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Описание товара

1. Use the verbs in the brackets in a suitable form. Translate the sentences into Russian:
1. We (to stay) at this hotel for a week already.
2. Guests (to expect) room service for a long time already.
3. Long distance calls (to add) to the room bill, and three or two times more expensive than in the lobby.
4. Tipping (to allow) you to reward good service.
5. To attract more customers many hotels already (to devise) their own system of Bonus Offers.
6. Adult guests can (to offer) a complimentary glass of wine at dinner.
7. Travelers checks, as means of payment, (not to become) yet popular in Moscow.
8. When I (to stay) in this hotel I paid my bill with a credit card.
9. The application forms (to read) and (to send) to the general manager.
10. Visitors kindly (to request) to vacate their rooms by noon on the day of departure.

2. Suggest a suitable modal verb or a modal construction to complete the sentences. Transate the sentences into Russian:
1. They ______ include fish and meat dishes on the menu.
2. A customer _____ select any wine in the wine list.
3. The employee _____ create warm and friendly atmosphere.
4. If a person is invited for dinner he _____ to come on time.
5. UK citizens not _____ to get a visa to enter the USA on holiday.
6. If your holiday is dangerous you will _____ a special insurance policy.
7. Every piece of your checked baggage _____ be labeled with your name and destination address.
8. Passengers _____carry personal items as cabin baggage.
9. You _____ check in within the recommended time before your departure.
10. Guests _____ pay for the drink extra.

3. Translate the sentences into Russian. Underline a non-finite form of the verb. State the function of the underlined form:
1. Each passenger is given a boarding pass with his sit number.
2. Passengers are asked if they want to sit by the window and in the smoking or non-smoking area.
3. When eating, take as much as you want, but eat as much as you take.
4. To save a lot of time, efforts and money a traveler should apply to a travel agency.
5. Tomas Cook was the first to offer a tour package to the travelers.
6. In order to buy a ready-made product with all the ingredients a person holds important, he goes to the travel agency.
7. Travel agents are sure to have the most comprehensive information at hand about the destinations.
8. Holiday makers usually prefer staying at resort hotels and spars.
9. There is a number of special promotions used in almost all hospitality operations.
10. Whatever its origin, in Britain tea drinking spread quickly.

4. Use the verb in brackets in a suitable form. Translate the sentences into Russian:
1.The tourism boom … (reach) considerable proportions nowadays if investments … (increase)
2.Economists … (answer) this question long ago if they … (know) how.
3.Transfers … (do) with luxury tour buses if this type of services … (include) in the tour package.
4.We … (not get) so many complaints if we (to have) better service procedures.
5.Tourism … (generate) significant revenue in annual sales if the situation didn’t change.
6.The hotel … (make) all appropriate arrangements if the group of foreign tourists … (come) next week.
7.Travelers will often upgrade accommodation if they (to be) tired.
8.If you (to make) the booking in advance, you … (be) without a bed for a night when you were in Prague.
9.8. You would try long-hand destination such as Australia or Canada if you (to want) to travel outside Europe.
10.When you need more information on visas you (to have) to contact the embassy.

Дополнительная информация

The superdeluxe hotel is usually called the luxury hotel. Such hotels are also known under the name of the 5-star hotels.
These are exceptionally luxurious hotels. Extremely comfortable and luxurious guestrooms are offered to the guests. Perfectly appointed public rooms are provided for the needs of the guests: lounges, banquet halls, conference rooms.
The superdeluxe hotels offer the greatest convenience, the best comfort and the widest service to their guests.
All guestrooms include private bathrooms. All guestrooms are fitted with up-to-date equipment and amenities: room telephones, colour TV-sets, home videos, background music, mini-bars, full-length mirrors, excellent furniture.
A variety of recreational facilities is provided for the guests: swimming-pools, health clubs and fitting centers, saunas, solariums, beauty parlours. Where gambling is allowed, the superdeluxe hotels contain casinos and night clubs.
The superdeluxe hotels provide all-night lounge service and all-night room service. Private parking lots are provided for the guests.
A variety of restaurants and bars cater for the needs of all kinds of visitors. They are open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner.
The superdeluxe hotels have a very high proportion of employees to guests and guestrooms. It means that a large number of people are employed to serve the guests. The proportion may be three employees to one guestroom. The employees are perfectly trained to meet the high standards of service.
The superdeluxe hotels are built and designed to provide service for wealthy and important guests. Such hotels are located in fashionable neighbourhoods with the best views and convenient connections. Limousine service is available, too.

1.How are superdeluxe hotels also called?
2.What kind of accommodation is offered in superdeluxe hotels?
3.What are the guestrooms fitted with?
4.What kind of recreational facilities are provided in superdeluxe hotels?
5.What services are offered in superdeluxe hotels?
6.What do restaurants and bars cater for?
7.How high is the proportion of employees to one guest or one guestroom?
8.What does this proportion mean?
9.Why are the superdeluxe hotel staff well trained?
10.Where are superdeluxe hotels located?


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