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Описание товара

State educational establishment of higher education “Saratov State Academy of Law” is one of the oldest law schools of Russia. At present it rates fourth in the country after three Moscow Law Academies. According to the index of international acknowledgement it rates second after Moscow State Academy of Law.
Beginning of legal education in Saratov dates back to 1917. It is then that Law Department was set up in the Saratov State University. In 1931 this Department was reorganized into Saratov Institute of soviet Law. In 1936 it got the name of Saratov Law Institute. In the thirties of the 20th century Saratov law Institute was a small educational establishment. 140 students studied there. In the forties the institute had a good building in the center of the city and a student hostel for 325 persons. The total number of students was 542 people. 37 faculty members worked there. In the sixties of the 20th century the number of students increased. About 700 students were admitted to the institute every year. At that time there were 15 departments with 190 faculty members. In 1981 the Government awarded to the Institute the Order “The Badge of Honor”.
In 1994 the Institute was renamed. Now its official name is State educational establishment of higher education “Saratov State Law Academy”.
Now the Academy is one of the biggest centers of training lawyers. At present 10000 students study there. There are also 25 departments staffed with 530 faculty members. The teaching staff consists of very experienced lecturers and assistants capable of giving their knowledge and experience to students. Most of them are Masters and Doctors of Science. Famous scholars work in the Academy now. They are all-known not only in our country but also abroad. Well-known politicians were former students and faculty members of the Academy: Yu.Kh. Kalmykov (former Minister of Justice of the RF), B.S. Evseyev (a member of the RF Constitutional Court), L.K. Sliska (Vice-Speaker of the State Duma).
Now the Academy has 6 buildings and 3 hostels. There is a good library with about 800,000 copies of books, computer and video classes, sports facilities. The students have access to Internet and two legal database systems.
Main achievements of the Academy are connected with the development of the legal doctrine and practice. In 1998 Information center of the Council of Europe was opened in the Academy. Ordinary people may receive legal assistance there. A branch of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences was the first branch set up in the Russian province.
One of the priority directions in the activities of the Academy is the development of international relations with law schools and scholars of different countries.
The Astrakhan branch of the Saratov State Academy of law was founded in 1995. Today there are about 1000 students in our branch.
In order to enter the Academy an applicant must pass the entrance examinations successfully. The studies in our Academy are paid but about one third of students get grants.
The full-time students of the Academy have a five-year course of studies while the part-time students study for 5 years and a half.
Each academic year is divided into 2 terms. During the term students have to attend lectures, seminars and practicals according to the time-table. They also make reports, submit course papers according to the basic program. The first-year students study such traditional disciplines as history, foreign languages, the Russian language, and logic. In the second year students begin to study in depth the subjects connected with their future specialty.
At the end of the term students have tests and take midterm examinations. Those who fail in an exam are allowed to make a second attempt.
Graduates have to take final exams and defend diploma projects worked out with the help of their supervisors. ....

Дополнительная информация

At the end of the term students have tests and take midterm examinations. Those who fail in an exam are allowed to make a second attempt.
Graduates have to take final exams and defend diploma projects worked out with the help of their supervisors. On graduating from the Academy students are awarded special certificates - diplomas; some of them who carry on research work can become post-graduates of our Academy.
The Academy trains specialists of legal profession for our law offices, Courts, Procurator’s offices, Notary offices, the Bar, the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and so on. The students will become judges, public prosecutors, investigators, notaries, defending counsels or advocates and other legal specialists.


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