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2. Which of the following countries took part in the European colonization of North America?
a) The Netherlands;
b) France;
c) Portugal;
g) Germany.
3. Check the trading companies that have received at the beginning of the XVII century by the King of England Charter to settle the Atlantic coast of North America and founded the first English settlements and colonies.
a) Moroccan;
b) Levant;
c) London;
d) Plymouth.
4. Under what name went down in history specially designed London constitution contains rules for the organization of the English colonies?
a) the main recommendations;
b) the basic provisions;
c) guidance on the organization;
d) a set of laws and regulations.
5. whose essence and content of an official document on the organization of the metropolis of the British colonies (choose the most correct answer)?
a) the restriction of the independent development of the colonies, seen as a source of raw materials and markets; reproduction of the feudal agrarian relations, assuming capitalization of Industry and Trade in full;
b) limiting the independent development of the colonies; strict regulation of colonial land tenure and use, limit the development of industry, domestic and foreign trade, assuming capitalization of all scams economy;
c) the preservation of American land as agro-colonial appendage of the British Empire; Reproduction of feudal relations and feudal hierarchy both in the political system, and in terms of land ownership, regulation of industry, trade, monetary, and so on. n .;
d) the preservation of American land as agro-colonial appendage of the British Empire; the formation of the plantation economy based on the use of the labor of black slaves.
6. Act (Act), which prohibited all residents of the American colonies illegally occupy "free" land in the West -
a) Missouri Compromise;
b) agricultural legislation;
c) Quebec Act;
g) a declaration of ownership of the land.
7. Finish the phrase "against the interests of merchants and commercial and industrial bourgeoisie of the colonies were sent acts 1660, 1706
1722, 1733, 1764., Introduces the English monopoly on trade in colonial goods such as ... "
Tobacco, sugar, cotton, indigo, wood, resin, tar, turpentine, hemp, leather, iron.
8. What was the name of England's economic policy in relation to the North American colonies?
a) free trade;
b) mercantilism;
c) protection;
d) colonialism.
9. What is the essence and content of the Navigation Acts in 1651, 1660, 1663, 1672.1696 years. (Choose the correct answer)?
10. What is the essence and content of the financial policy of England in relation to the American colonies (choose the correct answers)?
11. The owner of the land resources of the North American colonies -
a) the American colonial administration;
b) King of England;
c) the farmer;
d) the feudal landed aristocracy.
12. Attempts to establish a metropolitan feudal agrarian relations in the colonies were not successful because of the following circumstances (choose the correct answers):

Additional information

13. As called unauthorized seizure of American settlers free of undeveloped land?
14. Is it possible to consider the war for independence in North America as a bourgeois-democratic revolution?
15. Date of signing a peace treaty with England, which is legally secured the independence of the United States -
16. City in which the peace treaty was signed with Britain -
17. What is the essence and content of the agrarian law 1784-1787 gg.?
18. Complete the sentence: "Special Acts 1660-1764 biennium. introduced the English monopoly on trade in colonial goods such as ... ".
19. What was the name law in 1764 forbidding the issue of paper money in all the American colonies?
20. Date of adoption of the "Declaration of Independence" and the date of the formation of the United States -
21. In which country was characterized by the PIC source associated with the operations of the transportation from Europe to America "indentured servants" criminals taken from prisons, prostitutes, the colonists sold as "brides"?
22. Features of PIK in the United States (select the correct answer):
23. Progress in the industrial development of the United States were largely related to the involvement of foreign capital. Which of the countries of Western Europe has been a major investor in the United States since the end of the XVIII century. to 1860?
a) France;
b) The Netherlands;
c) England;
g) Germany.
24. With the development of some sectors of the economy was the greatest flow of investments linked to the US economy at the beginning of the XIX century.?
a) steel production;
b) agricultural production;
c) with the construction of railways;
d) Engineering.
25. Complete the sentence: "One source of NCP specific to the United States, has been successfully functioning kind of trade
industrial complex - the "triangle" ... ".
1. Molasses - Rum - Slaves.

26. The name of the historical events that served as the formal pretext for the War of Independence, the North American colonies from England:
a) "The London Tea Party";
b) "Chicago Tea Party";
c) the "Boston Tea Party";
d) "New York Tea Party."
27. Make a group of agricultural crops cultivated:
1 - in the northern group of colonies on the basis of the farm;
2 - in the southern group of colonies on the basis of the plantation economy.
a) cotton;
b) wheat;
c) the rice;
d) the barley;
d) oats;
e) tobacco;
g) corn;
h) potatoes;
i) sugar cane; A) Indigo.
I - 2, 4, 5, 7, 8; II - 1, 3, 6, 9, 10.

28. An extremely important economic problem the United States after the War (and independence due to the specifics of the economic development of the English colonies and requiring immediate action -
a) The issue of legal support business development and state regulation of economic development;
b) the problem of agricultural legislation;
c) the issue of industrial legislation;
d) the problem of ensuring the civil rights of the indigenous population.
29. What is the essence of the agrarian question in the United States at the end of XVIII - first half of XIX century.?
a) the question of the character and guarantees of land ownership and the right of land expropriation of Indian tribes;
b) the question of the direction of land use within the fund "public lands";
c) the issue of Indian tribal lands;
d) the question of the basic principles of the formation of the farm.
30. The essence of the so-called "Missouri Compromise", adopted in 1820 g.-
31. What is the 1 acre (unit of land in England and the United States)?
32. The basic principles and conditions for the sale of land located west of the Appalachian Mountains in law 1796 .:
33. The principles and conditions for the sale of western lands by law 1800 .:
34. The principles and conditions for


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