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1. We sent ... results of ... vote by ... letter.
2. He went to ... rotten log near at ... hand and began to dig under one end of it with his knife.
3. It was ... holiday and no games on ... account of ... rain.
4. So I thought we would have ... good dinner and go to ... ballet.
5. His father had crept several times on ... tiptoe into ... room to see if he was stirring.
6. And on ... top of all that he had ... quarrel with his wife.
7. Let´s go by ... underground.
8. On ... consideration I am not so sure you´re right.
9. He took one of ... books at ... random.
10. He opposed my plan on ... principle.
11. I came across ... book by ... chance.
12. I´ll make ... inventory of what we have on ... hand.
13. After she had ... leisurely dinner downstairs Julia played ... piano for ... while.
14. There was nothing to be said in ... answer to such ...bitter accusations.
15. His name was mentioned in ... connection with ... ping-pong championship.
16. He spent part of ... afternoon telling them ... news he could not tell them by ... telephone.
17. ... little car in ... question now stood outside ... front door.
18. He knew Marion Sharpe by ... sight as he knew everyone in Milford.
19. He asked ... man what was his idea with ... regard to ... best means for accomplishing his plan.
20. On ... examination ... object turned out to be ... page torn from ... book.
21. .... transport must come by ... sea to Plymouth.
22. I broke my spectacles by ... accident and then found I didn´t really need them. 23. He was so uneasy that his presence was out of ... question.
24. "Are you ... bad sailor?" she asked quickly. "About as bad as is possible, in... spite of having been at... sea so much."
25. They are at ... sea now. They write that they are having ... marvelous time.
26. Anna and her husband went out after ... tea to play ...cards, and took their baby, though Eugene said it would get ... pneumonia.
27. She went by ... coach, because it was cheaper.
28. Before long I reached several conclusions in ... relation to my unknown friend.
29. He tore open ... parcel that came for him by ... post.
30. He then went down to ... dinner, and ordered ... whole bottle of ... claret in ... honour of ... event.
31. They followed him through ... slight drizzle to ... garage. ... few men were sitting at ... table, playing ... cards, and ... girl was curled up on ... couch reading ... paperback book.

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УПРАЖНЕНИЯ ПО ГРАММАТИКЕ. Готовое упражнение с вставленными артиклями в файле.


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