Грамматический тест №3

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Контрольная работа №3
1. Выполните грамматический тест.
Грамматический тест № 3.
Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1. What was the … last year? - $1,000,000,000.
a) overturn b) turnover c) turn-out d) out-turn
2. “Do” is an … verb.
a) irregular b) unregular c) nonregular d) disregular
3. I … all kinds of insects, especially spiders.
a) unlike b) dislike c) nonlike d) illike
4. How many … do you have? - More than a thousand workers.
a) employs b) employment c) employees d) employers
5. Where do you usually place your …? - Mostly on TV.
a) advertises b) advertisements c) advertisers d) advertisings
6. Thank you for a lovely evening! – The … was mine.
a) please b) pleasant c) pleasure d) pleased
7 …, I cannot come tonight. Probably, next time.
a) fortune b) fortunately c) unfortunately d) fortunate
8. The airport is … the north … the city.
a) from, with b) to, of c) on, in d) by, under
9. The cupboard is … the window and the desk.
a) between b) under c) above d) behind.
10. Our train is … the morning.
a) on b) from c) in d) to.
11. Their holiday starts … June the 15th.
a) on b) in c) to d) from
12. The morning shift is … 6 a.m. … 17 p.m.
a) at, from b) from, to c) to, from d) at, to
13. We are going … Paris … Friday.
a) in, in b) in, on c) to, on d) to, in
14. He wants … you right now! Hurry up!
a) see b) to see c) seeing d) seen
15. Jim prefers … his report in person.
a) give b) to give c) giving d) given
16. Let’s … our subsidiary tomorrow afternoon!
a) visit b) to visit c) visiting d) will visit
17. The manager asked him … work in two days.
a) finish b) to finish c) finishing d) finished
18. They can’t … to the meeting on Monday.
a) come b) to come c) coming d) came
19. She should … her presentation more thoroughly.
a) prepare b) to prepare c) preparing d) prepared
20. She made them … the goods in two separate cardboard boxes.
a) deliver b) to deliver c) delivering d) delivered
21. They ought … a uniform at work.
a) wear b) to wear c) wearing d) worn
22. We continued … after he left.
a) write b) wrote c) writing d) written
23. … in a foreign country can be very difficult.
a) live b) to live c) living d) lived
24. After a 24-hour shift she felt really ….
a) exhaust b) to exhaust c) exhausting d) exhausted
25. Was his presentation …?
a) interest b) to interest c) interesting d) interested
26. After … the office he went to a meeting with his colleague.
a) leave b) to leave c) leaving d) left
27. Fragile goods should be … with much care.
b) а) delivery b) to deliver c) delivering d) delivered


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