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Описание товара

Упр. 1. Формы Continuous (Present, Past, Future) u Perfect (Present, Past, Future) в действительном (Active) и страдательном (Passive) залогах.
(A) Перепишите предложения и переведите их. Выпишите сказуемые и
укажите их видовременные формы.
Model: The train has already arrived at the station. Поезд уже прибыл на станцию, has arrived - Present Perfect Active (to arrive)
1. Japanese Railways has_ banned the passengers to use their cellular telephones on its
commuter trains.
The railway company _hjw recently received^ a lot of complaints because passengers speaking on their telephones are shouting too loud and disturbing others.
2. It was snowing heavily and I couldn´t make out the number of the tram. When I Jiad
covered several tram stops, I realized that I got on the wrong tram.
3. China isplannitig to construct several thousand kilometers of high-speed lines for the
transportation of 1.5 billion passengers and 2.1 billion tones of freight a year.
Specific plans have been already drawn up to upgrade the busiest main lines for the
movement of express trains at 250 kmh.
At the same time, the possibility of the train speed increase up to 350 kmh is being
(B) Перепишите предложения, поставив глагол в нужную форму, и
переведите их.
1. Train fares (to increase - Present Perfect Active) several times during the past year.
2. After a high-speed monorail (to build - Past Perfect Passive) in Tokyo, the problem of
passenger transportation (to solve - Past Simple Passive).
3. At present 2,500 km of high-speed lines (to construct - Present Continuous Passive) in
Europe and Asia.
4. New Zealand´s most serious rail disaster (to occur - Past Simple Active) on Christmas
Eve 1953. The railway bridge at Tangiwai (to collapse - Past Simple Active) when a´
Wellington-Auckland express passenger traip (to cross - Past Continuous Active) it. 151
lives (to lose - Past Simple Passive).
5. The new tank train (to test - Present Perfect Passive) in severe winter conditions on the
Alaska Railroad.
Упр. 2. Модальные Глаголы
Составьте предложения из двух частей, обращая внимание на перевод глаголов must, should, can, may, need.
a) the stability of the track must be
constantly improved.
b) to be sure that it is the correct
c) the trains needn ´t wait for the other
trains to pass.
d) the trains couldn 7 stop quickly due
to the limited brake power.
e) may travel by rail without charge.

1. On the first railways, accidents happened very
often because ...
2. Due to the growth of train loads and speeds, ...
3. In Hungary, children under 6 years and seniors
over 65 years from EU countries ...
4. The double-track railways are more convenient
than single-track lines as ...
5. Passengers should check their tickets after
purchase ...
Упр. З. Причастие I
Перепишите предложения и переведите их. Подчеркните причастия.
1. The railway operator offers additional discounts for passengers traveling to Finland with
children under the age of 17.
2. The first Metro trains were driven by steam locomotives, which burnt coal, filling the
tunnels with smoke.
3. Having measured the distance between two points, we can calculate the time a train can
cover it, if we know the train´s average speed.
4. The Trans-Europe expresses are fast trains linking major cities of Europe and running at
high speeds.
5. The journey from London to Norwich (184 km) takes exactly two hours, including stops.
Упр. 4. Причастие II
Перепишите предложения и переведите их. Подчеркните причастия.
1. In some European countries, tank cars made of reinforced plastics are used for
conveyance of wine and fruit juices.
2. During the test run, the steam locomotive produced by Peter Cooper raced against a
coach pulled by a horse.
3. The diesel-electric locomotive has an internal combustion engine connected to the
driving wheels by electric transmission.

Дополнительная информация

4. Signals installed at frequent intervals along the total mainline inform the engine drivers
of the position of other trains.
5. If compared with electric locomotives, diesel locomotives have a higher maintenance cost.
Упр. 5. ТЕСТ
Выберите нужное причастие (Participle I or Participle II)
1. Large electric diagrams the routes of trains are installed in the London Underground.
A. showing B. showed
In recent years, the amount of freight by rail has increased considerably.*
A. carrying В. carried
3. Tickets for trains from Shanghai go on sale nine days before the departure day.
A. departing B. departed
-4. A tank car is a type of railroad rolling stock to transport liquid and gaseous goods.
A. designing B. designed
5. When the underground line in Rome, the builders found ancient ruins and statues.
A. constructing B. constructed
Упр. 6. Задайте разделительные вопросы к следующим предложениям.
1. The first steel rails were made and laid in Derby in 1857.
2. This mechanism activates the emergency brake.
3. In 1786, William Murdock constructed a working model of a small steam locomotive.
4. Most of the trains running the service on the suburban lines operate on electricity.
5. This equipment should be carried in a boxcar for it requires protection against weather.
6. Automatic ticket-vending machines have been developed for the improvement of
passengers´ service at the railway stations.
* Упр. 7. (А) Прочитайте текст и устно переведите его. Выполните упражнения, данные после текста, письменно.
The high-speed line linking Paris and Lyon was opened for traffic in 1981. It was to solve the problems of the ever-increasing flow of passengers between France´s two largest cities. A high-speed train of the second generation (TGV) was specially developed for this line. At present, 150 trains a day operate on this railway in both directions. Traffic frequency during peak hours is 1 train per 5 minutes. Ridership has increased up to 17 million passengers a year. To increase the carrying capacity of the line, French National Railways has ordered from the company A Isthom 30 trains of the third generation.
TGV Duplex is a high-speed double-deck train having 40% more seats than a conventional TGV. It consists of 8 trailers and 2 power cars made of lightweight materials. The train reaches a speed of up to 300 kmh. Extra capacity has been achieved by lowering the floor of the lower deck by 40 cm. Besides, the overall height of the vehicle was increased by 20 cm.
Despite the 40% increase in the number of seats, the comfort level for passengers in second class has been enhanced by providing reclining seats and 7 cm more legroom1.
Compared with previous TGV generations, TGV Duplex has a modern aerodynamic profile and a new braking system, which significantly reduce noise level. All cars are air-conditioned and pressurized to prevent discomfort of passengers when running through tunnels at a high speed. Lower-deck accommodation is quieter than the upper deck as there is no through passage between cars. The passage along the whole train is only possible at the upper level. However, the view from the upper deck is far superior. Passengers with heavy luggage prefer the lower deck to save the effort of carrying their cases upstairs.
Technically, the train is a triumph. It was built on previous TGV experience but a number of new technologies, equipment and materials were introduced to solve the very difficult problems connected with a double-deck car configuration.
Notes: legroom -пространство для ног
(B) Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты следующих фраз.
1. постоянно возрастающий пассажиропоток
2. в обоих направлениях
3. частота движения в час пик
4.количество пассажиров
5. чтобы увеличить пропускную способность линии
6. сиденье с регулируемым наклоном спинки
7. по сравнению с TGV предыдущего поколения
8. все вагоны герметически закрыва


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