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Task 1
Question 1: Microeconomics, unlike macroeconomic studies:
1. Only the behavior of the individual consumer;
2. The economy of a territorial unit;
3. economic conditions for a short period of time;
4. The interaction of structural units of the economy;
5. The behavior of individual economic indicators.
Question 2. Of these models is not micro:
1. The model of the firm;
2. The model of inflation;
3. The model of the consumer;
4. The model of market equilibrium;
5. The model of the sector.
Question 3. The problem of scarcity can be solved if:
1. People will be able to abandon the competition in favor of cooperation;
2. will be opened virtually inexhaustible source of energy;
3. All countries in the world will become post-industrial society;
4. everywhere will be increased productivity.
5. All of the above is not true;
Question 4. Choose the answer, which identifies only examples of various factors of production:
1. The manager, gas, land, car
2. Worker conveyor belt, car
3. The driver, a bank employee, factory air
4. Water, tractor, earth, foreman;
5. Among the responses given no right answer.
Question 5: Opportunity cost of a new stadium - is:
1. The payment of its protection and other personnel;
2. The price of the construction of the stadium in the coming year;
3. The changes in the real rate of tax, which is paid from the proceeds of the stadium;
4. The price of other goods and services whose production is sacrificed to the construction of this stadium;
5. there is no right answer.
Task 2
Question 1. A person who has the ability to get a job with pay from 40 to 60 rubles. per hour, the opportunity cost of one hour of leisure are:
1. 40 rub .;
2. 50 rub .;
3. 60 rub .;
4. 70 rub .;
5. 100 rubles.
Question 2. Within two working days carpenter Ivan and Vasily make tables and shelves. Ivan could make two tables, or one shelf, Basil - two tables or three shelves. Alternative production costs for each shelf carpenter are:
1. Basil -2/3 to -2 Ivan;
2. Basil - 3/2 for Ivan - 1/2
3. Basil - 3/2 for Ivan - 2;
4. Basil - 2/3 for Ivan - 1/2
5. can not be determined.
Question 3. Full use of all resources in the production possibility curve shows any:
1. point lying outside the production possibility curve;
2. point lying inside the production possibility curve;
3. point lying on the production possibility curve;
4. point lying on the curve of production capacity, which achieved the best satisfaction of needs of society;
5. there is no right answer.
Question 4. A point located inside the production possibility frontier shows that:
1. The company fully utilizes its available resources;
2. The Company does not fully utilize their economic resources;
3. The Company does not use economic resources;
4. The society uses resources efficiently;
5. The correct answer is 2 and 4.
Question 5. The law of increasing opportunity cost applies if production possibilities curve is:
1. The convex shape;
2. shape of the line;
3. The concave shape;
4. any shape;
5. The correct answer is 1 and 2.
Activity 3
Question 1: For students of the value of alternative training at the University reflects:
1. The amount of the scholarship;
2. The maximum income that can be prepared to drop out,
3. The expenses of the state average on education specialist;
4. The cost of the student's parents on the content;
5. The transport costs.
Question 2. You must make a choice: Do you do to study at the Faculty of Economics of the University of surcharge or work for several years assistant economist. Calculate the opportunity cost of your decision to study at the Faculty of Economics, where:
- Tuition fee is 4 th. P. in year;
- The cost of food - 3,5 thousand. P .;
- Pay to rent a room - 2.5 thousand. P .;
-zarabotnaya board assistant ehkon

Additional information

Question 4. Choose among couples conflicting economic objectives:
1. The socio-economic stability and economic growth;
2. The acceleration of economic growth and environmental protection;
3. The socio-economic stability and full employment;
4. The economic growth and the acceleration of STP;
5. there is no right answer.
Question 5: What's missing in the command economy?
1. The officials designated price;
2. The limited resources;
3. The orientation of the producers mainly on effective demand;
4. The directive planning;
5. money.
Task 4
Question 1: If the majority of the residents of a neighborhood suddenly decide that meat is unhealthy, then ceteris paribus in the area:
Question 2. The market demand curve:
Question 3: What will happen to the market demand curve for oranges, if the price of 1 kg of oranges will rise by 20%, ceteris paribus:
Question 4. Goods lowest category (inferior and benefit) - a commodity for which demand:
Question 5. Price Related Products rose. Therefore, the demand for the goods:
Task 5
Question 1. From reliable sources it became known that the value increased offer VCRs. This event is due to the fact that:
Question 2. The law proposal stipulates that:
Question 3. What approving word "proposal" should be replaced by "the magnitude of the sentence"?
Question 4: If the government will increase the excise tax on CDs for 10 rubles. sold for each disk, as a result, most likely:

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