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Select the appropriate form of the verb in the Present Simple.

101. How much ... this dress cost?
102. How well ... you speak English?
103. I ... to the country in summer.
104. It ... often rain in summer.
105. I ... I stay at home on Sundays.
106. I ... my friends on Sundays.
107. He ... have much money.
108. He ... to read books.

109. Mag and her sister ... live in Rome.
110. Jane and her sister ... in Rome every summer.
111. Pat's mother ... teach students.
112. I ... to bed at 10 o'clock every day.
113. They ... new words at every lesson.
114. It ... cost much to stay at that hotel.
115. ... your brother go to school?
116. My mother (to work) at a factory.
117. Where the Johns (to live)?
118. Margie and her sister (to get up) at 7 o'clock.
119. I (not / to understand) that man because I (not / to know) English.
120. -... you often (to repeat) the words of these texts? -Yes, I ....
121. All members of our family (help) Mummy about the house. Dad (walk) the dog, I (water) the flowers, and my brother (clean) the rooms.
122. ... Jane Smith (speak) English?

123. He often (to meet) Peter at his office.
124. ... you (like) swimming?
125. They (to take) English lessons every day?

126. ... your sister often (to go) to the theatre?

127. His sister (not / to study) French.

128. Bob (to know) what I want?
130. Jack lives not far from us, but we (not / to see) him often.
Open parenthesis, putting the verbs in the form of Past Simple.

131. There is not a cloud in the sky, but it (to be) cloudy in the morning.
132. Mrs. Clay usually finishes her work at half past three, but she (to finish) it later yesterday afternoon.
131. Every day I help Mum about the house, but last week I was very busy with my exam. So I (not / to help) her much.
132. Tom (not / to play) tennis yesterday.
133. We generally have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we (to have) lunch later.
134. Now my brother smokes a lot, but he (not / to smoke) before.
135. The Frasers live in a four-room apartment, but last year they (to live) in a small house in the country.
136. I (to visit) my friends yesterday.
137. My Dad always goes to work by car, but last week he (to go) to work on foot.

138. The weather is nice today, but it (to be) bad yesterday.

139. We rarely watch television, but last week we (to watch) a lot of interesting programmes.

140. Do you often see Tom?
-Not Often, but I (to see) him at the party the other day.
141. I (to get) to the market myself last time, but now I do not remember how to get there.
142. I sleep well, but last night I (not / to sleep) at all.

143. I usually come home from school at 2.00 pm, but last week I was on duty and (to come) home a little later.
144. I (to have) dinner with my family yesterday.
145. My brother (not / to drink) coffee yesterday.
131. It (to take) him two hours to get to London?
132. Helen (to prefer) tea to coffee.
133. My husband (to speak) to his boss last week.
134. Five years ago my Dad (to buy) a business in a small town.
135. He (to meet) Mary at his friend's birthday party last week.

136. As soon as the bus (to stop), Jill got off).

137. Three weeks ago I (to go) to Moscow.
138. How you (to cut) your finger?
139. Jack (to try) to remember what he had done last April.
140. They (to build) a new house two years ago.

141. Her sister (to come) to Smolensk last month.

142. Kate (to cook) dinner yesterday.
143. Ten minutes ago I (to translate) a text.

144. Edward (to do) his homework the day before yesterday.
145. When you (to write) to your parents last time?


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