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Тест №2
(правильные ответы нужно выделять курсивом)

1. I ___ him for a year and more, but he looked up at me as if I ___ in yesterday.
a) have not seen, was
b) did not see, were
c) had not seen, had been
d) have not seen, have been

2. Can he ___? – Yes, and even turned red. He was worth ___ at.
a) get embarrassed, to look
b) have got embarrassed, being looked
c) have got embarrassed, looking
d) has embarrassed, to have looked

3. He wished he ___ there longer. He had looked forward to ___ the sights of this old town.
a) hasn’t stayed, seeing
b) didn’t stay, to see
c) stayed, having seen
d) had stayed, seeing

4. ___ nineteen he made a petty tour with his mother, father and sister: ___ Brussels, ___ Rhine, ___ Switzerland, ___ Italian Alps and, of course, Paris.
a) aged, ___, the, ___, the
b) aging, the, ___, ___, the
c) age, ___, the, ___, ___,
d) having aged, the, ___, the, ___

5. The sightseeing came to an end, and ___ to ___ Hague.
a) neither our visit was, ___
b) so did our visit, the
c) so our visit did, the
d) neither was our visit, ___

6. “If you don’t want to be late for lunch, you ___ better ___ and have bath,” ___ Mother said ___ a loud voice.
a) would, go, ___, with
b) had, go, ___, in
c) would, to go, the, in
d) had, go, the, with

7. “It looks as if we ___ going to have ___ good flying weather tomorrow”, said Mr. Sunbury.
a) are, a
b) will be, ___
c) would be, the
d) were, ___

8. The past flood is reported not ___ ___ damage to the crops.
a) caused, many
b) to have caused, much
c) to cause, much
d) having caused, many

9. Looking back upon that time, I thought that all ___ different ___ for the interference of my parents.
a) might have been, were it not
b) may be, were it not
c) might have been, had it not been
d) may be, had it not been

10. And I began to see that ___ man mustn’t live for ___ any more. He’s got ___ of ___ others.
a) ___, him, to think, the
b) a, himself, to think, ___
c) the, oneself, thinking, ___
d) ___, hisself, to think, the

11. Why are you talking ___ loudly and making ___ much noise? It is high time you ___ ___ business.
a) such, such, got, to
b) so, so, got, to
c) such, so, got, down to
d) so, such, have got, over

12. If he takes ___ alcohol and gets ___ your nerves they will be grateful ___ you if you let them ___.
a) up, to, for, to know
b) on, on, to, to know
c) to, on, to know
d) at, upon, for, know

13. After ___ a bad match the team captain insisted that they ___ things ___.
a) so, should take, easily
b) such, would take, easily
c) so, take, easy
d) such, should take, easy

14. I don’t remember ___ that they have moved ___ another flat.
a) them, to mention, to
b) their mentioning, to
c) their mentioning, at
d) them to have mention, into

15. It will be so kind ___ you if you can get this banknote ___ for me.
a) to, cashed
b) of, cashed
c) from, to cash
d) on cashing

16. I am right, ___ I? He hasn’t come. So there has been nothing to discuss, ___?
a) aren’t, hasn’t there
b) amn’t, has there
c) aren’t, has there
d) amn’t, hasn’t there

17. Most of us ___ plenty of things that we are not ___ to have. We must ___ it.
a) wants, alike, take to
b) want, like, give away
c) wants, unlikely, take off
d) want, likely, put up with

18. He got me ___ that he did not want the story ___ on.
a) understood, let
b) to understand, letting
c) to understand, to let
d) understand, let

19. ___ the first lines ___ he remembered ___ these words somewhere else.
a) hardly had he read, when, reading
b) hardly he had read, than, to read
c) hardly he had read, when, reading
d) hardly he read, when, read

20. You ___ till I came back. I ___ late.
a) may wait, have been working
b) might have waited, had been working
c) must be waiting, had worked
d) should wait, have worked


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