Using the table, draw a graph of rates

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Assignments №1. 1) Using the table, construct a graph of the rate of chemical reactions in the living body temperature. X axis is the temperature of the body, and the axis Y - the relative speed of a chemical reaction.
2) Using the graph, determine what will be equal to the relative speed of a chemical reaction when the body temperature of the body is 33 ° C, 41oS.
Task № 2. Place the items in the correct order for the preparation of instructions for use of the microscope. In response, write down the proper sequence of digits.
1. Place the prepared specimen on the stage
2. In the opening of the stage lights direct the mirror until you get a good view of the field lighting
3. Using a screw, slowly lower the tube so that the bottom edge of the lens was at a distance of 1-2 mm from the drug
4. put the microscope tripod to him at a distance of 5-10 cm from the edge of the desktop
5. Secure the slide clamp
6. Looking through the eyepiece, using the screws slowly lift the tube until a clear image of the object.
Task № 3. Eutrophication of lakes often leads to a decrease in the oxygen content to a critical level. The main reason for the low oxygen level is:
a) the consumption of oxygen by plants;
b) oxygen consumption by fish;
c) oxygen consumption reducers;
g) oxidation of nitrates and phosphates.
Protein biosynthesis
As a result, plastic metabolism cages synthesized in specific
to the body proteins. A DNA region, which is coded information about
a protein structure called ______ (A). Protein biosynthesis begins
synthesis with ______ (B), and itself assembly occurs in the cytoplasm with the assistance ___ (B). The first stage of protein biosynthesis was named _________ (D), and the second - broadcasting.
A list of terms:
1) mRNA; 2) DNA; 3) transcription; 4) mutation; 5) a gene; 6) the ribosome;
7) Golgi complex; 8) phenotype
Setting №5. Vehicle weight 103 kg moves at a speed of 10 m / s. What is the kinetic energy of the car?
1) 105 J 2) 104 J 3) 5⋅104 J. 4) 5⋅103 J.
Task №6. To what kind of criteria should include the scope of the tundra reindeer?
1) genetic
2) Environment
3) morphological;
4) the geographical
Task №7. On the basis of the rules of the ecological pyramid, determine how much to cereals and to the development of one eagle was a mass of 5 kg, if the supply chain is as follows: cereals → grasshoppers → frogs → snakes → Eagle
1. Main task of systematics - study
1) stages of historical development of organisms
2) the relationship of organisms and the environment
3) the adaptation of organisms to environmental conditions
4) The diversity of organisms and the establishment of their relationship
2. When dihybrid cross and the independent inheritance of traits from parents with genotype AABb and aabb observed in the offspring of splitting in the ratio
3. Genetic heterogeneity of individuals in a population increases
1) mutational variability
2) geographic isolation
3) the struggle for existence
4) artificial selection
4. What are the evidence of evolution include similar stages of embryonic development of the individual animals?
1) embryological
2) paleontological
3) comparative anatomical
4) molecular genetic
5. The similarity of artificial and natural ecosystems is that they
1) contain the same number of links in the food chain
2) have the same productivity of plant biomass
3) can not exist without human involvement
4) contain the same functional groups organisms
6. In the Golgi complex occurs
1) the formation of ATP
2) oxidation of organic compounds
3) accumulation in cells synthesized substances
4) synthesis of protein molecules
7. In diploid wheat chromosome 42. Obtained on the basis of her new variety has 84 chromosomes due
1) changes in reaction rates
2) the cytoplasmic mutation
3) chromosomal rearrangements
4) the genomic

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Laboratory work №1
on discipline: Concepts of modern science
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