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Exercise 1
Question 1.Chem limited planning horizon?
1) Inflation
2) Purchases Products
3) Economic situation
4) The rate of development of the company
5) the growth rate of staff
Question 2. What is strategic planning?
1) a call to action
2) Wealth
3) Evaluation of human needs
4) establishment of goals and linking these objectives with the resources
5) Act, an order
Question 3. What is oriented strategic planning?
1) In the present
2) In the past
3) In the future and the present
4) In the future,
5) In the past and present
Question 4: What is the global objective of the organization?
1) The nature of the organization
2) Production technology
3) Order management
4) Organization of the automatic control system
5) an economical way to convert resources
Question 5. Decisions of the element organization is focused on the future?
1) The element will exist in the future full
2) The element currently exists in full
3) This item does not exist
4) This element does not currently exist in the full screen
5) This element is not currently functioning
Task 2
Question 1. Which organizations use strategic planning?
1) Small
2) Large
3) Joint
4) Industry
5) Any organization
Question 2. What applies to commercial organizations:
1) Trade associations, consumer cooperatives
2) State and municipal unitary event, public and religious organizations
3) Consumer and producer cooperatives
4) Economic partnerships, business companies
5) Business partnerships, charitable foundations
Question 3. What are business partnerships?
1) Complete, limited
2) additional liability
3) Complete, limited
4) Share on faith
5) Limited
Question 4. What of the following characteristics relate to the Company?
1) The number of founders of> 50, the average scale of operations
2) The amount of the authorized capital of 100 MZ, max speed of decision making and implementation
3) High social proximity of members, the average scale of operations
4) Adequate security control, big business
5) medium-scale operations, high market confidence
Question 5: Who are the shareholders?
1) Those who issue shares
2) Those who received a loan
3) Those who pays dividends
4) Those who perform various operations on the securities market
5) The owners of a number of shares
Activity 3
Question 1: Who is the JSC for the protection and attack?
1) the criminal environment
2) The State
3) Companies
4) Debtors and creditors
5) Competitors
Question 2. What is the number of shares allow the representative to be equal among the other owners of the company?
2) 7
3) 10
4) 2
5) 1
Question 3. What are the elements of strategic planning?
1) The system plans, tests
2) the decision subsystem, the system of rules of conduct
3) information provision subsystem, chart of accounts
4) The process of planning, organizational maintenance of the subsystem
5) management subsystem planning, segmentation
Question 4. Why in strategic planning the prerequisites?
1) reflects the way information
2) To improve the ability to work
3) The need for modeling
4) reflects the functions performed by the various leaders
5) reflects the degree of security, the information received
Question 5. Do you think that any of the following preconditions is the most important in strategic planning-cal?
1) strategic planning process is essential the development of social factors
2) Generation of ideas within the organization - the end point for the creation of goods
3) The planning process is accompanied by formation of respective databases distribution
Task 4
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Additional information

Question 2. What is the fundamental unit of adaptive planning process model?
1) Pre-treatment of the problem
2) Projections of internal environment
3) Development of software
4) Develop a plan for building
5) Select the organization´s goals
Question 3. Which of the following blocks of adaptive planning process model contains the main phono-hand information necessary for strategic planning?
1) Development of plans
2) Background Planning
3) A preliminary description of the objectives
4) Evaluation of alternatives
5) Select the organization´s goals
Question 4. What is the relevant information?
1) Reliable and pertinent
2) affects certain activities leader
3) for the analysis of useful effect
4) obtained in the study of the needs of employees
5) Any information
Question 5. What is needed profiles of information needs?
1) To analyze the data from professional workers
2) Select the profession
3) providing information to each user according to his profile
4) For the development of new professions
5) To improve the quality of manufactured goods
Task 5
Question 1. What is the end result of the strategic planning process?
1) Profit
2) The strategic decision
3) Increasing productivity
4) Establishment of a database
5) Collection of information
Question 2. What is the difference between strategic data and strategic information?
1) there is no significant difference, but the data cover a large area of ​​activity
2) It is the same
3) Strategic data - is information held analytical processing and prepared for the game-specific and particular use in the strategic planning process
4) Strategic information - this data last analytical processing and prepared for the game-specific and particular use in the strategic planning process
5) Strategic information is data passed through all parts of the organization
Question 3. If you process the information on which markets are most effective at what a hundred-DII strategic planning process are you?
1) Formation of goals
2) Choosing a strategy
3) Identification of limitations
4) Assessment of the situation
5) Determination of the current position of the company
Question 4: What is organizational culture?
1) It consists of persuasion, coercion, orders
2) Code of Conduct on the street
3) The model of behavior, characteristic of only the heads of the organization
4) It is made up of human behavior in organizational settings
5) It includes the values ​​of the organization
Question 5: What should be done to avoid the tendency to professional restrictions?
1) Create a plan
2) is surrounded by the main control advisers, who came from different areas
3) Professional Development
4) is surrounded by the main control advisors related to the activity area
5) Create a set of principles

Task 6
Question 1. What is the most widely within the meaning of decision taken by the organization in the framework of the strategy. Plan-ing?
Question 2: What should be the basis of the general objective?
Question 3: Who is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic plans?
Question 4: What do I need to do head to draw attention to the organization to the strategy-de- velopment?

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