Test of Economic Theory

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1.Razgosudarstvovanie economy is
a) is the science of the production and distribution of industrial goods criteria
b) withdrawal of the state from the economy
c) an increase in the functions of state regulation of the economy
d) liberalization of prices
d) withdrawal of direct state functions of economic management

2.Edinstvennym actors in society, capable of performing the functions in facilitating the transformation of the old economic system to the new is (are)
a) a corporation
b) small business
c) State
d) international organizations

3.K form of privatization does not apply
a) free
b) Paid
c) State
d) partially free

4. The prevalence of individual private property is considered to be the hallmark of
a) a mixed economic system
b) the planned economic system
c) the market economic system
d) the traditional economic system

5. Among the most important reasons for government involvement in the economy transformation period does not apply
a) substantial income differentiation
b) the need of the national economy for foreign investment
c) strengthening of macroeconomic imbalances proportions
d) the presence in society of large-scale social sector

6. Education - an example
a) services, the provision of which should be financed both by the state and private sector needs
b) public goods
c) private good
d) the benefit of free access

7. In connection with the possible negative social and economic consequences in economic theory is not widely used
a) economic experiment
b) economic paradigm
c) the economic hypothesis
d) the economic model

8. Positive scientific analysis answers the question
a) What will happen?
b) How could it be?
c) How was that?
d) How to eat?

9.Rossiyskaya program included the completion of mass privatization during
a) two months
b) ten years
c) three years
d) six months

10.Osnovnoy reason for using the model of voucher privatization in Russia is
a) the desire to attract foreign capital
b) the intention to sell the state-owned enterprises at market value
c) desire maksimilizirovat efficient use of state property
d) the lack of sufficient funds from the public

11.Logicheskie concepts that reflect the most common and important aspects of economic life, called the economic
a) contradictions
b) categories
c) needs
d) interests

12. In terms of money-capital deficiency in the population is expedient to apply such a method of privatization as
a) auction
b) sales target
c) tender
d) voucher

13.K subject matter of economic theory does not apply
a) rational use of resources
b) limited resources
c) to maximize meet the needs of
d) the immensity of production capacity

14.Makroekonomika not studies
a) all of the previous answers are correct
b) environmental factor
c) the information factor
d) ways of producing goods and services (technology)
d) increase in world coffee prices
e) economic cycles in Russia
g) the impact of inflation on economic growth
h) foreign exchange system

15.Fundamentom free form is the method of privatization
a) privatization through registered accounts
b) tender
c) rent with option to buy
d) voucher privatization

Additional information

16.Preimuschestvo voucher privatization of state property as compared to the purchase is
a) forming a layer of effective owners
b) receipt of large sums of money in the budget
c) in the inequality, enhance production efficiency
d) in the preservation of the principle of equality

17.Ekonomicheskaya concept involves a slow and gradual reforms tapping a major role in the formation of the state of the market, it is called
a) bimegallizmom
b) gradualism
c) markantelizmom
d) Marginalism

18. ____________ model of a mixed economy has the highest social orientation
a) Japanese
b) German
c) American
g) Swedish

19.Auktsionny method of privatization involves the sale of state property to someone who will offer
a) The best investment project
b) the highest bid
c) Statement of the State price
g) the least expensive investment project

20.Preimuschestvom by shock therapy transition from a command economy to a market is
a) reduction of social tensions due to rapid changes in the economy
b) an increase in production
c) prompt and effective elimination of distortions in the economy
d) the reduction of unemployment

21.K subject matter of macroeconomics does not apply
a) the supply and demand in the vegetable market
b) production across the economy
c) the dynamics of production and prices of meat
g) the export of goods and services

22.Dlya gradual transition from a command to a market economy is not characterized by (a)
a) A tight fiscal policy
b) the active promotion of the private entrepreneur
c) initial reform of agriculture
d) single-step price liberalization

23. A factor contributing to the need for the transition from a command to a market economy in Russia is not
a) deterioration in the quality of life
b) sustainable economic slowdown
c) failure of the reform of the socialist system of central control
d) a crisis of overproduction

24. The transition from the study of individual factors to the general provisions and conclusions provided by means of this method of economic science
a) synthesis
b) Simulation
c) deduction
g) Induction

25.Normativnaya Economy (normative method) answers the question
a) that is in the economic life of society?
b) how to produce?
c) that produce?
d) that there should be in the economic life of society?

26.K modern trends of economic theory does not apply
a) classical political economy
b) institutionalism
c) Keynesianism
d) marginalism
d) Neoclassicism

27.Sotsialno economic indicators
a) the level of poverty
b) material consumption
c) productivity
d) the cost of living

28.Teoriya property rights emerged within
a) neoliberalism
b) of neoclassicism
c) monetarism
d) neoanstitutsionalizma

29.Proizvodstvo in a mixed economy is focused primarily on the implementation of interests
a) buyers of consumer goods
b) public authorities
c) the hired labor
d) the owner of the means of production


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