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Task 1. Describe the content of the concept is wider in the next couple of concepts.
a) Confiscation of the property. Additional punishment.
b) Code. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Task 2. Give a complete description of these logical concepts.
a) maliciously.
b) the criminal environment.

Task 3. Determine the logical relationship between the following concepts and express these relationships using a circular pattern.
a) investigator. Prosecutor. The master of sports. Woman. Son.
b) relatives. Kinship. Family relationships. Marital relationship. Husband.

Task 4. Indicate whether concluded in the following examples division concepts. The division specify: the type of division, the dividend concept, members of the division, the foundation of the division. If the division is incorrect, specify which requirements are not met.
a) Bribes can take the form of money, food, gifts and a variety of services.
b) The act of examination consists of an introduction, research and conclusions.

Task 5. Indicate whether the following statements definitions. If the determination is incorrect, specify what rules violated.
a) The Constitution - a set of laws that are major in a particular society.
b) The law-abiding citizen - a person who is not found to have committed unlawful acts.

Task 6. Determine the logical structure, quality and quantity of these judgments, the distribution in these terms. Express the relation between the terms using a circular pattern.
a) All citizens have the legal capacity and legal capacity, except as required by law.
b) knife murder, long knife, found the suspect.

Task 7. Set whether both be false, both judgments in the following pairs:
a) Every legal norm refers to a particular area of \u200b\u200blaw. - No legal norm does not apply to a particular field of law.
b) Some legal acts are not normative. - All legal acts are normative.

Task 8. Install and play the logical structure of the formal means of the following offenses.
a) Robbery, ie attack the purpose of stealing other people's property, committed with violence dangerous to life or health, or with threat of such violence - is punished by imprisonment for a term of three to eight years with confiscation of property or without it. (The Criminal Code, Art. 162).
b) Knowingly leaving without the aid of a person in a life-threatening or health condition and deprived of the possibility to take measures for self-preservation under age, old age, illness, or because of their helplessness in cases where the perpetrator had the opportunity to assist this person and was obliged to take the care he or put him in a life-threatening or health condition, shall be punished by a fine of fifty to one hundred times the minimum wage or salary or other income for a period of up to one month, or by compulsory works for a term of up to one hundred and twenty one hundred and eighty hours, or correctional labor for up to one year, or imprisonment for up to three months (125 of the Criminal Code).

Task 9. Determine the modality following statements and make them a symbolic record.
a) The laws of economic development, apparently, are the objective laws of social development.
b) there is reason to believe that the testimony of A. is not completely reliable.
c) The damage caused to the state of emergency must be compensated by the person who caused it. Considering the circumstances under which such harm was caused, the court may impose a duty of his compensation to a third person in whose interests the act caused the damage, or exempt from compensation for damage in whole or in part as a third party and harm.

Task 10. infer, if possible, by treatment by converting each of the following propositions.
a) All members of the military prosecutor's office involved in fire training.

Additional information

Task 11. Identify the terms, larger and smaller parcels, conclusion; select the shape and mode of syllogism. Is the conclusion? If not, what rule broken syllogisms?
a) All laws are objective, ie It does not depend on the will and desires of the people character. Russia's Constitution - the law. Consequently, it is objective.
b) In the right syllogism must be respected the right figure. This syllogism is wrong, because it is not complied with the rules of the figures.

Task 12. infer from these judgments and verify received syllogisms.
a) Persons engaged in smuggling, prosecuted. A citizen was engaged in smuggling. Therefore ...
b) persons who have not attained the age of majority, can not be representatives of the parties at the trial. Citizen PA can be a representative of the parties in court. Therefore ...

Task 13. Identify the logical structure of the following conclusions. If necessary, draw conclusions, make sure they are correct.
a) If the murder was committed in order to conceal another crime, it is considered to be committed under aggravating circumstances. The murder of a citizen S. was not a crime committed to conceal another crime. Hence, it can not be considered to be committed under aggravating circumstances.
b) the document is physical evidence, are in for the duration of the last storage or transferred to interested parties. These documents have not been sent to interested parties. Therefore ...

Task 14. Identify the type of relationship between complex judgments.
a) A v B, A  B

Task 15. Determine whether the requirements of the law of sufficient reason in the following statements.
a) K. blushed when he was charged with fraud. Consequently, he is guilty.
b) In this document there are crude logical errors. Consequently, the document is wrong. It is clear that it is not necessary to study.

Task 16. To pick up the arguments given thesis, demonstrate their connection with the thesis, using a form of deductive reasoning.
Petrov is obliged to execute the contract in the prescribed form.

Task 17. To pick up given circumstance evidence then build Evidence Act using deductive form of reasoning.
S. evading alimony N.

Task 18. Indicate by what method of establishing causal relationships concluded in the following inductive argument.
On the scene of the murder were found footprints Ivanov and Petrov, who confessed to the murder and claimed that they had made it alone. However, the fingerprints on the knife that was murdered, did not belong Ivanov or Petrov. It was concluded that the murder was another man. It appeared to be repeatedly tried Fedorov.

Task 19. Determine whether there is enough probability of the next output, and if insufficient, as it is raised.
Being sober, arrows hit the target of 86 per cent of bullets; 14% of the bullets hit the shield. After drinking alcohol arrows at a target 20% of the bullets hit in the shield - 34% and 46% of the bullets did not even shield. Consequently, the use of alcohol is a major cause significant deterioration in accuracy.

Task 20. Identify the type of issue, its logical structure is correct. If possible, apply a method of reducing the initial problem to the available secondary issues. Build the right answer.
a) What is the order and how it differs from other forms of disposal?
b) You want to seriously improve their legal training?


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