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Английский, вариант 2 (WORK AND CAREERS)

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Английский, вариант 2 (WORK AND CAREERS)

Контрольная работа №2
Вариант 2
Задание 1. Find and correct the mistakes:
1.It has rained since morning and I am afraid, it won’t stop by Saturday.
2.Tomorrow at this time you will cross the English Channel.
3.When I came, my friend was sitting on the sofa and was looking through some catalogues.
4.After graduating from the university I came to St. Petersburg. I am working here since then.
5.Yesterday when I came to see my friend, he was having supper. He has just come home.

Задание 2. Choose the correct predicate.
1.It is the best book I ______ lately. (have read, read, had read)
2.Next spring she ______ her final exams. (takes, has taken, is taking)
3.Jack ______ a letter to his family when his pen broke. (wrote, has been writing, was writing)
4.By the end of the working day they ______ talks. (had completed, were completed, completed)
5.I’ll ring you up as soon as I ______ tickets for a new film. (will get, get, have got)

Задание 3. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verb.
1.Before he (to enter) the institute, he (to work) at a plant.
2.We (to walk) for about two hours when at last we saw the lake.
3.You (to read) that book yet? – No, I only just (to begin).
4.They are busy now. They (to discuss) an important matter. They (to discuss) it for three hours.
5.The train couldn’t stop because it (to travel) too fast at the time.
6.When the delegation (to arrive) in Moscow? - It (to arrive) yesterday.
7.Tomorrow at 10 a.m. we (to receive) French businessmen.

Задание 4. Translate into English.
1.Вчера я купил часы, т.к. потерял свои старые.
2.Мы знаем друг друга с тех пор, как я приехал в этот город.
3.Она будет обедать после того, как распакует свои вещи.
4.Когда я пришел в офис, секретарь как раз печатала письма, которые я ей дал накануне.
5.Они уже два года изучали английский язык, когда начали изучать китайский.
6.Не приходите завтра: он будет занят. Он будет работать весь день завтра.
7.Анна берет уроки музыки с прошлого года.
8.Если пойдет дождь и погода будет ветреной, моя бабушка будет плохо себя чувствовать.
9.Где ты был вчера? Я приходил к тебе в 5, но никого не было дома. – Я работал вчера в библиотеке с 3 до 6 вечера.
10.Он уже полчаса пытается найти своего сына. Я думаю, что мальчик где-то спрятался.

Задание 5. Translate into Russian paying attention to modal verbs.
1.He could read English books after he had studied the language for a year.
2.You may come here at any time.
3.They needn’t go there tomorrow.
4.I’ll have to get off at the next stop to do some shopping.
5.We will be able to go on an excursion the day after tomorrow.
6.May I have another cup of coffee?
7.The train is to arrive at 9 sharp.

Задание 6. Translate into English.
1.Тебе пришлось остаться дома вчера, т.к. была плохая погода?
2.Вы можете взять любую книгу, какую хотите.
3.Должна ли я принести эту книгу завтра? – Нет, не надо.
4.Ей следует показать это письмо своим родителям.
5.Когда он приехал в Лондон, он мог вести переговоры без переводчика.
6.Они не смогли обсудить этот вопрос вчера. Им придется сделать это завтра.

Задание 7. Put the adverb in brackets in comparative or superlative degree.
1.I like this book (well) than that.
2.She visits them (frequently) than us.
3.Which of the students runs (fast)?
4.The fire was put out (quickly) than we expected.
5.He came (early) of all as usual.

Задание 8. Translate into English.
1.Чем длиннее ночь, тем короче день.
2.Чем меньше женщину мы любим, тем больше нравимся мы ей.
3.Вам придется упорнее работать, если вы хотите научиться лучше говорить по-английски.
4.Давайте пойдем завтра в библиотеку немного раньше. Там будет меньше народу.
5.Постучите в дверь немного громче, если вы вернетесь позднее 10 часов, а то (or) мама не услышит вас.

Задание 9. Choose the right variant and write down the correct sentences. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Дополнительная информация

Задание 9. Choose the right variant and write down the correct sentences. Translate the sentences into Russian.
1.They ______ to build a new McDonalds in several days and ______ it by the end of August.
a)will start; will finish
b)are starting; will have finished
c)start; will be finishing
d)start; are finishing
2.Someday I ______ to Paris to revisit all the places where I ______ in the time of my youth. I ______ them for a quarter of a century or so.
a)will have gone; have lived; didn’t see
b)am going; had lived; didn’t see
c)will go; lived; haven’t seen
d)will be going; had lived; hadn’t seen
3.When ______ Ann last? - I ______ her since she ______ to another city.
a)did you see; haven’t seen; moved
b)have you seen; didn’t see; has moved
c)did you see; didn’t see; moved
d)have you seen; haven’t seen; has moved
4.He was tired and by the time I ______, he ______ asleep.
a)had come; had fallen
b)came; fell
c)have come; has fallen
d)came; had fallen
5.Look, what he ______ on the blackboard. He ______ three mistakes.
a)has written; had made
b)has been writing; is making
c)is writing; has made
d)writes; made
6.Our train ______ at 8 o’clock. If you ______ at 5, we ______ our things.
a)leaves; come; will pack
b)will leave; will come; will be packing
c)is leaving; will come; are packing
d)leaves; come; will be packing
7.I haven’t heard you came into the room. When ______? - I ______ long ago. You ______ and I ______ to disturb you.
a)did you come; came; were reading; wasn’t wanting
b)did you come; came; were reading; didn’t want
c)have you come; have come; have been reading; don’t want
d)were you coming; was coming; read; haven’t wanted

Задание 10. Translate the text.
Sometimes we say that someone we know is "a square peg in a round hole." This simply means that the person we are talking about is not suited for the job he is doing. He may be a bookkeeper who really wants to be an actor, or a mechanic who likes cooking. Unfortunately, many people in the world are "square pegs"; they are not doing the kind of work they should be doing, for one reason or another. As a result they are probably not doing a very good job and certainly they are not happy.
Choosing the right career is very important. Most of us spend a great part of our lives at our jobs. For that reason we should try to find out what our talents are and how we can use them. We can do this through aptitude tests, interviews with specialists, and consulting reference books on the subjects that interest us.
There are many careers open to each of us. Perhaps we like science. Then we might prepare ourselves to be chemists, physicists, or biologists. Perhaps our interests take us into the business world and into such work as accounting, personnel management or public relations. Many people find their place in government service. Many other fields - teaching, newspaper work, medicine, engineering - offer different areas to those with talent and training.

a square peg in a round hole- человек не на своем месте
to suit- подходить, годиться, устраивать
unfortunately- к сожалению
to find out- узнать, выяснить
aptitude test- тест на проверку способностей, склонностей
reference book- справочник
science- наука
field- область, сфера

Задание 11. Answer the questions using the above text.
1.What does the expression “a square peg in a round hole” mean?
2.Are many people in the world “square pegs”? Why?
3.Why is it very important to choose the right career?
4.Do many people find their place in government service?
5.Have you the job you want?

Задание 12. Compose as many questions as you can to the following sentence.
Most of us spend a great part of our lives at our jobs.


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