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Контрольная №2 по английскому, вариант 4 (Rossimport)

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Описание товара

Вариант 4
Задание 1. Ask and answer as in the model.
- Have you signed the contract yet?
- Yes, it was signed two days ago.
Prompts: 1. To fax a contract; 2. To make a reservation for the fight; 3. To reserve accommodation at the hotel; 4. To discuss the terms of the contract; 5. To establish business relations with French companies.

Задание 2. Translate into English:
1. В этом году фирма собирается представить на мировой рынок новую модель компьютера.
2. Концерты артистов Большого театра всегда пользуются большим успехом.
3. Картины молодого художника привлекли внимание многих посетителей выставки.

Задание 3. Choose and use.
1. You have made a lot of … in English since you began to study it.
2. I didn’t like the new comedy. It wasn’t ….. .
3. This ballerina is …. in all performances.
4. “Peace and …. to all nations” was the motto of the exhibition which was held at the International Trade Centre in Moscow. The exhibition was … .
5. The exhibits on display showed the … which was made by different countries in the field of electronic industry.

Задание 4. Supply the correct forms of the verbs:
1. The goods can ( to deliver) only six months after we ( to sign) the contract.
2. From the quotation which ( to enclose) with the letter you ( can, to get) all particulars concerning the model.
3. New features ( to develop) in our machines not long ago, and now they quite ( to satisfy) market demands.
4. Export packing ( to be, to include) into the price.
5. You ( to be, to open) a Letter of Credit after you ( to receive) our Notification of Readiness.

Задание 5. Choose the correct form of the infinitive. Write the sentences.
1. I think, you don’t feel comfortable in your new shoes. They are one size too small for you. You should ( try, have tried) on another pair.
2. You should ( call, have called) on Jim yesterday. He wanted very much to see you.

Задание 6. Translate into English:
1. нам следует обсудить этот вопрос детально.
2. Почему вы не согласились с этими ценами? Вам следовало бы согласиться с ними.
3. Все расчеты должны быть сделаны к концу месяца.

Задание 7. Replace clauses in bold type by participial constructions where possible
1. We got in touch with the firm which produces computers.
2. We received the cable which informed us of the arrival of the goods at our port.

Дополнительная информация

Задание 8. Translate into English:
1. Изучая эти образцы, мы увидели, что они имеют много преимуществ.
2. Учитывая характер и масштаб предстоящей выставки, организаторы решили изменить место ее проведения.
3. Партия товара, подготовленная к отправке задерживается в порту.
4. Цена, назначенная вами слишком высокая.

Задание 9. Translate into English:
1. Мы были бы вам признательны, если бы вы зарезервировали для нас номер в гостинице.
2. Выставка еще открыта. Если бы вы посетили ее, вы познакомились бы с последними моделями этой фирмы.

Задание 10. Write and translate the letter.
Subject: Addendum 1 to Contract No …
the total amount of $ ….
In respect to the above Addendum it is understood that there are some questions as to whether this order will actually materialize and that you will let us know within the next thirty ( 30) days ( not later than October 31 st in any event), as we do not intend to place the orders with the subcontractors until we are advised that the order is actual.
After October 31, …. We cannot guarantee the prices in Addendum 1, if we have not received the signed Addendum by that date. Delivery for this Addendum to Contract … will be during next year.
Kindly have the enclosures dated and signed as soon as possible. Thanking you for this opportunity of continuing service to Rossimport, we remain.
Sincerely yours,
Hartley Enterprises, inc


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