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Описание товара

1.Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1. We______see the lake from our bedroom window.
a) are able с) must
b) can d) might

2.______ you speak any foreign languages?
a) could c) must
b) can d) might

3. I am afraidI______come to the party next week.
a) could not c) must not
b) cannot . d) might not

4. When we went to the forest, we______smell burning.
a) could c) must
b) can d) might

5. She spoke in a very low voice, but I______understandwhat she said.
a) could c) must
b) can d) might

6. I do not know when they will be here. They______arriveat any time.
a) could c) must
b) can d) might

7. I was so tired. I______sleep for a week.
a) could c) must
b) can d) might

8 We______have gone away if we had enough money.
a) could c) must
b) can d) might

9. You have been travelling all day. You______be tired.
a) could c) must
b) must to d) might

10. They have not lived here for very long. They______ know many people.
a) cannot c) must not
b) should not d) might not

11. The phone rang but I did not hear it. I______have beenasleep.
a) could c) must
b) should d) have to

12. - Why did not your sister answer the phone?
- She______have been asleep.
a) can c) must
b) should d) has to

13. - Why did Sarah miss meeting?
- She______have known about it.
a) should not c) was to
b) should d) might not

14. Do not phone me at eight o´clock. I______be watchingthe football match on TV.
a) could not c) should
b) can d) might

2.Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1.Something must have happened.
2.I should have done it years ago.
3.He may have arrived already.
4.He can’t have overlooked such a serious mistake.
5.They might have informed us about her arrival.
6.His sister can cook very well.
7.I will be able to solve the problem when you explain it to me.
8.May I invite Nick to our house?
9.She must stop eating much as she must loose weight.
10.Will you have to get up early tomorrow?
11.The meeting is to begin at 5 o’clock.
12.We needn’t do all this work.
13.You should work more seriously.
14.You shouldn’t have laughed at her.
15.He needn’t have checked the spelling the computer can do all the correcting.

3.Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя модальные глаголы.
1.Моя сестра не умеет готовить.
2.Он не может работать с тех пор, как заболел.
3.Можно одолжить твою машину.
4.Неужели они сделали ошибку?
5.Не может быть, что сейчас идёт снег.
6.Возможно, она гораздо моложе.
7.Они вынуждены продать свой магазин.
8.Вам нельзя опаздывать на работу.
9.Он, наверное, прожил в это стране много лет.
10.Ей следует изменить своё мнение.
11.Они, возможно, уехали в Нью-Йорк.
12.Вы можете взять эту книгу: они не тяжелая.
13.Вы можете и не брать эту книгу.
14.Подумай только: можно было и не ходить туда.
15.Можете остаться, если хотите.
16.Нам можно не повторять эти правила: мы их знаем.
17.Она, должно быть, дома сейчас.
18.Не может быть, что он видел эту картину.
19.Я не мог вспомнить адрес, и мне пришлось звонить другу.
20.Он, должно быть, был очень занят.

Дополнительная информация

4. Переведите текст на русский язык и выполните задания.
Is Television a Blessing or a Curse and a Time Waster?
It goes without saying that television is one of the greatest inventions of our century. With the help of TV people are able to see the far away planets and even enjoy a direct broadcast from the space. Television makes it possible to watch the splitting of the atom, the birth of life, the volcano eruptions and even the earthquakes.
Ask a child, a teenager or an adult if he can do without TV and he will honestly be surprised at the question. Everyone seems to have a favourite daily or weekly chat show, serial, soap opera or at least a news programme. I personally consider it to be a wonderful way to relax and to switch off from every day problems. So very often I indulge myself to watching a sitcom or a show. It´s ridiculous to deny that a witty comedy can improve your mood, if you are upset or exhausted, because laughter has a similar effect to physical exercise: it improves your state of mind and affects the entire well being. Besides, it´s the safest way to get an adrenaline buzz.
It´s useless to deny that education benefits greatly from television. It stirs the attention of a student and brings fun and excitement into school routine. Frankly speaking I would have never learned so much about Great Britain or America but for the videos we have watched on TV. A single panel-game or a quiz show will make memorizing ten times more efficient and enjoyable. So TV is a blessing at school.......
So, I´m more likely to conclude that television is a real blessing for humanity. Even the busiest housewives drop their household chores to watch their soap operas. Businessmen freeze in front of the telly to learn the stock exchange news. Little toddlers crawl out of their beds at five in the morning to watch the cartoons. TV gives their parents a chance for a proper sleep at the weekends. Spinsters wipe the tears watching sentimental dramas about unhappy lovers. Millions of disabled and elderly people forget their misery and pain if front of the TV screen. Cooking, cleaning, mending and repairing become much more enjoyable thanks to this magic box. Try to eliminate television from their lives and they´ll tear you to pieces!
In conclusion I´d like to say that TV viewers always complain about adverts. However, witty and bright, they may be they are definitely the greatest time wasters. Almost half of the viewing time is wasted on commercials. Pretty often my patience snaps and I turn off the TV set without learning who murdered the old lady or hijacked the plane. That´s when I really start hating TV and the time I waste on it.

I. Answer the questions.
1.Why is television one of the greatest inventions of this century?
2.Why can´t we do without television?
3.What are the most popular TV programmes? Why?
4.Why does education benefit from television?
5.How can television be misused?
6.What are the drawbacks of constant TV viewing?
7.Is television a blessing or a curse? Why?

II. Circle the right answer.
1. Lots of people
a)don´t watch TV at all
b)can´t do without television
c)prefer radio to television
d)have more than three TV sets at home
2. Watching TV
3. Doctors keep reminding us that television
4. Television is
5. When TV viewers watch commercials they


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