25 jobs in the Russian language

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25 jobs in the Russian language

1. This series of words select those in which, according to the e pronounced firmly.
Benefit, corduroy, caravel, vernissage, steak, antenna, cape, sandwich, pastel, Opening Day, Art Nouveau, the thesis, a cappella, the pace of the trend, top, coupe, thermos tour, bearing grotesque variant.

2. Make a phrase with these pairs of words, paying attention to the different emphasis.
Bypass roundabout folded slozhёnny, portable portable, mobile mobile, approximate approximate invitingly beckoning.

3. Explain wrong accent in verbs.
1. It's good that our listener raised this issue. 2. If someone had the impression that the farmer lives easy, do not believe it. 3. Two certificates handed combatants in Chechnya. 4. The experts are working on documents that may be the basis for an agreement. 5. Snyaty all restrictions on information. 6.Kursy of wickerwork started already occupied. 7. The sports community has long been waiting for this call

4. Explain erroneous stress in nouns and adjectives.
1. Adopted the draft law on customs. 2. You can purchase these products on optovyh warehouses. 3. storitsey efforts will pay off. 4. Referring to the regulars of the bar. 5. On the fingers is difficult to explain. 6. Failed to transfer the mutiny in military barracks, Kubrick headquarters. 7. John Chrysostom, this is probably the most famous teachers of the Church. 8. Adventure young guys ran tightly folded. 9. The exhibition features icons of the modern school of icon painting. 10. They deny dogmaty church.

5. Using a dictionary of Russian SI Ozhegova, determine what different synonyms. Possible answers:
1 shades of meaning; February 1 is commonly used, the remaining spoken emotionally colored; March 1 is a commonly used word, the second outdated.
I.1. Eyes eyes. 2. Stupid stupid, empty-headed. 3. Mark score points. 4. Blue cornflower blue. 5. Army Men. 6. To go to trail, seeds. 7. Learning lessons. 8. The old woman old woman, old woman, bbusya. 9. Mouth mouth. 10. Sleep sleep.
II.1. Big huge, huge, huge. 2. The child youngsters, toddler, Malyavka. 3. Hat hat cap. 4. The forehead brow. 5. Razin bungler, scatterbrain, hat. 6. Boat prow. 7. Good excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent. 8. Finger finger. 9. Understand think, savvy. 10. snowstorm blizzard, snowstorm.

6. Enter the words upotreblёnnye mistake by mixing paronyms. Correct the sentences.
1. The Company has increased by one million people. 2. In an editorial post in December saw the biggest influx of letters about the poor performance of Power. 3. I need to go to the library and compile lists of advisory literature. 4. All material illustrated the main provisions of the thesis presented in the appendix. 5. Heroic offense committed Scout, was described in the story of the famous writer.

7. Explain and correct lexical mistakes.
1. In this respect the people's wealth should not rely on the fact that the windows crammed with imported goods. 2. We will try to do everything that is possible to us. 3. This was a program with absolute conditions that need to fulfill both sides. 4. I think the danger that we need to change the stereotypes. 5. These factors do not play a deciding factor. 6. The banks today went to the front scene of our society. 7. A group of soldiers to escape from the guardhouse in the neighboring Perm region. 8. This competition took place thanks to the cooperative efforts of many countries. 9. Despite the fact that there do all preventive measures, the forests burn. 10. Only united we can properly flourish, as always flourished Russia.

8. Explain and correct any errors in the sense of word.
1. Complete financial independence, we can not be. So what's your perspective

Additional information

4. The activities of these projects rigidly activated. 5. In the beginning of this year our factory no privatization prinadleal. 6. This is a unique invention of domestic doctor. 7. Cutting was adapted for shooting from small-caliber ammunition. 8. Group "CHajf" returned from a lengthy tour of Russian cities. It was iz9. Our school was the basis, mainly in the field of almost all our school seam. 10. This reform era personified named Stolypin. 11. The father spent most of his time at the plow. 12. The standard of living of the majority of the population is reduced.

9. Spread the nouns in groups according to their kind.
Possible answers: 1 common gender nouns; 2 feminine nouns.
I.1.Grazhdanka. 2.Neposeda. 3.Uzbechka. 4.Inostranka. 5.Hvasutnishka. 6.Balabolka. 7.Nedouchka. 8.Tkachiha. 9.Trudyaga. 10.Yabeda.
II.1.Samouchka. 2.Zevaka. 3.Skripachka. 4.Ekonomka. 5.Macheha. 6.Neryaha. 7.Sladkoezhka. 8.Vyskochka. 9.Vnuchka. 10.Zaznayka.

10. Replace the singular forms in the plural form and put the emphasis.
Passport, contract, promissory note, Professor, stamp officer, Rector, cake, chef, Inspector, designer carpenter, mechanic, accountant.

11. The data are derived from nouns genitive plural and write them down.
Towel, saucer, saddle, bit, the sun, paddle, shoulder gun, ring, mirror, mouth.

12. Form a short form of the adjectives listed below. Specify options.
The dual, modern, ignorant, petty, arrogant, solemn, limp, long, mysterious.

13. Provide an example of an error in the formation of word forms.
1) of the apprentices
2) more than four thousand meters
3) Do not doze in class
4) The new passports

14. Expand the brackets by replacing the words numerals.
1. Steamboat (850 tourists) went into the raid. 2. The camp was in the (1670 kilometers) from the border. 3. We went over (2,500 kilometers) during the drift. 4. From the (892 participants), more than half of nonresident Congress. 5. (1219 participants) joined the competition the athletes who came from other cities.

15. Select the desired form of the predicate. Explain your choice.
1. Disco-Bar (open, open) all night.
2. Paperweight (prednanachen is intended) to crushing on the table market.
3. The mold (is intended) for casting metal products, and plastics.
4. The chair-bed (standing, standing) in the middle of the room.
5. female surgeon (Run, Run) major heart surgery.
6. Museum-apartment of the poet (open, open) after restoration.
7. cape already (been built, was folded) and (packed, packaged) in a backpack.
8. Watch Service (soured deteriorated) on the first day.
9. Wagon Laboratory (standing, standing) on \u200b\u200ba siding.
10. guests with bread and salt (like, like).

16. By aligning the subject with the predicate, either choose the norm.
1. Thousands of books (received, received) to the district library. 2. Hundreds of athletes (scattered, scattered) through the stadium in different directions. 3. Roman newspaper (published, unpublished) novel of the famous writer. 4. The majority of students in our group (drove, drove) on a trip to Novgorod. 5. We learn a lot of students from other cities, most of which (live, live) in a dormitory. 6. Two men (come, come) to a halt. 7. 21 students (tribute) to the trade union statement. 8. Media (held, held) a one-day protest.

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