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Контрольная работа № 6. Вариант В

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Описание товара

Вариант B
Для выполнения данной контрольной работы рекомендуется найти по словарю значения заданных слов и словосочетаний, постараться их запомнить, а затем перейти к выполнению контрольной работы.
to appreciate, to impact, to emerge, to consider, computation, trading, transaction, abacus, significant, collector, numerical, movable, mathematician, philosopher, analytical, theoretically, practical, to inform, to process, to operate, enormous, electronic, real, invention, evolution, to compile, to decipher, to develop, census, data.
I.Выберите русское словосочетание, соответствующее данному английскому.
1.mainframe computer a) универсальный компьютер
b) блок обработки данных
2.company performancea) производительность компании
b) представление компании
3.communication network a) средства коммуникации
b) коммуникативные сети
4.storage devicea) записывающее устройство
b) запоминающее устройство
5.compact disca) компакт-диски
b) компактные диски
II.Из данных слов выберите то, которое закончит предложение.
perform, contain, interface, store, operate
6.A computing machine can take and … a lot of information.
7.PC is designed to be used by a single person, it can quickly … calculations and instructions.
8.The 1st automatic computers could … at the low speed.
9.A chip … several hundred thousand electronic components (transistors, resistor etc.).
10.PCs can … with Internet and WWW to find any information you need.
III.Из предложенных слов выберите то, которое наиболее близко передает значение подчеркнутого.
11. The smallest unit of information for a computer called a byte.
a)operation b) data c) selection
12. The first microprocessor was created by Intel Corporation.
a) represented b) introduced c) constructed
13. There are many complex parts and units in every computer.
a) similar b) important c) complicated
14. After doing calculations a computer displays a result.
9.designed b) constructing c) performing
15. The information from PC is displayed on a monitor.
a) selected b) introduced c) shown
IV. Подберите к началу предложения из колонки А окончание предложения в колонке В. Полученные предложения переведите.
16.Musicians use PCsa)such as Internet and World Wide Web
17.PCs can also interface with communication networksb)for learning, creating and recording music
18.PCs can perform logical and arithmetical operationsc)or can be printed on laser printers.
19.Information from PC can be shown on a monitord)and it became the PC standard.
20.The IBM Corporation represented IBM personal computere)and run computer programs.
Для успешного выполнения заданий по грамматике необходимо проработать формы и функции инфинитива в предложении, инфинитивные обороты. Complex Object (сложное дополнение), Complex Subject (сложное подлежащее). Упражнения на словообразование включают суффиксы –able, -ly, -ance, -ic, -ion, -ing, -al, -or, -ation.
I.Используя суффиксы –ion, -ance, -ful, -ly, -al,-able, ic, -ing образуйте от данных ниже основ слова. Определите часть речи и переведите.
II.Закончите предложения, употребив существительные, образованные от следующих глаголов. to invent, to calculate, to appear, to compute и переведите их.
9. American … Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniac designed Apple II in 1977.
10. The 1st general purpose … which is known as ENIAC was designed in 1946.
11. A computer can process many kinds of ….
12. The … of a transistor in 1948 made today’s computer possible.
III.Выберите предложения, в которых инфинитив выполняет роль определения и переведите их.
13. Personal computer is a machine to be used by a single person.
14.Foreign correspondents use laptops to compose new stories and submit them from remote locations.
15.The device to be used in our experiment is very complicated.

Дополнительная информация

IV.Какое из данных предложений следует перевести, начиная союзом чтобы.
16.To write a program the programmer must have a good understanding of the problem for the computer.
17.To use this device in the experiment was our decision.
18.To find some information on any subject the students use Internet.
V.Выберите предложения, содержащие субъектный инфинитивный оборот (сложное подлежащее – Complex Subject) и переведите их.
19. The Altair is considered to be the first PC.
20.The Apple Macintosh developed a graphical user interface in 1984.
21.The input and output devices are known to be the parts of a computer.
VI.Выберите и переведите предложения, содержащие объектный инфинитивный оборот (сложное дополнение – Complex Object).
22.Our engineers want the complex problems to be solved by the computers.
23.Ch. Babbage proposed “an analytical machine” to do arithmetical functions.
24.They consider this PC to store programs and data.
Понимание прочитанного
Прочитайте текст, вдумайтесь в его содержание, постарайтесь понять его, чтобы выполнить задания после текста.
1.Personal computer (PC) is a machine which quickly performs calculations and instructions. Designed to be based by a single person, a PC is smaller, less expensive and easier to use then supercomputers, mainframe computers.
2.PC have revolutionized science, art, mass media, medicine, education, business. Musicians use them for learning, creating and recording music. Businesses track finance and forecast company performances using PCs. Foreign correspondents can compose new stories on portable PCs, called laptops and electronically submit these stories from remote locations.
Many people work at home and communicate with workers via their PCs in a practice known as telecommunicating. PCs are also able to interface with worldwide communication networks such as Internet and www (world wide web) to find information on any subject.
3.PCs consist of a microprocessor which directs logical and arithmetical functions and runs computer programs. It also has electronic memory to temporarily store programs and data, and mass storage devices such as hard, floppy and compact discs (CD-ROM) devices – to permanently store programs and data. Information and commands are entered by the user via a keyboard or by a mouse. Information from the PC is displayed on a video monitor on a liquid crystal display (LCD) video screen, or it can be printed on laser or inkjet printers.
4.In 1940s, early computers were the size of houses and were very expensive. The invention of integrated circuits and microprocessors enables computer makers to combine the essential elements of a computer onto silicon computer chips. The first microprocessor the Intel 4004, created by Intel Corporation was designed to be the computing and logical processor of calculators and watches. From its simple design modern microprocessor involved.
5.The Altair 8800 is considered to be the 1st PC. It appeared on the cover of Popular Electronics Magazine in 1975 and inspired many computer enthusiasts to produce hardware and software.
6.American computer designers Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, working in their garage, created Apple II in 1977, one of the 1st PCs to incorporate a colour video display and a keyboard that made a computer easy to use. In 1981 International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation introduced the IBM PC, which became the PC standard. The Apple Macintosh, developed in 1984, featured a graphical user interface (GUI) – a visual appealing way to represent computer commands and data on the screen. The Macintosh combines icons (pictures that represent files and programs) with windows (boxes that each contain an open file or program). Information on the screen was controlled by a device known as a mouse. During the last 20 years, computing power has doubled about every 18 months thanks to the creation of faster microprocessors, development of new storage technologies.


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