Test + development of systems analysis in management

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Test 1
1 The submitted any requirements for certain substances in addition to its principal localizability to give it the status of an object?
1 The submitted
2 do not show
3 The submitted if it is a material object
4 did not show if it is not subject to
2 Can a non-deterministic nature of the right to wear?
1 can not
2 Maybe if initially deterministic rules give artificial stochasticity
3 Maybe if his condition is given by the random variables
4 May
3 Is it possible to recognize the subject of a pet?
1 can
2 You can, if under the law against a legal action can be committed
3 You can not
4 It is impossible if it does not show signs of logical thinking
4 Does a rule or classification dekompozirovaniya be uniform?
1 May
2 Can not
3 Maybe if so forcibly set
4 Maybe if classified requirements are quite diverse
5 Do When classifying objects to be "non-black boxes"?
One must necessarily
2 must in some cases
3 Do not be, it does not matter
4 should, if the classification - multilevel
6 Should the rules be linked within the same classification procedure
One must in some cases
2 Must always
3 Do not be in the event of more than three signs classification
4 Do not be under any circumstances
7 Can be classified facilities in the presence of different amounts and quality of information concerning them?
1 Can
2 may under certain conditions
3 can never
4 They can not, if the quality and the quality of this information varies from object to object
8 Under what conditions is the classification becomes a dynamic character?
1 Subject to the dynamism of the environment of the existence of objects
2 When you change the properties of objects
3 If you change the rules of classification
4 If you change the properties of classified objects and / or classification rules
9 Should there be a hierarchical classification of objects?
One must necessarily
2 No, should not, if the rules classify heterogeneous
3 must in predetermined cases
4 Should not
10 Should strive for the classification of objects by the greatest number classifications?
11 Can the system be reduced to nedekompozirovannomu object?
12 Are the rules consistent detalizovannye dekompozirovaniya object?
13 Are there fundamental differences in the objects and subjects dekompozirovanii
14 Do the dekompozirovanie on purpose object of the subject who performs it?
15 What objects obviously can not be subjected dekompozirovaniyu?
16 Should dekompozirovanie object brought to the level of its element (the unit inner network)
17 SALE dekompozirovaniya a procedure in respect of management actions?
18 Could the object be partially decomposable?
19 Are the basic rules dekompozirovaniya organizational and economic universal objects (types) for the first (highest) level of his dekompozirovaniya?
20 To what cause errors dekompozirovanii control object?
21 Can there be established a system of different objects?
22 Can be excluded in the analysis of intra-communication?
23 Can the system be formed of all the objects of reality?
24 Is it possible to achieve a detection system, to fill if the set of analyzed objects - components of its potential new object?
25 Is it permissible distinction on strongly and weakly bound systems, depending on the number of concurrent connections (connections for different pairs of objects)?

Additional information

26 The quotient is determined by the complexity of the system?
1 number of structural objects
2 The number of structural links
3 The complexity of processors and communications facilities
4 The number of facilities, communications and the complexity of their processors
27 How to identify the selected object of their entry into the system?
1 Purely subjectively
2 In analogy
3 Based on the scientific analysis of the actual presence of connectedness
4 by the combination of these three methods
28 On what basis can be ignored links between objects in the structural formation of the organizational-economic system of these objects?
1 In the case of weakness
2 According to subjective reasons, researcher
3 If they are parallel and the other relatively weak

4 If they are non-monetary in nature
29 Might the economic system to be formed by the introduction of special relationships between objects?
1 can not, because communication exist objectively or subjectively, but not relate to the system
2 can not, if the connection - weak
3 It can not, if these connections - static
4 May
30 Can be excluded in the process of forming a system of sub-objects of some members
1 may, where appropriate and feasible
2 can not be
3 the question is incorrect
May 4, if these subobjects relatively unimportant
31 Does the absence of the actual structural dynamics of it static?
32 Is it possible to make the structural state of the system dynamics from the outside?
33 How many of the structural transformation of the system is fundamentally feasible?
34 Can cause a structural change to the dynamics of the system processor of its constituent entities and relationships?
35 Can the structural dynamics of the object to be recognized by adapting it?
36 Is it possible to make a conclusion about the existence of the structural collapse of the trends of the system if the number of its objects is reduced?
37 Does the presence of structural dynamics subsystem structural dynamics of the whole system?
38 What is the component of the structural dynamics increasingly affect the state of the system - changes in the composition or structure of objects relations between them?
39 Could it be recognized as the inclusion of one system to another part of the structural dynamics of the first?
40 Is the structural dynamics of reversible?

Test 2
1 Correctly whether systematic analysis of call management philosophy?
1 There is no doubt correct
2 Do not correct
3 correctly when giving philosophy conceptually
4 has no practical significance
2 Is it possible to give the character a feedback dynamic character?
3 What is preferable to err - in assumptions or assumptions?
4 Is the management information marketable product?
5 What are the main advantages of the expert methods of mathematical?
6 Should be a complex object system?
7 Can you imagine assumptions and assumptions in the construction of analytical models in the form of functioning and development of the script object modeling?
8 What are the main advantage of the analytical simulation models?
9 How do the requirements of the management system and its functional units for accuracy?
10 with an event of the nature of the risk can be related

Creative development
In solving any problem is always advisable to consider the problem of using known classification. In this case, we consider the problem of buying a new copier. This is the case when the alternative is naturally well a structured and evaluated according to several criteria, ie model solutions in this case is a multi-purpose. An example of this decision is built on two main ideas:


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