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l JOB? 1.
Question? 1. Use any possible questions comparing the current situation to the desired enterprise?
1) "which way is better" and "how to choose?";
2) "what to do?";
3) "where are we?" and "where are we going?";
4) "Why do we need it?";
5) "where we really come from and what does that mean?".
Question? 2. The hierarchy of the management finds its concrete expression in ...
1) control scheme now;
2) methods of enterprise management;
3) office and job descriptions;
4) the Charter of the organization;
5) accounting policies.
Question? 3. What is the process of helping a professionally trained experts to form organizations and manage them by setting goals and developing ways to achieve them?
1) planning;
2) forecasting;
3) integration process;
4) The process of building the organizational structure;
5) the management of people.
Question? 4. The founder of a School of Management is Taylor's assumptions?
1) Administrative School;
2) Schools scientific management;
3) School of psychology and human relations;
4) Quantification of the school;
5) hold all the answers.
Question? 5. What is directed management, considered as a form of human activity?
1) development of methods for achieving the objectives of the organization;
2) the achievement of certain goals;
3) implementation of control functions;
4) efficient use of all resources of the organization;
5) coordination of all the organization's resources to achieve the goals. JOB? 2.
Question? 1. the names of some scientists attribute the appearance of the doctrine of "human relations"?
1) D.Muni and Alfred P.Sloun;
2) Henry Gantt and Frank Gilbreth;
3) G.Cherch and G.Emerson;
4) E.Meyo and F.Rotlisberger;
5) All the answers are correct.
Question? 2. What is one of the main quantitative schools, using mathematical methods and computers?
1) consideration of production as a "social system;
2) study of management problems through a systematic analysis;
3) The correct answer is 1, 2;
4) theory of human behavior;
5) All the answers are correct.
Question? 3. Who is the founder of the administrative management of the school?
1) Lindvall Urvik;
2) Henry Ford;
3) Weber;
4) Taylor's assumptions;
5) Henri Fayol.
Question? 4. What is the philosophical foundation of Taylor?
1) the idea that you can control, "science";
2) method whereby many of the operations can be improved manual labor;
3) division of the process of physical labor and its organization into its component parts;
4) the concept of "economic man";
5) separation of administrative functions from the actual performance of work.
Question? 5. Which one of the main drawbacks of scientific management school eliminated school psychology and human relations?
1) I am not fully aware of the role and importance of the human factor;
2) the transfer of commands and orders from the top down;
3) the unity of stewardship;
4) is valid for all reward;
5) the inseparability of power from responsibility.
l task? 3.
Question? 1. What are the reforms of Peter I had a significant impact on the development of the theory of the Russian government?
1) change of chronology;
2) judicial reform;
3) reforms to improve economic governance;
4) reform of agriculture;
5) All the answers are correct.
Question? 2. Who are the Russian leaders suggested such an original idea of \u200b\u200bmanagement, as the division of wealth in the material and immaterial?
1) MMSperanskii;
2) AA Bogdanov;
3) A.I.Elistratova;
4) I.T.Pososhkov;
5) P.M.Kerzhentsev.
Question? 3. What is the theory laid the foundation for the development of management science in Russia?
1) Darwin's theory;
2) the theory of government;
3) Herzberg's theor

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Question? 5. What has been devoted to work I.E.Andrievskogo "The viceroys, the governor and the governor?"
1) military affairs;
2) reform of the County as part of public administration;
3) judicial reform;
4) structural relations;
5) the distribution of powers. JOB? 4.
Question? 1. What are the arguments put forward director of the State Institute of management techniques, denying the problem of "human relations" in governance?
1) "there is nothing left for administration and team management";
2) "are only all-determining influence of art itself administrator only techniques and nothing more;
3) there are great opportunities for the administration and management team;
4) The correct answer is 1 and 2;
5) hold all the answers.
Question? 2. Which areas of research management issues early 60-ies of the twentieth century can be described modern name "production management"?
1) general theory of social control;
2) governance;
3) production management;
4) all of the above is true;
5) The term "production management" can not be applied to one of the directions of the era.
Question? 3. What organization in the 20 years of the twentieth century has led the work on the scientific organization of labor and management in Russia?
1) State Institute of management techniques;
2) Taganrog institute of scientific organization of production;
3) Central Institute of Labor;
4) The Council of the scientific organization of labor;
5) hold all the answers.
Question? 4. Which of the changes in central and local government in the era of Peter I can be attributed to the direction of modern financial management?
1) the development of large-scale industry and government support for craft industries;
2) promote the development of agriculture;
3) Strengthening the financial system;
4) Strengthening the development of domestic and foreign trade;
5) hold all the answers.
Question? 5. What challenge was faced by the State Institute of management techniques, created in 1926?
1) identification of management options;
2) the problem of scientific forecasting in management;
3) the problem of the scientific organization of workers of the enterprises;
4) the problem of the scientific analysis of the role and importance of planning, accounting and management organization;
5) the problem of setting goals of management science. JOB? 5.
Question? 1. What is given priority in the approaches, principles and management practices?
Question? 2. What or who is the starting point of the organization of management and its implementation?
Question? 3. What is the basis for the integration of the concepts developed and proposed early schools with the concepts of new theories?
Question? 4. What is the possibility of dialogue between management practices and science, the successful use of scientific achievements in practice?
Question? 5. What is the integration into management?

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