentage of KOH in a sample.

Setting №103
What factors depends on the value of redox potential? What is necessary to create conditions to increase the redox potential of Cu2 + + e = Cu +?

Setting №113
How to determine the reducing permanganometric? Determination of Fe (II). Write the equation of chemical reactions in the real and
ionic-electronic forms. Calculate the molar mass equivalents of potassium permanganate and iron.

Setting №123
The sample weight pyrolusite 0.3217 g dissolved in sulfuric acid been added 0.4130 g of the crystalline reagent grade oxalic acid. In the titration of excess oxalic acid consumed 15.00 ml of 0.1000 N. KMnO4 solution. Determine the percentage of the sample pyrolusite MnO2.

Setting №133
Weighed 0.2000 g ore containing MnO2 was treated with excess concentrated hydrochloric acid. Formed by the reaction of chlorine was distilled and absorbed in a solution of potassium iodide. On titration of liberated iodine with the matter 0.05200 42.50 ml n. sodium thiosulfate. How MnO2 contain ore?

Setting №143
On what basis methods fix the equivalence point with the complexometric titration using a metal indicator?

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