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The task № 1. The financial agreement with the bank provides the client repay the debt in the amount of 250 thousand. Rub. 180 days to take the credit in the 200 th. rub. Determine the profitability of this operation for the bank, if the bank uses simple common interest.

Task № 2. Bank 20 days before the date of the bill took into account the amount of 40 thousand rubles. The income of the bank amounted to 800 rub.Kakuyu simple interest rate used by the Bank, if we assume that 360 days a year?

Problem № 3. Client placed 500 th. Rub. the bank for 2 years at an interest rate of 10% per annum. Determine accrued during that time the amount in the calculation of compound interest: a) annually; b) on a quarterly basis; c) on a monthly basis.

Task № 4. The Bank filed July 5 to account for the bill in the amount of 200 thousand. Rub. with a maturity of 5 September of the same year. Bank accounts for the bill on the complex accounting rate of 20% per annum, assuming a year equal to 360 days and spend about counting days. Determine the amount that the holder will receive, and the bank´s income.

Task № 5. The Bank accounts for the bill of the annual nominal interest rate of 22%. What is the value to be difficult discount rate used in place of the interest to the bank´s income has not changed?

The task № 6. Two bills, one with a par value of 20 000 rubles. and maturing on June 10; other nominal value of 50 000 rubles. and maturing August 1 are replaced by one with the extension of the maturity until October 1. Determine the nominal value of the new notes using a simple interest rate of 8% per annum.

Task № 7. On some amount for 4 years will be charged the continuous interest. According to forecasts of inflation at this time each year will be 6, 7, 8 and 9%. What should be the strength of the growth for the year, according to their purchasing power has not diminished?

The task № 8. What amount must be placed in the bank at a difficult interest rate of 8% per annum to 5 years to be able at the end of each year to take account of 300 thousand. Rub., Exhausted by completely under the following conditions: 1) Bank charges compound interest on a quarterly basis; 2) Bank charges a monthly compound interest?

Problem № 9. For 5 years must be nakopit 2 million rubles. What is the value to be the first contribution, if you intend to increase the value of each year received payment of 200 thousand. Rub. and the interest rate is 8% per annum? Cash Receipts performed at the beginning of each year.

Task № 10. Mineral deposits will razrobatyvat for 8 years, it is expected that revenues from the exploitation of the deposit amount to an average of 300 mln. Rubles. in year. Determine the present value of the expected income using a complex interest rate of 10% per annum and in the proposal that the shipping and sale of products will be continuously and uniformly.

Task № 11. Identify the current (present) value of perpetual annuity with monthly postnumerando revenues in the amount of 10 thousand. Rub., If the proposed state bank interest on time deposits is 14% per annum, accrued on a quarterly basis.

Task № 12. The annual demand for the products of 15,000 units. Cost of order is 1500 rubles per order. The cost of one unit of storage products are 4500 rubles a year. Delivery time 6 days of order. To determine the optimum size of the order, the total cost of inventory, reorder level. The number of working days per year to take to 300.

Task № 13. The entrepreneur plans to open his business on January 1 200_goda investing $ 3,000 into it. He suggests to buy for $ 4,000. Gazel for transportation of vegetables in the market. Garage gazelle is leased under the terms of $ 500. In the quarter, which will be paid in advance. For equipment garage and gazelles require additional costs in the amount of $ 2,500. It is expected that revenues from the sale of vegetables in the next six months will be $ 30 000. Wil

Additional information

For start-up the necessary working capital in the amount of $ 500. The current monthly cost will be:

• Payroll Assistant - $ 300. (Including all taxes);

• Operating Expense gazelle - $ 100 .;

• Other expenses - $ 100 .;

• Costs for own needs - $ 600 .;

It is necessary to prepare cash flow forecasts from January to July. Determine the need for additional financing.

Task № 14. The forecast implementation toy store is:

Month Number of toys sold profit \\ loss, ths. Rub.

September 750 -450

Октябрь 1000 -300

Ноябрь 2500 600

December 4000 1500

January 750 -450

The average price of a toy - 2000 rubles., Unit variable cost - 1400 rubles.


1) Determine the fixed costs;

2) Determine the number of toys needed to reach the break-even point;

3) Draw the graph to determine the break-even point in the range 0 - 4000 pcs .;

4) Identify how to change the margin of safety when changing fixed costs to 1.2 million rubles. Plot the new conditions.

Task № 15. Experts Company X made a summary of the cost in the case of the sources of funding for new projects (%)

The range of values \u200b\u200bof the source, ths. Rub. Loan

equity Preferred shares Common shares

0-250 15 July 20

250-500 15 July 22

500-750 17 August 23

750-1000 September 18 24

Over 1000 December 18 26

The target capital structure is as follows:

- Preferred shares - 15%;

- Ordinary share capital - 50%;

- Borrowed capital - 35%.

Calculate the weighted average cost of capital for each of the options.

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