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Siege of Inaolia ( Desura Key / Region Free )

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Загружен: 28.08.2014
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Описание товара

Siege of Inaolia is a 3rd Person, Co-op, Hack and Slash with Light RPG elements intertwined with an all encompassing lore.

Follow the tale of Duncan, Draeldos and Esaya as they find themselves trapped within the ancient fortress city of Inaolia and are forced to stand together against the savage and massive Orc invasion force and mysterious yet powerful Daemons whilst they unravel the dark secrets of Inaolia.

Experience brutal melee and ranged combat and employ special attacks agaisnt two distinct enemy factions that are both visually and mechanically different from each other and test your skill agaisnt epic boss battles that will require a great deal of teamwork to defeat!

Battle within Survival Arenas and experience the storys of the unknown soildiers in their final moments as they encountered the first slivers of the Orc invasion or when sheer terror and confusion engulfed them as the Daemons set upon them.

Main Features:

★ Brutal, Melee and Ranged Combat.
★ Meaty and bloody combat will ensure that players feel the intensity of a melee fight whilst using devistating ranged attacks to even out the odds.

★ Wield Powerful Trinkets that add additional abilities that the entire group have access to.
★ Defeating poweful bosses unlocks trinkets that can be used by each hero to be used in dire situations to turn the tide of battle.

★ An Epic 6 Hour Campaign that can be played with two friends or with the AI.
★ Witness the tale of Duncan, Draeldos and Esaya as they grow from reluctant allies to dearest of comrads through their struggle for survival within Inaolia.

★ Three heroes to choose from, each with their own skill tree and play style.
★ Duncan, The Crimson Knight, Draeldos, The Rogue Wizard, and Esaya, The Thief Queen, each present the player with different combat options so it´s really up to the players to decide what hero suits them best.

★ Three Player Co-op over LAN or via the internet.
★ The Campaign and its Suvival Arenas will all be playable alone or with up to three friends.

★ Two different enemy factions that have their own visual style as well as their own style of combat.
★ The Orcs, their strength lies in numbers for even the most stout outpost cannot withstand their constant battering whilst the Daemons, mysterious and unknown to both orc and human alike will emerge from the shadows, strike and retreat leaving nothing but ash and blood in their wake.

★ Engage in Brutal Boss Battles that will push you and your allies to your limits.
★ Cooperation and Skill will be required to take these monstrosities down but know that their fall will bring you and your allies even greater power!

★ Play in short survival arenas that can either be played for their own unique story or with an infinite loop for a shot at the leaderboards.
★ Experience the stories of the doomed souls that were unfortunate to witness and fall to the orc warpath and mysterious daemons, each wave you solve tells you a bit more of their stories however you can just throw that to the side and compete with your friends for a shot at the leaderboards.

Siege of Inaolia is a game that is still very early in development, a lot of the things that you see are not final and are not representative of the final game.

Since the game is still very much work in progress a lot can and will change and if you dont like what you see now then come back in a bit and then tell us what you think, your votes mean a lot to us and every single one makes a difference!

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1. Cкачать, установить и/или запустить DESURA. http://www.desura.com/install
2. Зарегистрировать новый аккаунт или зайти в существующий.
3. В левом-верхнем выпадающем меню выбрать "Инструменты" -> "Активировать игру".
4. Ввести в поле "CDKey/Gift" код активации продукта, полученный после оплаты и нажать "Activate".


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