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Тест по английскому №2

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Описание товара

Задание №1
Пример: plane train car airport truck
1. accountant solicitor stockbroker workaholic advertising
executive 2. wages bonus promotion pay salary 3. worry pressure stress flexitime rate race 4. boiled bottled fried baked grilled
5. people product promotion price place

Задание №2
send receive pay make an invoice
1. retain entertain look after give up customers
2. take up re-arrange stick to plan a schedule
3. meet miss catch keep within a deadline
4. prepare book keep within discuss the budget
5. implement increase lose forecast sales

Задание №3
1. A short description of a typical customer likely to be interested
in a particular product.
a) consumer profile b) consumer behaviour
c) consumer goods d) consumer definition
2.An organisation´s programme of advertising activities in order
to sell a product.
a) advertising figures b) advertising executive
c) advertising campaign d) advertising agency
3. A name or design that goes with a product or group of products so that they can be easily recognised by customers.
a) range b) brand c) launch d) niche
4. A group of products in a particular part of the market.
a) market research b) market share
c) market survey d) market segment
5. The length of time during which a company expects to sell a
particular product before it has to replace it with a more up-to-date
a) product life cycle b) product range
c) product timetable d) product forecast
6. When someone loses their job in a company because the job is
no longer needed.
a) strike action b) resignation
c) redundancy d) job insecurity
7. A large business organisation that consists of several different
companies that have joined together.
a) a complex b) a conglomerate
c) a component d) a composition
8. Changing the way a company is organised or financed.
a) re-assessing b) re-defining
c) re-building d) restructuring
9. A sudden, large growth in business or sales.
a) boom b) bust c) launch d) rocket
10. To give a small additional amount of money to someone to thank
them for their service.
a) bill b) tip c) swap d)check
Задание №4
1. I´d like you to meet my assistant, Gerald Dyke…..
2. How´s business?….
3. Would you like me to show you round?…..
4. Can I get you a drink?…..
5. Do you mind if I smoke?…..
а) We´re doing very well at the moment.
b) Please go ahead.
c) Fine thanks. How are you?
d) Pleased to meet you.
e) Yes, I´d love to.
f) No thanks, not at the moment.
g) It´s very kind of you, but I don´t have much time. I have a train
to catch.

Дополнительная информация

Задание № 5
Up, around, for, after, down, off, in, to, out

1.The sales staff invited us for dinner, but we had to turn…..the in-
vitation as our plane was leaving at 7 o´clock that evening.
2.The company entertained their new customers at a very expensive
hotel and ran…..an enormous bill.
3.The strike at the airport means that people from abroad can´t get
here. So we´ve had to call…..the meeting.
4. You can use your credit card to pay…..the dinner.
5. The company restaurant doesn´t offer very exciting food. I think
we should take our customers…..for a meal.

Задание № 6
As you can see in the chart, our share price (increase) 1)…..steadily between 1998 and 2000. But in the spring of 2000, it (begin) 2)….. to fall, and since then, the price (be) 3)…..in steep decline. There are several reasons for this. One is the global economy. As you know, world trade (grow) 4)…..rapidly in 1998 and 1999. But then (come) 5)…..a dramatic fall in share prices, particularly in the technology sector. As a result of this, we (see) 6)…..a big drop in investor confidence over the last few years.

Задание № 7
you / arrive / at the airport / when / did

When did you arrive at the airport?
Answer: At four o´clock.

1. you / often / at a restaurant / entertain / clients /do…..
Answer: Yes, we do.
2.customers / how many / do / in the USA / you / have…..
Answer: About 120.
3.you / interested / in our range of luxury goods /are…..
Answer: Yes, we are.
4.travelling / where / you / are / to…..
Answer: Morocco.
5. at the conference / meet / people from overseas / did / how many /
you….. Answer: Quite a lot!

Задание № 8
Have you ever dreamed of having a long weekend every weekend? If so, now may be the time to turn that fantasy into a reality. How? By convincing your boss to let you cram five days work into just four. It won´t be easy. So, to help you out, here´s a three-step guide.
Step 1:
Remind yourself of your company´s key objectives. Remind yourself, too, of your own role and responsibilities. Now think about how you could do a four-day week and still meet all those targets. Go for creative solutions. But never lose sight of the practicalities.
Step 2:
After listening to your well thought-out plans, your boss will probably have a couple of objections. The key to getting him or her on your side is to predict the objections and prepare counter arguments in advance. Here is some advice on what to say when your boss makes objections:
´Customer service will suffer.´
I can train my customers to call me only when I´m in the office. And I can tell my colleagues how to handle my customers´ requirements if something comes up when I´m out.
´What if something urgent happens?´ I´ll get a mobile, and a pager.

´Colleagues who depend on you won´t be able to so function without you.´
I will brief them fully on what I am doing and how I am doing it.
´It will mean more work for others.´ I´ve devised a system to ensure that all my work will be done on time, every time, so no one will have to carry any extra responsibilities.
´If I allow you to work a four-day week, I´ll have to do it for everyone.´
Surveys indicate that workers who have flexible hours are more loyal and more dedicated and take less sick leave. This could be a positive move for the company.
´It will cost us money.´
Reports prove that flexible workers contribute up to a third more than regular workers. If anything, I will be more productive than ever.
Step 3:
Of course, it´s not just what you say that matters, but also how you say it. To improve your chances of winning over your boss, speak in a calm and controlled voice. Even if you feel like shouting or walking out, don´t.


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