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Вариант № 2.
(Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются с букв О – Я).
Раздел 1.
Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.
1.2.(5 x 1 points) Phonetics. Find in which line ‘IE’ has the same pronunciation in every word. Tick (√) the correct variant(s) in the boxes.

1: priest, thief, niece, field, siege, brief, believe
2: shield, chief, lien, science, studies, quiet
3: proprietor, brassiere, friend, pies, supplies

1.2. (10 x 1 points) Supply the articles where necessary. Write your answers (a, an, the or ‘−’) in the boxes.
a)There is ___(11)___ heavy demand for ___(12)___ tools of ___(13)___ new model.
b)Blake & Sons are not ___(14)___ very big company, but they’re ___(15)___ very popular on ___(16)___ world market.
c)Rossexpot’s goods are of ___(17)___ high quality. ___(18)___ Rossexpot’s goods meet ___(19)___ requirements of their customers.
d)Passengers for the flight to Spain, please collect your hand luggage and go to ___(20)___ gate 4.

1.3. (10 x 1 points) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)Mr. Smith, a representative ___(1)___ Bell & Co who deals ___(2)___ these goods, got instructions to place an order ___(3)___ 30 motors ___(4)___ the Russian company.
b)The customers must complete the construction ___(5)___ the plant ___(6)___ the end ___(7)___ the year.
c)Fine. It suits ___(8)___ me. Our driver will pick you ___(9)___ ___(10)___ the hotel.

1.4. (10 x 1 points) Supply the correct tense-forms. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)His office hours ___(1)___ (to begin) at 8.30.
b)The manager of GML ___(2)___ (to phone) Bell & Co in London before their representative ___(3)___ (to go) on business there next month.
c)– You ___(4)___ (to show) this equipment to the French businessman this week?
– No, I ___(5)___ .
d)When I ___(6)___ (to arrive) in London, it ___(7)___ (to rain) heavily.
e)– I ___(8)___ (to fly) to the USA one of these days.
– You ___(9)___ (to make) a reservation for a flight?
– Yes, I ___(10)___ (to do) it the other day.

1.5. (5 x 2 points) Change the following sentences in Direct Speech into Reported Speech. Write your answers in the boxes.
1.Mr. Black asked, “Has Mr. Taylor gone?”
2.Mr. Black said, “We require the machines in July.”
3.Mr. Black asked, “Are you busy all day, Mr. White?”
4.Mr. Black said, “I don’t know when he will call back.”
5.Mr. Black said, “Don’t sell goods at this price!”
6.in 5 minutes.”

1.6. (5 x 1 points) A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes.
1.Since export regulations have been relaxed it has become … to work in the Indian market.
(A) more easy (C) difficult
(B) more easier (D) easier
2.The new promotional campaign has succeeded … our product known to a wider audience.
(A) to make (C) for to make
(B) to making (D) in making
3.When you apply for a visa you … expect to receive it within two weeks.
(A) don´t have to (B) shouldn´t (C) needn´t (D) could
4.If you travel within the European union you … carry a passport, as an identity card is sufficient.
(A) mustn´t (B) have to (C) need to(D) don´t have to
5. …the latest information about our products is now possible directly from our web page.
(A) Obtaining (C) To obtaining
(B) To obtain (D) For to obtain

1.7.(5 х 2 points) Translate into English.
1.– Где г-н Смит?– Он сейчас занят. Он разговаривает с г-ном Бэлом. Они обсуждают условия отгрузки товара.
2.– Когда вы заключили контракт с фирмой “Bell & Co”?– Мы заключили с ними контракт в этом месяце.
3.Три месяца назад г-н Уолтон посетил Москву. Он был заин

Дополнительная информация

Раздел 2.

Business Etiquette. Telephoning. Business Letters.

2.1. (5 x 1 points) Business etiquette. Choose the best responses. Write your answers in the boxes.

1.Would you like some coffee?
(A)No, thanks.
(B)Mineral water, please.
(C)That´s fine.
2.Here´s your tea.(D)Please.
(E)Excuse me.
3.Can I call you back later?(G)Yes, call me.
(H)Yes, please do.
(I)Of course, yes.
4.I´m in marketing. What about you?
(J)Oh, I live in London.
(K)Well, I work in Sales.
(L)Oh, I´ve been here for years.
5.This is Mr Green. He´s the Production Manager.(A)Ah, that´s interesting.
(B)Is that one of your colleagues over there?
(C)Oh, I haven´t met him.
2.2. (4 points) Decide on the missing part of the letter. Write your answer (letters A, B … or E) in the box.
It´s that time of year again. As you all know, Christmas is our busiest season of the year. Every year it is a struggle for management and supervisors to find the time and energy to organize a staff Christmas party. This year, we have decided to postpone the Christmas party until after our busy season.
Party Details
•Date: Second Saturday in January
•Theme: Beach
•Food: Caribbean
•Special events: Karaoke and dancing
We apologize that the celebration will have to wait until the New Year, but we guarantee that it will be worth the wait. Anyone interested in volunteering to help out with the event is encouraged to call Lucy, our events coordinator. Lucy´s cell phone number is 222-3098. Please contact Lucy outside of business hours regarding this matter.
Thank you.

2.3. (5 points) Telephone conversation. The following dialogue is in the wrong order. Rearrange it to make a natural flow of conversation. Write your answers in the boxes. Translate the conversation into Russian.
A: Yes, thanks. How is business, Mr. Hunt?
B: Let me look into my diary. I’m sorry. I’ve got an appointment for that day. Let’s meet on Wednesday at 10 then.
C: Yes, hold on, please. I’m putting you through.
D: Good morning. Green & Co.
E: Good morning, Mr. Green. Hunt speaking. I’m glad I’ve got you on the phone. I hope you are well.
F: Good. Thank you. Good bye!
Раздел 3.
Reading and comprehension.
3.1. (6 x 1 points) Read this text in which someone is describing the different people who work in her company, then match the names of the different people with their positions. Write your answers in the boxes.
Let me tell you about some of the other people who are currently working in my company. First of all, there´s Anne Kennedy, who is appointed by the shareholders to help run the company. She spends a lot of time working with Ronald Anderson, who makes sure the company is running efficiently, and he has to answer to Elizabeth Watkins, who is the most important director in charge of the company. Susie Farraday works for Ms Watkins, and she performs various
3.2. (5 x 2 points) Read the following text carefully and write if the statements that follow it are true or false. Write your answers in the boxes.

Today advertisers are having to find innovative ways to attract the attention of increasingly disinterested consumers. Research has shown that although some people consider advertising to be an intrusion into their private lives others, particularly the younger generation, actually enjoy being the target of commercial messages and the more surprising they are the better.
Traditionally advertising has relied on such media as television and magazines to appeal to a broad audience with no guarantee of reaching its target. With increasing competition and more sophisticated market data, companies are now trying to find ways of directly confronting only the specific groups of consumers that interest them.........
Get ready for the advertising future where, wherever you look, up or down, someone will be trying to get you to part with your money.

3.3. (10 points) Translate the above text (ex. 3.2.) into Russian.


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