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Описание товара

I. Поставьте реквизиты письма в нужном порядке и письменно переведите письмо на русский язык:
1. Dear Sirs
2. Encl: a copy of the report
3. Our ref: AE/KR
4. Compact System
96 Rosewall Drive, South town, S0348T
Tel.: 0927-423845. Telex: 69364
5. Further to our letter of 5 November, we write to advise you of the results of the market research.
The finding of the report, a copy of which we enclose herewith, are favourable and clearly indicate the requirement in your product.
As to your request regarding further discounts, we regret, that at present we are unable to offer you more favourable terms.
6. Subject: results of the market research
7. 14 November 2009
8. c.c. A Henle, Sales Manager
9. Yours faithfully
10. Alice Everett
Marketing Manager
11. Softchain Ltd.
Foss house
Brigham Street

II. Прочтите письмо и ответьте на вопросы:
Dear Sirs,
While I was in London two weeks ago I visited an exhibition of electronic equipment and was most impressed with the computers demonstrated on your stand.
I am enclosing a list showing the items I require, and should be glad to receive your quotation as soon as possible.
Full information regarding export prices, terms of payment, earliest delivery date, and discounts for regular purchases would be appreciated.
My company is interested in the latest model of your computer and if you have other products I should be glad to receive details.
Yours faithfully
1. What kind of letter is this?
2. Is this letter from the Buyer or from the Seller?
3. What information would be appreciated?
4. What goods is the company interested in?

III. Заполните пропуски соответствующими словами, переписав письмо:
1. list
2. receipt
3. letter
4. pleased
5. forward
6. cataloque
7. Dear
8. receiving
____Mr. Bones,
Thank you for your ________ regarding “Speedy Spare Parts”.
We shall be _____ to send you our new ________ and price ________. Please acknowledge _____ of our parcel.
We look ____ to _____ an order from you.

Дополнительная информация

IV. Найдите соответствие в колонках А и В.
1. He`s dialing a number a. звонит телефон
2. He`s answering the phone b. он говорит по другому телефону
3. He`s calling the operator c. он ждет на линии
4. He`s sending a fax d. он снимает трубку
5. He`s holding on e. он набирает номер
6. He`s on another line f. он посылает факс
7. He`s picking up the receiver g. лампочка мигает
8. He`s calling bak h. он разговаривает по телефону
9. The telephone is ringing i. он звонит оператору
10. The light is flashing j. он перезванивает

V. Переведите телефонный диалог на русский язык
Jane Brown: Hello, I`d like to speak to John Whiman
Secretary: I`ll see if he`s here… I`m afraid that he`s out of the office at the moment. Can I take a message?
Jane Brown: Yes, please, could you tell him that Jane Brown rang. We met at the trade fair in Hanover. He asked me to ring when I was in Paris. When will he be back?
Secretary: Not until tomorrow, I`m afraid.
Jane Brown: Could you ask him to call me back?
Secretary: Yes, certainly
Jane Brown: Thank you very much. Good bye.
Secretary: Thank you for calling. Good bye.

VI.Поставьте фразы в нужном порядке, чтобы получить связные диалоги:
• I am sorry, but Mr. Smith isn`t available
• You could try ringing this afternoon
• Hello, my name is Edward Green. I would like to speak to Mr. Smith, please.
• When is a good time to call?
• Thank you. Good bye.
• Really, what sort of problems?
• I am calling about the GT/12A contract.
• You haven`t delivered the spare parts.
• Oh yes, how is it coming along?
• Oh no. I`ll have to look into it and get in touch with you at once.
• Well, we`ve got some problems.
• The 16th June for two nights.
• Bell`s Hotel, how can I help you?
• Certainly, sir. What date?
• I would like to reserve a single room with bath in the name of Smith.
• I`m very sorry, but we`re fully booked on these dates.


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