Problems in Labor norms

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Practical tasks №1
№1 complexity of interrelated transactions by 6 workplaces 0.75; 1.75; 1.0; 0.5; 0.25; 1.25. Identify the secret address the number of workers in each place and in general, if an hour is produced 380 pieces.
Answer 5,11,6,3,2, only 35 people.
2 Calculate the number of service mnogostanochnogo rate if the time machine - automatic in one machine for 29 minutes. The time of employment on one machine - 5.2 m, the utilization rate of the machine in time 0.9.
Answer 6 machines.
Number 3 The process of manufacturing parts for five interrelated operations complexity 15,20,6,20 and 12min. Determine the number of workers for each operation and for the whole production chain, if the details of the planned release of 250 pieces per shift.
Answer 24,31,10,31,19, only 115 people
Number 4 cars, automatic time on each machine doubles is 19 minutes, while employment machinist on each machine - 6min. Calculate the rate mnogostanochnogo maintenance cycle mnogostanochnogo maintenance and downtime value (or spare time) for each cycle mnogostanochnogo service.
The answer machine 4, 100 min., Simple 4min.

Practical tasks №2
Number 1 Determine the level of organization of work, if within 365 days at the company operated 850 people, change the duration of 8 hours, a whole 154 000 man-days worked out at tselodnevnym losses - 125 000 man-hours and vnutrismennyh 23,000 man-hours; on the report of the Planning Department vnutrismennyh loss of working time accounted for 11%.
Answer: 0.75
№2 Determine the level of organization of work in the company, if the number of employees 2,000 people, the number of days in the year 365, the working hours of 8 hours the amount tselodnevnym nerezervoobrazuyuschih absences 265 000 man-days, vnutrismennyh nerezervoobrazuyuschih - 47,000 man-hours, time spent is 3,360,000 man hours .
№3 in the base period total potential fund of working time was 1.94 million man-hours in accounting - 2.06 million man-hours. Actually employed was 1.68 million and 1.76 million man-hours, respectively. Determine the change in the level of work organization in the enterprise.
№4 time-consuming task that does not provide equal 7800 min., The average number of workers 295 people, 49 people are involved in the rationalization of work, 7 persons is part of the creative council, the total amount of all types of loss of working time 2300 min. Find the coefficient of the division of labor of the workers and the coefficient of creative activity.

Practical work number 3
№1 determine the expected cost-effectiveness of measures to improve the organization of work, if the introduction of new technology unit costs to be reduced from 150 130 rub., While the expense of growth of labor productivity, production has increased from 2500 to 3200. The level of profitability of 20%, non-recurring costs - 120 000 rubles., Comparative economic efficiency coefficient - 0.15.

№2 The annual amount of fixed costs in the cost - 350 thousand. Rub. Measures to improve the organization of work include the capital cost of 105 thousand. Rub. (With En = 0.1, the annual cost of the event 3000 rub.) Find the annual effect of these measures, if the annual output of products increased from 780 to 815 thousand. Rub.

Additional information

According to the established norms №1 temperature in the production hall should be 17-21 C. Measurements showed that the night shift, the temperature is 16 C and in the afternoon - 23 C. Determine partial factors, the temperature range (separately for day and night shifts) and calculate how this mode is reflected in productivity if each percentage deviation from the norm reduces productivity by 0.3%.
№2. For the production areas without natural ventilation standards provided fresh air supply of 40 m3 / h per worker. Calculate the power of air conditioners (in m3 / h) and the ventilation rate per hour indoor hall area of \u200b\u200b1000 m2 and a height of 3.2 m. The number of workers to 200 people.

Practical work number 5
№1. It means the loss of occupational diseases in the amount of 352 days of temporary disability. This brought 62 sick leaves. Find measure the severity of occupational diseases and the incidence if sredspisochnaya number of employees 233 people.
№2. To determine the frequency and severity indicators of injury for two businesses to draw conclusions.
Company A: The number of 7,000 people, the number of accidents for the year 120, the number of absences due to injuries - 1300 pax. / Day.
Company B: population 1,500, the number of accidents for the year - 20, the number of absences due to injuries - 140 pers. / Day.
№3. The number of employees in the enterprise - 5150 people. During the reporting period 96 accidents occurred, which led to the loss of working time in the amount of 1 106 people. / Day. How has the situation with labor protection at the enterprise, if the last period of injury frequency rate was 13.2% and the severity of injury - 8.6.

№1 As a result, a set of measures to improve the conditions of work absenteeism due to illness decreased by 1800 persons. / Day. Determine the change in labor productivity and the potential savings conditional - constant costs, if the number of annual average - 600 people, a real fund of working time of the average worker to the implementation of measures - 217 days, output - 270 000 thousand rubles. per year, the cost of production on the ruble - 80 kopecks., the proportion of fixed costs in the cost - 25%.
№2. The number of locksmiths in the area - 50 people, the transport of employees - 15 people. Established the following rules issue work clothes. Suit - 12 months (price 300rub.), Gloves (for transport workers) - 3 months (the price - 20 rubles.), Shoes - for 12 months (the price - 400 rubles.). Determine the need for protective clothing for a year and the cost of its acquisition.


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