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Product description
Diesel Pay is the ultimate software solution for those who wish to run their own Paypal, Stormpay, or e-gold type of online business.
Diesel Pay comes with a ready out of the box website with all the features you need to run your own payment gateway system.
The Diesel Pay software is a system where customers buy digital credits to spend at different users´ sites. People can use their accounts to send money to other users, they can pay for auctions or purchase any other products with just a email address.
Run your own Paypal type of online payment gateway system with Diesel Pay today!
Works just like the popular PayPal payment processing network but with added features.
Allows you to completely customize all colors and logos, for a completely brandable site.
Easily ban/block users/IP´s
Designed for growth, allowing you to place different parts of the program on different servers with near instant synchronization.
Allows for more customer funding options than the competitors. You can even allow customers to fund their account WITH the competitors (PayPal, E-Gold, NetPay, Evocash, Qchex).
And many more! Refer below for more details about Diesel Pay now.


Member Functions:
Members Login System
Username for login (email of client used)
Access code (randomly generated using letters and digits)
Error messages on unsuccessful login tries
Auto session expiry with no activity on account while logged in
SSL supported
Transfer Funds
Transfer funds to another user or email address
Ability to add payment description
Withdraw Funds
Set withdraw amount
Funds can be withdraw using the following payment processors: Paypal, E-Gold, Bank Transfer or Postal Cheque
Merchant Tools
Setup and manage single items (sell your own goods or services)
Setup and manage donation programs
Built-in HTML code generator for subscription/single items/donations
Edit Profile
Change password
Edit member´s personal info
Request Money
Request money from people even if they do not have a member account
Ability to add request payment description
Referral Program
View number of referrals
Get HTML codes for referral programs
Deposit Funds
Members can get money using the following methods: Paypal, E-Gold, Credit Card, Online Cheque Using Qchex, Evocash or NetPay
Account Summary
View transaction history (including time/date and status)
Verify account
Manage email addresses
And many more!

Admin Functions:

Ability to set the system configurations
Edit admin username/password
Settings for the payment gateway
Referrer earning
Edit variables
Set minimum transfer/deposit/withdraw amount
Signup bonus
View/Edit member info and admin has the ability to suspend accounts and block member´s IP
Ability to set % commission for sending and receiving money
View pending deposits. Admin can also approve/deny deposits
View pending withdrawals. Admin can also approve/deny withdrawals
View today´s earnings
Detail transaction report
Add/deduct funds from user
Advanced member search tool
Search by username
Search by email address
Detail member report
View members that signup today
View card validation awaiting members
View suspended members
Show non-us accounts
Show accounts with same passwords
Admin can email members
Edit email templates

Requirements :
Any of the following supported payment systems: Paypal, E-Gold, NetPay, Evocash, Online Check, Credit Card
MySQL (version 3.23 or higher)
MYSQL database
PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)

Product Demo
Front page :
Admin area : ( username : admin / password : admin )


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