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Тест по английскому №8

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Описание товара

Задание №1
1. availability of..staff
2. low bank………..rates
3. ……..local economy
4. ………… rents in the area where you want to set up
5. …… incentives offered by the regional government
6. good……...links
e)plant e) cheap
f)skilled f) stable
g)trade g) transport
h)tax h) interest

Задание № 2
1. boost……….. a) a need
2. run………….. b) sales
3. meet………... c) goods
4. save………… d) a bonus
5. earn…………. e) a business
f) opportunities
g) time

Задание № 3
1.A credit card can no longer be used after the ...
a) latest date.
b) retirement date.
c) payment date.
d) expiry date.
2. If you return goods to the seller because you were
dissatisfied with them, you get...
a) a retail
b) a refund
c) a discount
d) a revenue
3.What do you say if you don´t have a particular product available to
‘Sorry, we are…
a) out of stock.’
b) out of order.´
c) ex-warehouse.´
d) unreliable.´
4. If you want to leave your job, you usually have….. of
one to three months.
a) a leaving schedule
b) a notice period
c) time off
d) early retirement
5. Someone who enjoys meeting and talking to new people is...
a) outdoing.
b) outspoken.
c) outgoing.
d) outflowing.
6. All the people who work in a particular company or factory are
called ...
a) workmates.
b) working capital.
c) the working group.
d) the workforce.
7. When a company offers shares for sale on the stock exchange for the first time, we say it...
a) markets shares.
b) sells stock.
c) goes public.
d) sets up.
8. If you have tried to solve a problem without success for a longtime,
but at last you find a way, you make...
a) a break-up.
b) a breakthrough.
c) a breakdown.
d) a break-out.
9. If you want to make sure that the environment is not harmed or
damaged, you try to….. it.
a) exploit
b) enhance
c) extend
d) protect
10. If you have a business plan and you need money to develop your
idea, you have to .….
a) make an investigation.
b) raise investment.
c) make an invention.
d) extend invitations.

Задание №4
1. I´d like you to meet my assistant, Gerald Dyke…..
2. How´s business?….
3. Would you like me to show you round?…..
4. Can I get you a drink?…..
5. Do you mind if I smoke?…..

а) We´re doing very well at the moment.
b) Please go ahead.
c) Fine thanks. How are you?
d) Pleased to meet you.
e) Yes, I´d love to.
f) No thanks, not at the moment.
g) It´s very kind of you, but I don´t have much time. I have a train
to catch.

Задание № 5
Up, around, for, after, down, off, in, to, out

1. The sales staff invited us for dinner, but we had to turn…..the in-
vitation as our plane was leaving at 7 o´clock that evening.
2. The company entertained their new customers at a very expensive
hotel and ran…..an enormous bill.
3. The strike at the airport means that people from abroad can´t get
here. So we´ve had to call…..the meeting.
4. You can use your credit card to pay…..the dinner.
5. The company restaurant doesn´t offer very exciting food. I think
we should take our customers…..for a meal.

Дополнительная информация

Задание № 6
As you can see in the chart, our share price (increase) 1)…..steadily between 1998 and 2000. But in the spring of 2000, it (begin) 2)….. to fall, and since then, the price (be) 3)…..in steep decline. There are several reasons for this. One is the global economy. As you know, world trade (grow) 4)…..rapidly in 1998 and 1999. But then (come) 5)…..a dramatic fall in share prices, particularly in the technology sector. As a result of this, we (see) 6)…..a big drop in investor confidence over the last few years.

Задание №7
Antonio Cortez:
Our visitors from Korea are coming at 9 a.m. on Thursday. As soon as they (arrive) 1)…….,I want you to get everyone together in Conference Room A. Katarina Fischer and I are going to be a bit late, so while you (wait) 2)…….for us, you can offer our guests some coffee and make them feel welcome. If they (want) 3)…….to start the meeting, just explain the problem. Please don´t start discussing anything important until Katarina and I (get) 4)…….there. Now, I´ve arranged a tour of the factory, and it would be good if we can visit the new production facilities before we (go) 5)…....for lunch at 12.30. If we (be) 6)…….behind schedule, we can always postpone the factory tour until the afternoon. It wouldn´t be a good idea to start the tour after midday. I think our guests would feel unhappy if they (have) 7)…….to rush. OK. Now what about the new brochures? Are they ready yet?
Pedro Mendes:
Well, no. I talked to Marketing this morning and they said that the brochures (be) 8)…….delayed. They asked me when we (want) 9)…….to have them, and I said that we (need) 10)…….to have them for Thursday morning.

Задание №8
In your letter, you can talk about:
•a successful meeting
•meeting Katarina Fischer and Pedro Mendes
•an interesting tour of the factor
•doing business in the future

155-8 Yeonhee-Dong, Seoul 120-100 Korea

Dear Antonio,
I am writing to thank you ...

Задание №9
How do you really make it happen? How do you raise the 1)…….? Is there anywhere you can go for help?
Chidi Ngwaba says funding a business yourself with savings is ´a bit like having a baby. I feel like we´re living a dream.´
Their 2)……. was to open a place selling healthy fresh-cooked, vegetarian food. Neither Chidi nor his wife, Uchenna, has any experience of food, other than eating it. Their cash has stretched to employing a team of people to run their company, Plant, and they hope to have three more outlets by the end of the year. The Ngwabas believe they have no direct competition. ´I think it´s something new,´ Ms Ngwaba says confidently. If things don´t work out, they´ll sell their house and move in with their parents.
The need to feel safe and the fear of 3)…….can often stop people taking their first steps towards starting up a business. But according to Simon Woodroffe, founder of the restaurant chain YO! Sushi, it is the fear of not following your dream which moves people. It is better to
try and fail than never to have tried, he believes. When I ask himwhether now is a difficult time to start a business, Mr Woodroffe says: ´It´s always the right time to 4)……. a business.´ With YO! Sushi now quite stable, Mr Woodroffe is starting new ventures. YOTEL! and Body YO! are coming soon.
Similarly motivated is Mark Blandford, founder of online agency Sportingbet. Sportingbet went live in October 1998, with no customers and no turnover. Today he says: ´We´re a profitable dot.com.´ His expected 5)…….this year is £927 million.
And his advice for would-be entrepreneurs? ´Have a vision, spot a new niche and be I sufficiently convinced to go for it 100%.´ It´s not the advice a bank would offer. A banker´s advice would centre more on researching your idea and on drawing up detailed business plans. You probably need both to get started.


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