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Описание товара

A) Choose the right variant.
1. His cat ____ black.
A)am B)is C)are
2. Watermelons ____ tasty.
A)are B)is C)am
3. There ____ some water in the glass.
A)is B)are C) were
4. There ____ a few children in the garden.
A)are B)is C) was
5. Many doctors ____ in a hospital, but some work in clinic.
A)work B)works C)is
6. Jennifer ____ in New York.
A)are B)lives C)don’t live
7. Yesterday Tom ____ very hard.
A)works B)working D)worked
8. Two days ago she ____ a very boring day.
A)is having B)has C)had
9. ____ he play football last Friday?
A)does B)is C)did
10. ____ you love your sister?
A)are B)do C)does
11. Who ____ in your family?
A)cooking B)cook C)cooks
12. Who ____ Peter last week?
A)saw B)see C)seen
13. We ____ go out to lunch when the class ends.
A)will B)are C)have
14. ____ you going to check your email tonight?
A)do B)are C)will
15. I have no time now. I ____ writing an important letter.
A)am B)was C)have
16. In California, a driver ____ wear a seatbelt. It’s the law.
A)should B)must C)have to

B) Translate from Russian into English
17. Она занята? Я бы хотел встретиться с ней.
18. Они хотят есть, но у них нет денег.
19. Я никогда не опаздываю.
20. Нам нужна ваша помощь. Мы не можем открыть дверь.
21. Сколько окон в вашей комнате? – Было три окна, а сейчас одно.
22. Сегодня не холодно. Завтра тоже возможно будет тепло.
23. Это очень важно знать.
24. Вы звонили нам? Нас не было дома.
25. Убери свою комнату и помой посуду.
26. Ты пригласишь ее? – Я еще не решил.
27. Мне нужно 5 минут, чтобы сделать это.

C) Translate from English into Russian
28. We are not in a hurry.
29. Are you busy now?
30. There are many creatures to see at the zoo.
31. It’s not nice to make fun of other people. Nobody likes to be laughed at.
32. He made a promise to me. But it was a lie.
33. Most people know it’s dangerous for their health, but they smoke anyway.
34. How long does it take you to start a car?
35. Oranges are imported into Britain.
36. Glass is made from sand.
37. This shopping centre was built ten years ago.
38. I will call you if she doesn’t go to the movies, and we can go out together.
39. Taking a job during the generous summer break is more widely recommended and 85% of students do so. If you pick your job carefully it may help you find work after your degree. Universities and employers that participate in the "Job Shop" scheme help students source summer work at home that can benefit their CV as well as their wallet. Whatever work you do you are likely to encounter the taxman. Employment tax is likely to be deducted from your first pay packet. Ask your employer for a P45 form, then call your local tax office, explain your situation and ask for a form P50. Return both the P45 and P50 to the tax office and you will receive a rebate in a subsequent wage. National insurance, payable at 11 per cent, will only be deducted from your wage if you are earning over £94 a week

D) Write a paragraph of about ten-fifteen sentences in reply to this part of a letter.
40. ..... And I’d like to find out more about people in your country because I am going to visit you next year. What do they look like? What are their positive and negative qualities? Where do they usually live? Please write me as much information as possible. It’s very important for me.


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