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Описание товара

1 Write the numbers.
1) 26
2) 30
3) 15
4) 12
5) 22
6) 18

2 Complete the sentences. Use my, your, his, her, our, and their.
1 She’s from Spain. .... house is in Malaga.
2 I’m from Germany. husband’s from France.
3 Ruth and Peter are students. school is in London.
4 A Hello. What are names?
B Clare and Nick. address is 45, Arundel Road, Andover.
5 A Stefan is in Rome.
B What’s phone number?

3 Complete the sentences. Use has, have, is, and are.
1 Our house in Manchester.
2 We a big house.
3 Tony two sisters and one brother.
4 Tony’s sisters at school.
5 His brother a teacher.
6 Tony a good job.

4 Write general questions.
1 Kevin and Jan work in Paris.
2 Teresa and Paula are Brazilian.
3 Beatrice and Norman drink beer.
4 Peter and Viv work in a bank.
5 Jo and Jack have a dog.
6 Stella and Rob are from England.
7 Xavier and Maria like oranges.

5 Write there´s, there are, there isit ´t, or there aren7.
1 ... a sofa. (+)
2 ... any chairs. (-)
3.... some keys in the drawer. (+)
4 ... a computer on the table. (+)
5 .... any photographs on the wall. (-)
6 .... any apples in the bag. (-)
7 ..... a lot of people in this room. (+)
8 .... a dog in the garden. (-)
9 .... a CD player in my house. (-)
10 .... a lot of pictures in this book. (+)
11 .... a telephone here. (-)
12....... two magazines on that table. (+)

6 Complete the sentences. Circle the correct letter.
1 Last week I shopping in London.
a go b went c goes d were
2 Pamela a film yesterday evening.
a saw b saws c see d sees
3 Pamela the film was very good.
a says b say c said d saids
4 Frank and Betty a beautiful painting.
a buy b bought c be d were
5 They the painting to an expert.
a went b take c took d tell
6 I to see my grandparents last Wednesday.
a go b goes c were d went

7 Circle the correct letter.
1 Guests ... pay their bill before they leave the hotel,
a don’t have to b must c mustn’t
2 Do you ... finish this today?
a should b have to c must
3 You ... bring a hairdryer. There is one in every hotel room, a shouldn’t b mustn’t c don’t have to
4 You ... forget to call me on my birthday, a mustn’t b should c must
5 He wants to keep fit so he ... walk not drive, a shouldn’t b should c doesn’t have to
6 You ... try to read a map while you are driving, a shouldn’t b must c mustn’t
7 Do I have to work this evening?
a Yes, you have, b Yes, you should, c No, you don’t.

8 Read the text, translate it in written form and answer the questions.
James Prescott Joule
James Prescott Joule, famous British physicist, was born in 1818 in Salford, England. Joule was one of the most outstanding physicist of his time. He is best known for his research in electricity and thermodynamics. In the course of his investigations in electrical circuit, he formulated the law, now known as Joule´s law. This law states that the amount of heat produced each second in a conductor by electric current is proportional to the resistance of the conductor and to the square of the current. Joule experimentally verified the law of conservation of energy in his study of the conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy. Joule determined the numerical relation between heat and mechanical energy, or the mechanical equivalent of heat, called the joule, is named after him. It is equal to 1 watt - second.

1. What was James Prescott Joule?
2. When and where was he born?
3. What lies in the operation of air - conditioning system?
4. What did he determine?


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