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English Grammar Test (Units 1-6)

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I. Match the sentences with the explanations.
1.Present Perfect – present result of a past event a.Before he left the company he had been putting together a software package.
2.Present Perfect – present situation that started in the pastb.People have been using computers for different purposes – both good and bad.
3.Present Perfect – unfinished period of timec.I was sure I had deleted all the client records.
4.Present Perfect Continuous – action in progress from the past up to the presentd.The update process had been running for 20 minutes when the computer suddenly crashed.
5.Present Perfect Continuous – emphasis on the duration of timee.I have already checked all our records today and it’s only lunchtime.
6.Present Perfect Continuous – actions repeated over a period of timef.He had installed the new software and then restarted the computer.
7.Past Perfect – emphasis on the action that happened before another past event / moment g.The antivirus has been running for over an hour and there is still more than 60% left.
8.Past Perfect + verb of thinkingh.The latest data input has overwritten the old information.
9.Past Perfect Continuous – situation that was in progress up to a certain point in the past i.He goes there once a week to check computer systems. He has been going there for several months already.
10.Past Perfect Continuous – emphasis on the duration of timej.The new operation system has been installed on our computers since we hired this engineer.

II. Match the sentences with the explanations.
1. When you buy a computer in the shop you always get an operating manual.a. future events that will happen, or likely to happen – 1st conditional
2. If you increase your order of CDs and DVDs, we’ll give you a bigger discount.b. If or When can be used where the meaning is “every time” – 0 conditional
3. If you surfed the Internet yesterday, you probably learnt the news.c. imaginary past event, but the result refers to the present – mixed conditional
4. If the program were better, we wouldn’t be doing it for such a long time.d. things that are always or generally true – 0 conditional
5. When anyone rings my mobile, I get a photograph of the person on the screen.e. events that are different to what really happened with a suggestion of criticism or regret (imaginary past) – 3rd conditional
6. If I had reinstalled the operating system, my computer wouldn’t have crashed.f. imaginary, unlikely, impossible future events
– 2nd conditional
7. If I had upgraded my computer, I wouldn’t have these problems now.g. past events which possibly happened

III. Match the sentences with the explanations.
1.Verb + Simple Gerund Activea.They stopped looking/to look at the flowchart.
2.Verb + Simple Gerund Passiveb.To prevent anyone changing the data he disabled the keyboard.
3.Verb + Simple Gerund Active / Simple Infinitive Active = change in meaningc.The programmer didn’t let me install this new operation system.
4.Verb + Simple Infinitive Passived.Some viruses cause computers to crash.
5.Verb + direct object + Simple Infinitive Activee.Some people can’t afford to buy a modern PC.
6.Verb + Simple Infinitive Active (without to)f.The company intends to use/using computers in the production process.
7.Verb + Simple Gerund Active / Simple Infinitive Active = change in meaningg.Invalid data risks being processed incorrectly.
8.Verb + Simple Infinitive Active (infinitive of purpose)h.Any new software requires to be tested before use.
9.Verb + Simple Infinitive Activei.Analytical engine was invented to store data.

Дополнительная информация

IV. Match the sentences with the explanations.
1.no tense change – past simple, past perfecta.The employer asked what computer applications the candidate used.
2.no tense change – information is still trueb.He said the hacker who illegally accessed our databases was arrested the day before.
3.no tense change – always truec.He asked the technician to debug the program.
4.no change – modal verbd.They told the manager to update the database.
5.change of reference to people, places, time, things e.The CEO said that our stock control had been computerized completely.
6.tense change – move back in timef.It was confirmed that the new computer equipment was improving the performance of all the departments.
7.reported questiong.He said computers are getting smaller and smaller.
8.reported requesth.He said there is always a bug in any program.
9.reported commandi.The technician said the company should install new antivirus software.
10.passive reporting verbj.She pointed out that people used prototypes of computers in ancient times.

V. Match the sentences with the explanations.
1.Have something donea.The transistor that completely changed the vacuum tubes was invented in 1948.
2.Present Simple Passive +
Simple Infinitive Activeb.All the computers have just been checked for viruses.
3.Present Simple Passive +
Perfect Infinitive Activec.By 2100 quantum computers will have been built.
4.Present Simple Passive +
Continuous Infinitive Actived.The new program is currently being tested for bugs.
5.Present Simple Passivee.Sooner or later computers that can see will be invented.
6.Past Simple Passivef.Computers are believed to perform thousands of
computations per second.
7.Present Continuous Passiveg.Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak are known to have set up the Apple Company.
8.Past Continuous Passiveh.If you want to use your PC for artwork or video, you can have a powerful graphics card added to it.
9.Present Perfect Passivei.Computers are said to be getting smaller and more powerful.
10.Past Perfect Passivej.Before the invention of computers various devices had been used to make calculations.
11.Future Simple Passivek.Various terminals are connected to this workstation.
12.Future Perfect Passivel.They ordered these devices to be repaired as soon as possible.
13.Simple Infinitive Passivem.When the computer crashed a new program was being installed on it.
VI. Match the sentences with the explanations.

ARTICLES: a / an, the
1. My friend is a system administrator.a. We use a / an to describe something.
2. Can you pass me a CD from that box by your side?b. We use the, if we know which one, as it was mentioned before or it is clear from the situation.
3. We must have a meeting in the IT department.c. A / an mean “one”, so we cannot use a / an with plurals or uncountable nouns. The is possible.
4. Windows 2000 is a very good program.d. We use a / an to refer to one of a group of things.
5. The information about this program gives us the chance to be the best.e. We use the with nationalities and other groups.
6. Where is the laptop?f. We use the with superlatives.
7. I really admire the Japanese for their IT development.g. We use a / an to refer to something for the first time.
8. This is the best and the newest model of computers in the market.h. We use a / an to describe someone’s job, but not areas of business.


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