The world economy (53 tests for Cbits)

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1.Strana And can produce 1t of wheat or 4t of coal, using one unit of resources. Country B can produce wheat 2m or 5m coal using as a resource unit. It means that
a) A country will export wheat and import coal;
b) country B will export wheat and import coal;
c) A country would not export and import wheat;
g) country B will not be exported and imported coal.

2. If France is exporting wine to England, and England textile exports to France, the increase in the price of wine relative to the price of textiles means
a) improved terms of trade for France;
b) change the angle of the line of trading opportunities in France;
c) changing the angle of the slope of the trading opportunities of England;
d) all of the previous answers are correct

3. The difference between the import tariffs and quotas is that only duty
4. The principle of comparative advantage was first formulated
5. Proponents of protectionism argue that the duties, quotas and other trade barriers are needed to
6.Strany A and B produce the following quantity of X and Y (in units)
7) Which of the following forms of trade barriers is not a significant impediment to free trade
8. The following table presents data on volumes of production of cloth and wine in the A and B (only one resource-labor)
9. First, the two countries there is no mutual trade. The country's currency Ah, country B-b.Tseny to the canvas in countries A and B are, respectively, 20a and 60b. If each country independently produces both goods, the price of wine must be equal, respectively,
10. If the two countries will begin mutual trade, it can be assumed that the country would be B
11.Do start trading process for each country was characterized by its price ratio, which reflects the internal production costs. If between the two countries A and B develop trade, the ratio of the price of wine to the price of the cloth
12. If the two countries to establish a stable trade relations, the ratio of the price of the cloth to the price of the wine can be (approximately)
13. If you know that a daily export of cloth is 500m, given the price ratio as defined in the test 12, the daily volume of exports of wine is equal to
14. If the price of the euro dollar fell from 50 to 45 cents per 1 euro, the price of the tape (in dollars) sold in Germany for 150 euros,
15. Part of the balance of payments current account strany- platezhey- excludes
16.Krivaya demand for euro move to the right if
17 When it is said that the country devalued its currency, it is understood that
18. If the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar changed from 4 euros to 3 euros for 1 dollar, the price of the euro
19. The system of the gold standard, Country A has substantially increased exports to the country B. In this situation, the price level in country A
20. How can affect the physical volume of exports and imports a significant decline in the US dollar price of foreign currency (for example, in pounds sterling)
21. If the United States and Canada is set freely floating exchange rates, and if the demand for the Canadian dollar rises, it means that
22. If the GNP of the United States is reduced, then the system of freely floating exchange rates
23. If US corporations pay high dividends (in USD) for foreigners, the

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31. Upon delivery of the equipment for rent ownership it owns
a) manufacturer
b) Leasing Company
c) company-user
d) firm-mediator

32. The use of transfer pricing in intra turnover due to TNK
a) different production costs firms in TNK
b) the difference in the levels of taxation of profits
c) the different levels of the economic potential of the member firms of TNCs
g) uniform pricing TNK

Customs Tariff 33 industrialized countries tends to be
a) One-column
b) two-column
c) does not apply
d) multicolumn

34. The amount of restrictions in state regulation of foreign trade activities (foreign trade activities) depends on the
a) The structure of exports and imports of the country
b) the country's participation in international economic organizations
c) the level of economic development of the country
d) commitments under international trade agreements

35. Construction of facilities to "turn the finished product" has the following purpose
a) the full range of works from zero cycle to construction and operation of the facility finished products
b) the output on a designed capacity by the local staff
c) guarantee a market for products built facility
d) ensuring a certain level of profitability of the object

36. Engineering firm specializing in the construction, can realize the full engineering
a) a feasibility study on construction of the facility to the marketing of products
b) from design to commissioning
c) assist in the preparation of the contract for the construction, supervision of construction of the object and putting it into operation
d) the development of the project, preparation of the contract for the construction of the building, staff training prior to commissioning

37. There is the type of "engineering" include 1) technical advice 2) the development of projects 3) market research 4) the sale of licenses. It is only true statement
a) 1,2 and 4
b) 1,2 or 3
c) 2,3 u4
g) 3 and 4

38. Foreign trade contract can be called any contract between contracting parties from different countries
a) only on the products in material form
b) for goods in material form, the services, the results of creative activity
c) for goods in material form and Services
d) for goods in material form and the results of creative activity

39. Charges for customs clearance include 1) fee 2) customs fees 3) Tax 4 VAT), excise tax is a true statement (-etsya) only
40. The Customs Code provides for various customs regimes. But the most common are
41. Declaration of customs value (TPA) is necessary for
42. The capacity of the market of any country is determined by a particular product
43. In the event of force majeure period of performance of the contract be extended
44. Leaseback suggests that
45. If a reseller is acting on its own behalf, but for others it counters
46. \u200b\u200bIncome dealership is formed by
47. Basic terms of delivery determine the basis of price. This
48. As commercial lending reflected in the price of the contract
49. If the leasing company leases equipment for a period close to the date of service, returning full cost of the equipment itself, it
50. The Customs Code regulates
51. The doctrine of mercantilism
52. The neoclassical concept of the Heckscher-Ohlin
53 The paradox of Leontief


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