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Section 1
Philosophy of Culture
Must be one answer
1. What is the leading factor in determining the culture from the perspective of axiological approach?
a) universal values
b) all made by man
c) the person's activities
d) the economic sphere of society
2. Who is the author of the thesis "Culture is a collective neurosis"?
a) KG Jung
b) Spengler
c) Morris
d) Freud
3. Who enters the term "cultural studies"?
a) White
b) Spengler
c) Sorokin
d) Ostwald
4. By performing this function, the culture helps a person to self-determination, to realize the highest value of human life
a) the creation and broadcast of values
b) compensatory
c) the creation of values \u200b\u200bsmyslozhiznennyh
d) the function of socialization
5. What is the leading factor in determining the culture in terms of the activity approach?
a) universal values
b) all made by man
c) the person's activities
d) the economic sphere of society
6. What is an artifact?
a) an archaeological find
b) the process or object of artificial origin
c) the process is not characteristic of the studied object Society
d) ancient Egyptian spell
7. Which of the following approaches identifies culture and civilization?
a) a synthetic
b) the activity
c) formational
d) Analysis
8. Who is the author definition of "Culture is a system of signs"?
a) CG Jung
b) O. Shlengler
c) Morris
d) Freud
9. Who introduces the concept of the Faustian, magical and appolonovskogo types of cultures?
a) CG Jung
b) O. Shlengler
c) Morris
d) Nietzsche
10. As the original translation of the word "culture"?
11. What approach defines culture through the concept of society?
12. Who are the researchers define civilization as the period of the decline of culture?
13. What approach to the definition of culture refers to the value of its side?
14. Who introduces the concept of sensual, ideational and integrating culture?
15. What group of cultural values \u200b\u200bgenerates and transmits from generation to generation?
16. Which of the following, from your point of view, it can be attributed to the concept of "culture"?

Section 2
History of World Culture
1. What is the best gift to the ancient Egyptian?
2. What is monotheism?
3. The name of the temple in islame-
4. What is Sharia
5. How the Chinese call their country
6. As a Muslim accepts the predestination?
7. Identify the main provisions of the law Khamurappi
8. What is the zakat?
9. List the major doctrinal book of Islam
10. In what ancient Eastern state was strong belief in zoomorphic creatures
11. What part of Eastern culture symbolizes a snake bit his tail
12. What is rubai
13. How to translate the word "Egypt"
14. Who makes a covenant with God on behalf of the Jewish people
15. To what ancient oriental culture first appeared professional actors
16. represents the figure of the Sphinx
17. As part of a culture was disseminated thesis of "The Earth is the only hotel zhilische- and true concern requires the tomb?"
18. Perception of the history of Judaism:
19. As for the Egyptian canon of fine should represent the human figure?
20. What is the rate of Xiao?
21. What is the role of the medieval Western European culture plays Carnival
22. Who is the author of "Decameron"?
23. What famous Gutenberg
24. What is an indulgence
25. Who is the author of "The Divine Comedy"
26. Which subculture divided culture of medieval Europe
27. What are the social roles attracted ambitious person within medieval culture
28. In what period of Western culture were common morality-play
29. What is the Reformation
30. Who was Martin Luther, what is its role in the history of Christianity
31. Who is the minstrel

Additional information

32. Which of the following characteristics relate to popular culture
a) focus on the instincts
b) the complexity of the intellectual
c) demythologization of consciousness
d) optimism
33. What is the phenomenon in Western culture is defined as "tasteless mass production, designed for external effect, pseudo-synonym"
a) Pop Art
b) kitsch
c) Camp
d) classics
34. What is the trend in Western European art is distinguished splendor, memorial, rich decor?
a) Empire
b) Classicism
c) Baroque
d) Rococo
35. Recognition of the value of man as a person, his right to the free development and manifestation abilities is
a) anthropocentrism
b) Humanism
c) hedonism
d) voluntarism
36. What is the secularization
a) handling of church property to the state
b) the transfer of state property into private hands
c) artistic style
g) exemption from various spheres of cultural influence of the church
37. The basic principle of salvation Calvinism
a) indulgence
b) faith
c) Divine predestination
d) knowledge of the Bible
38. Which direction in art belong to E. Manet, P.Sezan, P. Gauguin?
a) Impressionism
b) Expressionism
c) surrealism
d) Dadaism
39. Which direction is inherent in the culture method of deconstruction
40. The works of one of these artists are contemporary
41. What is the aesthetic category becomes the basis of postmodern art
42. As part of the modernist trend has been accepted as a basis for the rejection of the image of reality
43. Which of the principles characteristic of postmodern works
44. Because of these characteristics indicate those that are peculiar to modernism
45. What is the intertext
46. \u200b\u200bWhich of these authors is the representative of Dadaism
47. What are the trends in Western European culture introduces the principle of subsidiarity in art, science, religion
48. A method of creating a piece of music, which is based on a random combination of sounds
49. The direction of modern art that is based on a random combination of household items finished, passages mass publications

Section 3
The history of Russian culture
1. What is "Domostroy"
2. In what year Russia officially became known as Russia
3. What is a Funeral Feast
4. What is the Metropolitan Hilarion ("Word on Law and Grace") sees the supreme goal of the State
5. What is the icon was transferred to Moscow for protection against Tamerlane in 1395
6. Which of the Ancient goddesses patronized a good harvest
7. What is the life
8. Who in Slavic mythology was considered by the judge of the dead
9. What does the formula "Moscow the Third Rome"
10. Which of the following features are characteristic of Russian culture
11. Who is the author of "The Tale of Bygone Years"
12. The famous brand Fryazin Peter Solari
13. What is the deity in Slavic mythology border guards and monitors the implementation of moral principles
14. What famous Peter Graves
15. What was intended "Table of Ranks" Keeping the reign of Peter 1
16. What famous Russian master A.Chohov
17. Name the first time the appearance of the Russian Academy of Sciences
18. What is a dual faith
19. In what period of development of Russian culture begins the process of secularization
20. What was the name the first printed book published by Fedorov and P. Mstislavets
21. Which direction in the art of motion picture you have carried Tarkovsky "Mirror"
22. Which direction in art belong to Sorokin, V. Pelevin, Erofeev
23. The founder of a movement in painting Kandinsky


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