The control of English. Option 4

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Option 4

Task 1. Rewrite the sentences. Insert the infinitive in the right form and translate the proposal into Russian.
10. The crime ... by Scotland Yard occurred on the Thames. (To investigate)
A. to investigate C. to have been investigated E. to have been investigating
B. to be investigated D. to be investigating F. to have investigated
11. The solicitor is satisfied ... in preparing the case of fraud. (To help)
A. to help C. to be helping E. to helped
B. to have been helped D. to have helped F. to have been helping
12. The witness wanted ... the questions as soon as possible. (To answer)
A. to be answered C. to answer E. to have answered
B. to have been answered D. to have been answering F. to be answering
Task 2. Rewrite the proposals put particle to, where necessary. Explain the reason for the absence of the particle to. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
10. Let the witness ... take the stand.
11. ... appeal a case means ... go to an appellate court and ask ... review and ... overturn the lower court's decision.
12. A plaintiff was made ... accept this proposal.
Task 3. Rewrite the sentences. Change it using the underlined words Infinitive instead. Move the proposals received in Russian.
10. I hope that I will speak to the judges tomorrow.
11. A prosecutor was glad that he heard the confession of the accused.
12. He spoke loudly so that everyone might hear him to prove his alibi.
Task 4. Rewrite the sentences. Replace complex sentences or groups of sentences in simple sentences with infinitive turnover of Complex Object. Move the proposals received in Russian.
1. I heard him. The burglar shut the door of the study.
2. He pointed a gun at the man and pulled the trigger three times. I saw it.
3. The prisoner should be set free. The general directed.
Task 5. Rewrite the sentences. Finish them using the "for-to-Infinitive Construction". Put a proposal on the Russian language.
10. The first thing (he; to do) was to call the police.
11. She was sitting there alone waiting (to be; preliminary hearing of a case).
12. Do not you find it odd (she, to kill) her husband.
Task 6. Rewrite the sentences with Complex Subject. Put the verb in the correct form and put the proposal to the Russian language.
10. The verdict ... to have considered. (Say)
11. The judge ... to be the best in the city. (To know)
12. You ... to know very little about the yesterday's accident. (To seem)
Task 7. Rewrite the proposals emphasize infinitive speed. Determine which turnover upotreblёn infinitive in the sentence. Put a proposal on the Russian language, paying attention to the infinitive form
1. They wanted the prisoners to be shot before dawn.
2. The special courts have been established to handle cases that are difficult for a judge to understand unless he devoted his whole time to this one type of problem.
3. A man is accounted to be innocent until he is proved to be guilty.
Task 8. Select the correct translation of the selected proposals. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
1. One of the specifications of the English legal system is that a practicing lawyer has an obligation to hold either a place of a barrister or of a solicitor.
A. C. practicing practitioner
B. D. practiced when practicing
2. Preventing crimes the police performs its main function.
A. Preventing C. Prevents
B. By preventing D. Prevented
3. Prescribing the punishment in criminal law it is very hard to provide a full definition for a crime.
A. C. appointed appointed
B. D. assigning assigning
Task 9. Select the desired shape Participle I. Put offer in Russian.
1. I was walking with my dog \u200b\u200bwhen I saw the gun ... on the ground.
A. lying B. being lain C. having lain D. Having been lain
2. ..., the injured man was taken to hospital.
A. Rescuing B. Being rescued C. Having rescued D. Having been rescued

Additional information

3. ... everything he knew, the witness left the box.
A. Telling B. Being told C. Having told D. Having been told
Task 10. Rewrite the sentences. Replace the highlighted part of the sentence appropriate form of Participle I. Turn the proposals received in Russian.
1. While my friend was driving to work yesterday, he had an accident.
A. driving B. having driven C. being driven D.having been driven
2. Be careful when you are crossing the road.
A. crossing B. having crossed C. being crossed D.having been crossed
3. The results of the investigation which is being conducted by a group of experienced lawyers are very reassuring.
A. crossing B. having crossed C. being crossed D.having been crossed
Task 11. Rewrite the sentences. Determine which form of the verb is highlighted word: Participle II or Past Simple. Turn received
1 Suits brought against doctors by the patients are particularly numerous.
2. The imprisoned men were unhappy with their living conditions.
3. The judge brought accusation against the robber.
Task 12. Rewrite the sentences. Insert Participle I and Participle II. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
1. ..., the jury went to the courtroom (to select)
2. The number of people ... the legal profession has been increasing. (To enter)
3. If ... by both Houses, a bill is placed before the sovereign for the Royal Assent. (To approve)
Task 13. Rewrite the proposals involved emphasize speed. Put a proposal on the Russian language, paying attention to the form of the sacrament.
1. Testified he saw me driving carefully and not speeding.
2. The objection being not valid, the judge overruled it.
3. They had their compensation claimed.
Task 14. Rewrite the sentences. Determine what the highlighted word: Participle I, Gerund, Verbal Noun. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
7. There is no comprehensive law regulating the organization and competence of the courts.
8. The defence counsel is using a lot of documents for the defending of his client.
9. On leaving jail, Joe determined to reform.
Task 15. Rewrite the proposals emphasize gerundive momentum. Turn suggestions on the Russian language, paying attention to the form of the gerund.
6. The police were informed of the criminals having appeared in the city.
7. There is no hope of his being acquitted.
The detective's knowing the identity of the suspect helped him make an arrest.
Task 16. Read the text and do the job.
I. Legal practitioners. In the UK, even more job titles are used in the field of law; there are barristers and solicitors, among others. However, by definition, each has a unique meaning. Between the two there are differences such as their training, their wages as well as their individual roles. Lawyers in the United Kingdom jurisdictions generally practice as solicitors in private firms, as legal advisers in corporations, government departments, and advice agencies, or as barristers. They can each do advocacy, draft legal documents and give written advice, but solicitors, unlike barristers, can not appear in every court.
II. Traditionally, solicitors undertake work such as conveyancing, and drawing up contracts and wills. Conveyancing is the drafting of the documents necessary for the transfer of real property, such as deeds and mortgages. In some jurisdictions, all real estate transactions must be carried out by a lawyer or a solicitor where that distinction still exists. Barristers spend more time in court and have a right of audience in the higher courts. Unlike solicitors, barristers can not usually be employed directly by clients but arc instructed by solicitors. Solicitors normally form partnerships with other solicitors and work in offices with support staff. The qualification and practice of solicitors are regulated by the Law Society.
III. Training.


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