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I. 1. Name the date of the Old Russian state.
2. Choose among these dates a year Baptism of Russia:
a) 911
c) 944
c) 899
g) 988
d) 998
3. What are the major political centers existed in the Russian land in the feudal period.
4. What year saw the first in Russian history, and what a coup it was accompanied by violent events?

II.1. When was the Battle of the Neva?
a) 1223
b) 1240
c) 1242
d) 1237
2. Which of the following dates apply to the Mongol-Tatar invasion to Rus?
a) 980 - 1025
6) 1113 - 1125
c) 1237 - 1240
d) 1251 - 1263
3. The victory of Russian troops led by Prince Dmitry on the Mongols took place in:
a) 1378
b) 1380
c) 1382
d) 1480

III. 1. The founder of the dynasty of Moscow princes was:
a) Daniil
6) Alexander
c) Yuri Danilovich
d) Michael Yaroslavovich
2. The first took the title of "Emperor of All Russia"
a) Basil II the Dark
b) Ivan III
c) John Fourth
d) The third Vasily
3. Set during the Livonian War:
a) 1565-1572
6) 1558-1583
c) 1632-1634
d) 1654-1667
4. Match the event and the date of the Great Northern War
What are the results of the Northern War?
5. What is the title bestowed on the Senate to Peter I in 1721?
6. Specify any territorial acquisition of Russia HYIII century were made in the period:
a) palace coups,
b) the reign of Catherine II
1..Vozvraschenie Azov
2. The accession of Belarus, right-bank Ukraine, Lithuania,
3. The accession of the Finnish
4. Gaining access to the Black Sea, the accession of the Crimean Khanate
7. Choose one of the greatest creations of Rastrelli:
a) The Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo;
b) St. Isaac's Cathedral,
c) the Engineers' Castle.
8. What is the institution of higher education emerged in Russia January 25, 1755?

Additional information

IV. 1. Alexander I reigned:
a) 1855 - 1913
b) 1801 - 1825
c) 1825 - 1855
g) 1800 - 1813
Give a brief description of the reign of Alexander I.
2. Place the event HYII century in chronological order
1. Rise of Ivan Bolotnikov 1606-1607
3. Winning militia K. Minin and Pozharsky DI 1612
4. Copper Riot in Moscow in 1662
2. Rise of ST Razin 1667-1669
3. Name the name of the Minister of Finance in charge of the financial reform, which led to the strengthening of the ruble and stabilize the financial system of Russia during the reign of Nicholas
4. Using two words to insert Construct a correct statement:
5. Specify the chronological framework of the Crimean War.
Crimean War of 1853-1856, also East war - the war between the Russian Empire
6. Specify the event falls out of the total number of logic:
a) the death of the cruiser "Varyag"
6) The defense of Port Arthur
c) Battle of Tsushima
d) Brusilovsky breakthrough
d) Portsmouth Peace
7. Arrange the events of the time:
3.Krovavoe Sunday, 9 (22) January 1905
2.Vosstanie on the battleship "Potemkin", June 14, 1905
4.Oktyabrskaya all-Russian strike of October 7, 1905
1.Izdanie Manifesto October 17, 1905
8. Name of the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire in 1906 - 1911 GG
9. Specify which of these figures of Russian culture is:
a) Scientists: 3. B. Klyuchevskii V.Vernadsky 4., 5. Ivan Pavlov,
b) artist: 1.V.Serov 6. Korovin, 2.B. Kandinsky,

V. 1. Specify the chronological framework and opposing blocks of the First World War.
2. What is the name the provisional government formed October 26, 1917 at the II Congress of Soviets of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies?
3. What important event in the history of the state was December 30, 1922?
4. Enter the date and place events in chronological order:
2. Give a brief description of the development of Soviet society in its 30 years. XX century.
3. List the key dates and events of the Great Patriotic War.
June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded without declaring war on
4. Read an excerpt from the minutes of the conference leaders of the three great powers and specify the name of the conference
5. Describe the main causes of the beginning of the "Cold War."
6. Select one of these figures of Russian culture is:
7. Give a brief description of the era of stagnation.

VI. 1. Arrange the events in chronological order:
3. Start adjustment. 1987
4. August 1991 coup
1. The collapse of the Soviet Union in August 1991.
2. Cancellation of Article 6 of the Soviet Constitution. March 14, 2010
2. Specify the date and place events in chronological order.
4. Election of BN Russian President Boris Yeltsin. June 1991
3. Adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. June 12, 1992
1. Adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. 1993
2. Election of the VV Russian President Putin. 2000
3.Po Russian Constitution, our state is:
a) a unitary
b) federated
c) confederal
4. What are the names of three prominent figures of our state winners in interactive voting, "Name of Russia!"


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