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Описание товара

Вариант 2
Read and translate the texts given below to get information. Do the exercises. Pay attention to the abbreviations. Check your comprehension by answering questions that follow the texts.
Steam is supplied by two Kockum-built Foster Wheeler D-type boilers equipped with gas-air heaters. Normal evaporation is 95,000 lb (43 tons) per hr. In order to reduce brickwork maintenance the front wall is water cooled. The superheater outlet steam pressure is maintained at 600 lb/in.2 (42.2 kg/cm2) by an all electric combustion control.
The superheater outlet temperature is limited to 950°F by means of a control desuperheater in the water drum. The steam flow is regulated by a control valve positioned by an air signal from a bimetal probe at the superheater outlet. The feed-water flow to the boiler is controlled by an air- operated, two-element feed water regulator.
Each boiler is fitted with five type S.F. suspended flame burners made by Associated British Combustion Limited. They can be operated either as straight mechanical or as steam assisted burners and since the operating range of this type of burner is very wide, its introduction can be considered as an important step towards the fully automated ship.
The burners can operate at a pressure of 500 lb/in.2

1. Write out all the Abbreviations of the article and learn them.

2. Check your comprehension by answering the questions on the text.
1. What boilers supply steam for the installation?
2. Speak about normal operation of the boiler.
3. Why is the front wall water cooled?
4. What device controls the superheater outlet temperature?
5. By means of what device is the steam flow regulated ?
6. How many burners has each boiler?
7. How can the burners be operated?
8. At what pressure can the burners operate?

Тест №1.
Question 1. She’s mother of my best friend.
a) that
b) the
c) his
d) a
Question 2. Before photography people had their pictures painted.
a) had invented
b) inventing
c) was inventing
d) was invented
Question 3. … some problems.
a) There seem to be
b) It seem to be
c) There seems to be
d) It; seems to be
Question 4. Middle-aged people usually regret some of the mistakes of their youth. But what is done is done forever.
a) committing
b) that committed
c) the committing
d) to Commit
Question 5. I … with children before, so I know what to expect in my new job.
a) have worked
b) worked
c) was worked
d) work
Question 6. … you do, don’t tell Harry that we’ve lost his camera.
a) What
b) It’s better
c) Whatever
d) Anything
Question 7. Tom Sawyer was able to make by pretending that the work was a specific privilege.
a) his friends painting the fence
b) the fence paint his friends
c) his friends to paint the fence
d) his friends paint the fence
Question 8. Rasputin … responsible for many of the ill-fated events that happened during the reign of Czar Nicholas II in Russia.
a) believes to be
b) was believing to be
c) they believed him to be
d) was believed to have been
Question 9. Don’t touch the book. It … to me.
a) is always belonging
b) belonged
c) doesn´t belong
d) is belonging


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