Criminal law practical answers Part 2

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Practical tasks

Problem 1. Petrov often jealous of his wife. When she gave birth to a child, he began to reproach her in relationships with other men, saying. One hundred child was not his. Do not endure the constant bickering, the wife filed for divorce, and to receive from Petrova child support. Not wanting to pay child support, Petrpov decided to kill him. Taking advantage of the absence of his wife, seven-month baby Petrov poured acid into his mouth, which caused severe burns. When his wife was walking, he explained that he found the baby under the bed with a bottle of acid and take it in your mouth. From his injuries despite medical care, the child died seven days later.

Solve the question of responsibility Petrova.

Problem 2. Sukhov store quarreled with Borzov, who wanted to take the goods out of the lineup. During an argument Borzov Sukhov struck a punch in the face from which Sukhov fell, hitting his head on a step in front of the counter. This led to a fracture of the cranial vault with a brain injury, from which the victim died 12 hours later in the hospital.

How to qualify their actions Borzov?

Problem 3. Zotov jealousy splashed sulfuric acid in the face Ivanova, causing her left eye was damaged, which ceased to see, and his face formed deep burns.

Qualify deed.

Task 4. Karasev and Ivzekov night infiltrated into the female dormitory and entered the room where slept Khrunova. They woke her and demanded to have sex. Khrunova started screaming. Then Karasev closed her hand over her mouth and Izvekov at this time makes it a sexual act. Then wanted to commit a sexual act and Karasev, however, attracted the noise of the neighbors began to knock on the door, Izvekov Cares and jumped out the window, but were soon detained.

How to qualify their actions?

Task 5.Gurov being with their friends in the country, met with the girls, among whom was Morgunov. She said Gurov that studying in the 10th grade. Together they drank alcohol. Then Gurov went with Morgunova the woods in the direction of the station. In a deserted place he started Morgunov in the bushes and taking advantage of its strong intoxication, committed a sexual act with her.

Qualify deed.

Problem 6. Yemelyanov kidnapped from his coat pocket a drunken citizen, who was sleeping on a bench in a park of 10 000 rubles and hours, and all property in the amount of 150 000 rubles.

Qualify deed Emelyanov.

If it was stolen 250,000 rubles qualify.

Problem 7. Nikiforov attacked Garin in order to seize his personal belongings, hit him with an iron bar two hits to the head and took his fur hat and a watch. Damage caused by Garin, died at the scene.

Qualify action Nikiforov.

Problem 8. Mammadov and Urus decided to steal items from the store and offered to join them Viktorov. Last refused the offer, but their request gave them a crowbar to break the door. At night Mammadov and Urus entered the store and stole items of 26 million rubles.

Give legal assessment of the offense.

Task 9. Tarankulov by car "dump" carrying concrete on dam reservoirs. After another unloading concrete Tarankulov stopped the car at the office, to mark the waybill at the receptionist concrete. This Tarankulov handbrake is not included and did not take measures to prevent the possibility of the car in his absence. The car was on the road with a slight slope. Under the action took place near another car dumper Tarankulova began spontaneously move downhill, has developed a high speed and knocked down a worker who was taking concrete, which died from his injuries.

Give legal assessment of the offense.

Additional information

Problem 10. Vlasenko at night, putting the glass in the window of the store, got into the room, where took 10 watches, two tape recorders, two smoothbore hunting rifles and other goods all ga total of 3 000 000 rubles. From one gun Vlasenko, shortening the barrel, he made the so-called shotgun, which had intended to use to attack citizens.

Give legal characterization of the offense.

Task 11. The head of a construction company Bayramov during the construction of houses for the workers of the enterprise made master Krasnov and quantity surveyor Burin included in orders executed works objects that really have not been completed. This resulted in the damage of a construction company in the sum of 5 000 000 rubles, paid for allegedly made work.

How should qualify their actions Bayramov?

Problem 12. A policeman Babayev, returning in the evening after duty home saw hurriedly hiding in one of the entrances of a man with a suitcase in his hand. Suspecting something was wrong, Babayev came after him into the entrance. The man quickly became a? Nima upstairs. On the top floor, he pulled out a knife and said to Babayev did not fit. Babayev tried to monkey? Weapons of citizens. In the ensuing fight is delayed? My caused Babayev stabbed, causing moderate injury. However Babayev managed to disarm the suspect came to the rescue and help people to take him to the police.

The detainee was a citizen of Wolin, this evening at? Hitivshim in an apartment things.

Give legal assessment of the offense.

Problem 13. Tarahutdinov met with Musina, whose husband with? Held in custody in connection with the accusation of committing serious? St crime and introduced himself a lawyer, promising to make excuses husband or rendering it a very lenient punishment. Tarahutdinov demanded Musina 5 million. Rubles, of which he allegedly would be getting only 1 million. Rubles, while the remaining amount will give influential person. After receiving the money, Tarahutdinov IP? Chaz. In the course of the investigation it was established that he was in communication with any person on the release of her husband Mu? Cena did not join, and the money received from it conferred.

How to qualify their actions?

Problem 14. H. soldier on arrival from a trip reported old? Bus units that ill and go to the clinic portion. A few minutes later he called from the city, said that he was put in the hospital for a cure and went to someone from whom? Th idly spent 12 days.

Is it possible in the presence of such circumstances N. attract criminal liability?

Problem 15. Excavator military construction - H. soldier receiving a command deputy commander of a platoon sergeant N. Gravel podmyta bank of the river, did not fulfill it, took their? Of personal affairs. After a few hours ashore in this place even more collapsed, the river burst its banks and water were for? Fuels the farm field and vegetable storage area military unit, as a result, have suffered serious damage to state and military unit, where he served G.

Is it possible to prosecute for the offense? Ing military builder G.?

Task 16. University student Bakunin found the forms of certificates of temporary disability of students, stamped and stamps. Within a year, he personally filled out the five certificates in their own name and then to conceal omissions sown? Tion activities brought them into the curriculum of the faculty. etc.

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