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Exercise 1. Consider the reasons for the lack of informativeness of proposals and edit them.
1. Flat for rent with a child.
2. Eighty blind old woman walks into a barn on a wire
3. In the first month the children go for a walk only on the hands
4. Students who have passed the pressure and welding, can sign up for machining
5. Women awarded fifty percent of her husband
6. Sale of the juice stopped for technical reasons: stuck in the elevator.
7. Delivery of cargo is carried by helicopter on the road
8. The gap between school and life takes a short time and remains in the memory for a long time.
9. On the shoulders of the farmer's responsibility to the maintenance and preservation.
10. The quality of directed many themes developed by our scientists.

Exercise 2. passages from works of art to highlight the estimated vocabulary; select its functional and stylistic affiliation and stylistic role in the context of (inquiries, please contact explanatory dictionary).
1.Bud I'm a novelist, I would say, a crime of passion, and marked his brow rock press, - but I'm not a novelist and says simply, his face was predatory, miserable and worn out; due to the harmony of these reasons, it has not caused any credibility (MG)
2. House №7 of Pereleshin Lane did not belong to the best building Stargorod. Its two floors, built in the style of the Second Empire, were decorated with lions' heads, extremely similar to the well-known face at the time of the writer Artsybashev. Artsybashevskih faces were exactly eight, according to the number of icons included in the alley. Puts these lions Hari window keys (IA and PA)
3. Was the lunar night. Ostap rushed for silver street easily as an angel, starting from the sinful earth. Because of the failed conversion Vasiukov the center of the universe running had not among the palaces, and among the log cabins with exterior shutters. (AP I.i).

Exercise 3: In the following excerpts from the correspondence published in a newspaper, select the foreign words and as part of their ekzotizmy. Try to pick them Russian synonyms. Give stylistic evaluation of the use of lexical means of correspondence.
I. After the scandalous delay the start of the trial of the founder and leader of the sect "Aum Shinrikyo" Shoko Asahara, which happened in October last year, the prospect of a quick and righteous judgment hung tight procedural fog. The first glimpses of it appeared only now, three months after the fall lining. As announced in Tokyo between the lawyer team of Asahara and courts intensive negotiations aimed at establishing a new-date for the start of the process. It called even specific date and month-on 25 April. Against this background, "the destiny of the investigation" Asahara personally or even care about the coming judgment has few. The Japanese finally lost faith in the "charisma" guru after another portion of his unfulfilled prophecies - in November in Japan promised the leader of "Aum Shinrikyo" shocks did not happen, he Asahara not merged with God, although it had promised to do so no later than last autumn. This last "deception" is especially upset gullible citizens.

II.- After we paid the Taliban at the entrance to the gorge Pandzhshersoke crushing defeat, people everywhere began to take up arms and to connect to our fight - says Masood. - We have offered the Taliban to voluntarily leave the city, we ourselves also are not going to repeat their mistakes and to act against their own people. Our position - to solve the problem through negotiations. But if the "Taliban" will refuse our offer, the combined forces will be forced to look for other options. Pakistan has long been trying to bring to power in our country of its mercenaries. Almost not having any reason, Pakistanis provoked and supported in our territory fighting.

Additional information

Exercise 4.Specify stylistic shortcomings in the use of forms of degrees of comparison of adjectives; call other speech errors. Give options for styling suggestions.
1. The mining industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy.
2. In this difficult situation, we have taken measures to find the most optimal variant.
3. Outside "LAZ-698" wins from their older counterparts.
4. Living conditions in the village were more preferable than the logging enterprise.
5. And now, on the eve of the holiday, the better the conditions for fruitful work getting the public service: in the district center comes into operation an office building.
6. There is reason to believe that in the next few days will be given start of the first stage of the Winter Games.
The word "Start" is not used in the plural. Recommended: There is reason to believe that in the next few days we will start the first stage of the Winter Games.
7. In the history of figure skating the pair played a very prominent role.
8. Lenka jumped to the door and naivozmozhneyshim asked sarcastically: "His?"
9. This is the most characteristic of the disease in children of this age.

Exercise 5. Choose texts (4-5 sentences) of different styles, to write text; identify sub-genres, genre and language characteristics of each text.
Margarita flew still slow in the desert and unknown terrain, over hills, dotted with occasional boulders lying between the individual enormous pines. Margarita flew and thought that she was probably somewhere very far away from Moscow. Brush flew over the tops of the pine trees are not, and have between their trunks, with one side silver-plated moon. Light shadow flying gliding along the ground ahead: Now the moon was shining in the back of Margarita. Pine trees parted and Margarita quietly arrived by air to the chalk cliff.

I, Ivan Stepanovich Ohlobystin, worked as a system administrator, late today, December 12, 2012 to work due to a car accident in which my car was at the entrance to the Moscow Ring Road.

Official style, obihodno-business sub-genres, genre - an explanatory memorandum. This proves the presence of the following markers:
- The use of the exact date (12 December 2012);
- Book lexicon (because a car accident);
- The use of words in the literal sense;
- The lack of expressive vocabulary and assessment;
- Availability of standardized speed (working in the office);
- Limited capacity of synonymous substitutions, lexical repetition (car accident - the car).

Exercise 6. Write a summary in an article devoted to the question of the Russian language stylistics.

Exercise 7. Pick text journalistic functional style of not less than two A4 pages, typed 14 pins. Make it a stylistic analysis.


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