The right to social security Part 2, the test 120 Issues.

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Task 1.

1. Read chapter 18 of the Manual.
2. Choose the correct answer and mark the answers on the form.
Question 1. In what period were born in Russia benefits for employees?
1. The first half of the XIX century .;
2. The middle of the XIX century .;
3. The end of the XIX century .;
4. The second half of the 20-ies of XX century .;
5. The end of the XX century.
Question 2. What was the article of the Russian Constitution that social benefits, as well as state pensions are established by law?
1. Part 2 of Art. 39;
2. Part 3 of Art. 40;
3. Part 4 of Art. 41;
4. Part 5, Art. 42;
5. Part 6 of Art. 43.
Question 3. What form of security is a social benefit?
1. natural;
2. State;
3. lump sum;
4. necessary;
5. money.
Question 4: What is an article of the Russian Constitution stipulates that every citizen has the right to protection against unemployment?
1 para. 2 of Art. 36;
2. n. 3 of Art. 37;
3. n. 4 of Art. 38;
4. p. 5, Art. 39;
5. p. 6 Art. 40.
Question 5. What is the article of the Russian Constitution states that everyone "guaranteed social security and in other cases prescribed by law"?
1. n. 5, Art. 43;
2. n. 4 of Art. 42;
3 para. 1, Art. 39;
4 para. 2 of Art. 40;
5. p. 3 of Art. 41.
Task 2.
Question 1. What is the total there benefits other than benefits and compensation in connection with motherhood, fatherhood and childhood?
1. six;
2. seven;
3. Eight;
4. nine;
5. Ten.
Question 2. What are the principles of social benefits are classified?
1. according to the criteria and the basis of their presentation;
2. size;
3. by type;
4. in cycles;
5. meaningfully.
Question 3. By what purpose are allocated allowances, the purpose of which is wholly or partly kommensirovat temporarily lost wages or help in the replenishment of funds in connection with the onset of circumstances?
1. The duration of payments;
2. on the target;
3. The source of funds;
4. Depending on the contingent of citizens;
5. on mixed criteria.
Question 4. Which sources can be paid the same benefits to various categories of citizens?
1. State;
2. The private;
3. Social;
4. departmental;
5. different.
Question 5. What benefits are typical for people performing military and some other service?
1. cash;
2. ware;
3. material;
4. "hidden";
5. special.

Task 3.
Question 1. How common rules established by the Law relating to all types of benefits that are provided to citizens with children?
1. one;
2. Two;
3. Three;
4. Four;
5. five.
Question 2. How long is assigned a lump sum at birth?
1. from the date of birth of the child;
2. from two months of age;
3. age of three months;
4. to four months of age;
5. to five months of age.
Question 3. In which amount to withhold from the beneficiary in the case of sums unduly paid state benefits?
1. not more than 60% of the allowances;
2. 50% of the allowances or salaries;
3. 40% of the allowances or salaries;
4. 30% of the allowances or salaries;
5. not more than 20% of the allowances or salaries.
Question 4. How are the rates of the allowances in the regions and localities, where there are regional rates to wages?
1. without the use of these coefficients;
2. a premium;
3. without allowances;
4. using these coefficients;
5. at a higher rate.
Question 5: In what year was the Federal Law "On the Minimum Wage"?
1. 1999 .;
2. 2000 .;
3. 2001 .;
4. 1998 .;
5. 1997

Task 4.
1. Read chapter 19 of the Manual.
2. Choose the correct answer and mark the answers on the form.
Question 1. What funds are paid temporary disability benefits?
1. the funds of the Employment Fund;
2. at the expense of health insurance;
3. from the budget;
4. at the expense of the state social insurance;
5. at the expense of the enterp

Additional information

Question 4: At what time were born of temporary disability in the developed world?
1. In the middle of the XIX century .;
2. at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries .;
3. In the middle of XX century .;
4. 30-ies of XX century .;
5. In the end of the XX century.
Question 5: In what period originated temporary disability benefits in Russia?
1. In the middle of the XIX century .;
2. In the middle of XX century .;
3. 50-ies of XX century .;
4. 30-ies of XX century .;
5. At the beginning of XX century.
Task 5.
Question 1. In what year did the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the All-defining the terms of appointment of temporary disability benefits?
1. 1983 .;
2. 1984 .;
3. 1985 .;
4. 1986 .;
5. 1987
Question 2: In what year was approved by the Presidium of the All Regulations on the security benefits of state social insurance?
1. 1980 .;
2. 1981 .;
3. 1982 .;
4. 1983 .;
5. 1984
Question 3: What is all the time during which the employee is the Employment Relationship?
1. The period of work;
2. The working time;
3. labor relations;
4. The running time;
5. The actual operation.
Question 4. The benefit is granted if the treatment was followed in the period from the date of rehabilitation, the establishment of disability:
1. not later than one month;
2. 2 months;
3. 3 months;
4. not later than 6 months;
5. 5 months.
Question 5: In what cases the allowance may be granted when applying for it after 6 months?
1. certain;
2. In particular;
3. In exceptional;
4. The conventional;
5. In the known ones.
Task 6.
Question 1. What grounds provided for working temporary disability benefits?
1. one;
2. Two;
3. Three;
4. Four;
5. five.
Question 2. On the day of the loss of health issued a sickness benefit (injury)?
1 first;
2. the second;
3. the third;
4. the fourth;
5. the fifth.
Question 3. What is the period when the benefit is not awarded for the first few days of temporary disability in countries with relatively high wages?
1. "primary";
2. "wait and see";
3. "preliminary";
4. "entry";
5. "start."
4. Question of the day disability benefits issued upon the occurrence of temporary disability as a result of home injury?
1. the second day of disability;
2. the third day of incapacity;
3. the fourth day of incapacity;
4. the fifth day of incapacity;
5. the sixth day of incapacity.
Question 5. During which days of temporary disability allowance is issued upon the occurrence of temporary disability due to the operation of abortion?
1 for the first day of temporary incapacity;
2. the first two days of temporary incapacity;
3. the first three days of temporary incapacity;
4. the first four days of temporary incapacity;
5. During the first five days of temporary disability.

Task 7.
Question 1. How many days allowance issued temporary and seasonal workers, whose disability occurred not because of an occupational injury or disease?
Question 2. If the temporary disability of disabled workers occurred in connection with the disease of tuberculosis, the benefit is given to them for the term:
Question 3. In what period of time is issued upon the occurrence of benefits temporary disability during their stay on vacation?
Question 4: What is the term given in the manual sanitary spa treatment?
Question 5. During a period of paid benefits when caring for a child aged 7 to 15 years?

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