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Collection of test tasks for the discipline "Statistics" (Part 2) "Socio-economic statistics." 75 questions.
Task 1

Question 1. International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities are:
2. GS / (HS).
4. NACE.
5. OKFS.

Question 2: Which of the following qualifiers object classification is a product?
1. CPA / CPA.
2. NACE.
3. OCP.

Question 3. In accordance with the National Classification of ownership in the private ownership included:
1. The property of the citizens,
2. The property of social organizations,
3. The ownership of business associations,
4. foreign ownership,
5. The municipal property.

Question 4. EGRPO is:
1. The Russian system of classification of products and services,
2. The complex Russian k4lassifikatsy industries
3. The main complex automated registry records all economic entities in the territory of the Russian Federation,
4. a variety of Russian classification of information,
5. The base of construction companies groups on various grounds.

Question 5. Which of the following was the first Russian classifications harmonized with international analogues:
1. OCP.
2. OKFS.
3. NACE.
4. HS.
5. OKOF.

Task 2

Question 1. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the resident population of Russia at the end of the year was as follows: in 2000 144,8mln. people in 2001 - 144,0mln. people, 2002godu - 145.2 million. people. Which of the following formulas should be used in this case to determine the average population of these three years?

Question 2: Which of the following factors can be used when calculating the perspective of the population?

Question 3: Immigration is:
1. The forced eviction of citizens from one country to another;
2. The entry of people into the country for permanent residence;
3. movement of people to different countries in search of work;
4. The exit of people from his country to another country for permanent residence,
5. Vital.

Question 4. The economically active population consists of:
1 .chislennosti workforce;
2.chislennosti workforce and the unemployed;
3.chislennosti employed in the working age and the number of employees outside of working age;
4. The number of the employed and the unemployed all;
5.chislennosti all employed and registered unemployed

Question 5: Classification by employment status includes:
1.vsё population;
2.trudovye resources;
3.naselenie of working age;
4. Employment;
5.ekonomicheski active population.

Activity 3

Question 1 of childbearing age:
1. 15-49,
2. 18-30,
3. 20-30
4. 25-35,
5. 15-30.

Question 2. The composition of the economically active population does not include:
1. All students and pupils,
2. servicemen
3. The ministers of the church,
4. farmers
5. Students and pupils of an educational institution full-time.

Question 3: Natural population growth is;
1. NM,
2. MN,
3. M-N + (R-B)
4. M-N + n.
5. N + P.

Question 4. What part number is ppm;
1 0.1
2. 0.01
3. 0.001
4. 0.0001
5. 0.00001.

Question 5. The total increase of population consists of:
1. The natural increase,
2. natural and migration growth,
3. The number of births,
4. NM,
5. P-B.

Task 4

1. In accordance with the methodology of the SNA in the sphere of economic production include:
1. Only material production;
2. The production of all goods and services, except for services rendered by housewives in cooking, child care, and so on. Etc .;

Additional information

Question 2. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation refers to the sector:
1. The non-financial businesses;
2. The financial enterprises;
3. The general government;
4. The private non-profit institutions serving households;
5.obschestvennyh organizations.

3. Question to the sector "Non-financial enterprises" include:
1. The Ministry of Economy;
2. The private university;
3. factory "Red October";
4. The non-government high school;
5. The advertising agency.

Question 4. To the sector of government institutions are from the following list:
1. The non-profit commodity exchange;
2.regionalny social security fund;
3. Stock Exchange;
4. State Enterprise for the production of fur;
5. Commercial Bank.

Question 5. The nominal GDP is $ 600 billion. Rubles. Prices of goods and services included in GDP for the year rose 20%. In this case, real GDP amounted to:
1. 500 billion. Rub .;
2. 720 billion. Rub .;
3. 450 billion. Rub .;
4. 480 billion. Rub .;
5. 500 billion. Rub.

Task 5

Q1 GDP at market prices, as measured by end-use shall be calculated as the sum of:
1. The final consumption expenditure by sector,
2. The gross capital formation and export-import balance;
3. The gross value added of all economic sectors;
4. proceeds of economic units from economic activity;
5. The gross value added of all economic sectors.

Question 2. produced non-financial assets include:
1. land farms
2. buildings and facilities,
3. Inventories,
4. Patents and securities
5. trademark of,

Question 3. For non-financial non-produced assets is not included:
1. land farms
2. domestic property of the population,
3. patents,
4. trademark of,
5. The lease on the land.

Question 4. fixed assets does not include:
1. buildings and facilities,
2. machinery and equipment,
3. The land owned by the company,
4. jewelery
5. working and productive livestock.

Question 5. The SNA national wealth can be calculated as the sum of:
1. The non-financial assets of residents of the country,
2. The financial assets of residents of the country,
3. The economic assets of residents of the country,
4. The economic assets of residents of the country's net financial liabilities
5. The financial and non-financial assets.

Task 6

Question 1. A direct measure of the productivity of labor is:
Question 2: Which of the following formulas should not be used in determining the average labor productivity of enterprises together?
Question 3. Which of the composite indexes of labor productivity is an index Strumilin?
Question 4. If the volume of production in volume terms increased by 10%, and the time required for the production of these products increased by 8%, the productivity at the same time:
Question 5. If the labor productivity increased by 25%, the labor input per unit of output:

Task 7
Question 1. If labor productivity grew over the year by 2 times and labor costs for production also increased by 2 times, the labor input per unit of output:
Question 2: If a large part of the increment of volume of output achieved by the growth of output, the leading factor is:

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