RFEI It.ek. National History 100 questions

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Uploaded: 26.06.2013
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RFEI It.ek. National History 100 questions

Final exam RFEI National History 100 questions.
1. As the ancient historians called Slavs?
2. Who organized the first march to Constantinople?
3. Who rules Rus is growing up young Prince Igor?
4. Who is the author of a famous chronicle "The Tale of Bygone Years"?
5. What year is traditionally considered the founding year of the Russian state?
6. Who moved the capital of ancient Russia from Novgorod to Kiev?
7. What kind of a dangerous new enemy appeared in Russia after the death of Oleg and accession to the throne of Kiev the young prince Igor?
8. In what year was the baptism of Rus?
9. Who was signed first in the history of Kievan Rus diplomatic document?
10. Who are the prominent princes commanders always sent before the attack said: "I go to you?"
11. If someone in Russia had opened the first school?
12. Who are the sons of Vladimir the Red Sun canonized?
13. What was the last prince of Russian campaign against Constantinople?
14. What has been erected on the spot where the Russian troops finally defeated the Pechenegs?
15. What are the first in Russia a written set of laws imposed by Yaroslav the Wise?
16. Where to place the first library in Russia?
17. Who founded the first library in Russia?
18. In whom was laid the first monastery?
19. Who was the first metropolitan "Russian born"?
20. In any ruler in Russia began to mint coins?
21. The first mention of Moscow refers to:
22. Who approves the great reign of Vladimir?
23. What the great Prince Andrew, the son of George Dolhorukogo, nicknamed Bogolyubsky?
24. Sword of the legendary warrior possessed Andrew Bogolyubskii?
25. Who Vladimirec elected reign after Bogolyubsky?
26. On which river took the first battle with the Mongols?
27. Which city is famous for its strong defense against the Tatar-Mongols and was nicknamed them "wicked city"?
28. In what year was held the battle of Kulikovo?
29. The first clock tower in Moscow were installed at:
30. Andrei Rublev created during the reign:
31. Whose memory dedicated to Andrei Rublev icon "Groitsa"?
32. On the ice of the lake was the famous Battle of the Ice?
33. Brush a famous icon painter belong to the famous frescoes of the Ferapontov Monastery in northern Russia?
34. Temple of Andrei Rublev and Theophanes the Greek painted with icons?
35. How many years have lasted the Mongol-Tatar yoke in Russia?
36. In what year was "standing on the Ugra River"?
37. What is considered the year of the end of the hated Mongol-Tatar yoke?
38. At what the ruler has a new set of laws "of Law", which replaced the "Russian Truth"?
39. Who among Russian princes put an end to the shameful Mongol-Tatar yoke?
40. On what date under John III poazdnozanie entered the New Year?
41. Who are the rulers of the Russian state became the first Russian Tsar?
42. What is the temple built in Moscow to commemorate the capture of Kazan?
43. In whom was established Russian Patriarchate?
44. What was the name of the first Russian patriarch?
45. What is a union?
46. \u200b\u200bCancellation of regionalism occurred in the reign:
47. Who led the boyars during the "council of seven"?

Additional information

48. On what date Peter I ordered to consider the New Year?
49. What is the name given to the war between Russia and Sweden in the reign of Peter the Great?
50. How many years have lasted northern war?
51. What was the name authority, created by Peter I in order to manage the state during the absence of the king?
52. What are the first Russian printed newspaper?
53. In whom the patriarchate was abolished?
54. When Peter I took the title of Emperor?
55. What was the name the ship on which Peter the Great first raised the Russian flag?
56. When someone opened the Academy of Sciences?
57. Who is the author of the first Russian history?
58. Under what name went down in history Anna Ivanovna?
59. What is the name got during the reign of Anna Ivanovna?
60. When someone opened the first university in Russia? .
61. If someone in Russia to be published the first Russian printed newspaper?
62. Who was appointed heir to the Russian throne, Elizabeth?
63. At what Emperor came a manifesto on freedom of the nobility?
64. During the reign of Emperor howling established the State Bank?
65. In whose reign there was an uprising Pugachev?
66. For whom pretended to raise a rebellion runaway Cossack Emelyan Pugachev?
67. By whose order in St. Petersburg was a monument to Peter I, who became a symbol of the city?
68. When someone from the Russian rulers in St. Petersburg opened the first educational institution for women?
69. At what ruler Russia has produced the first academic dictionary of the Russian language?
70. Who is the author of the work Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow ", who described the terrible situation of the serfs in Russia?
71. Who zstupil poestol on after the death of Catherine II?
72. Who among Russian generals did not lose a single battle?
73. The main contribution of Speransky is:
74. When there was a revolt of the Decembrists?
75. Those who ascended the throne after the death of Nicholas I?
76. Who was the first of the Russian tsars went to Siberia?
77. Which of the Russian people called the king of kings, the liberator?
78. Which of the Russian tsars was nicknamed the king-peacemaker?
79. What was the name a commission set up to review Catherine laws of the country?
80. A variation of the flag of which country was the introduction under Peter I, white, blue and red Russian flag?
81. Where there was a battle with Napoleon, called "Battle of the nations"?
82. What was the nickname of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich?
83. In which year St. Petersburg was proclaimed the new capital of Russia?
84. Nicholas II ascended the throne after the death of:
85. What event was the beginning of the revolution of 1905-1907.?
86. What reforms linked with the name P A.Stolypina?
87. When the First World War?
88. anticipated New Economic Policy (NEP)?
89. What is the name of the plan was the German attack on the Soviet Union?
90. The blockade lasted besieged Leningrad:
91. A fundamental change in the Great Patriotic War came as a result of:
92. At the XX Congress of the CPSU with the report "On the Personality Cult and its Consequences" was made:
93. Who owns the thesis of "building socialism in one country"?
94. The period of Russian history from the mid 60s to seoediny 80s, when the first secretary of the Central Committee was LI Brezhnev called:
95. What is the period of Russian history is connected with the name of Mikhail Gorbachev?
96. MS Gorbachev was the first:
97. BN Yeltsin became the first:
98. First Party opposition party prozozglasil (a) the following:
99. a major military clash on the territory of the former Soviet Union since the Second World War was (a):
100. Election of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev held:


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