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Verdun - Steam gift region free

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Описание товара

Verdun - Steam gift region free

Об игре
Verdun is a squad based multiplayer first person shooter set in the first world war. Inspired by the infamous battle of Verdun in 1916 players are able to take part in never seen before WWI action. Made by 3 indie developers from BlackMill and M2H.

Game Features in a nutshell

Unique World War One setting.
4 Distinct squads for France or Germany
Unique team gameplay; 4 exclusive roles inside each squad.
Innovative squad leveling system; you have to work together to level your squad.
4 environmentally diverse maps to fight on.
Cross-platform support PC / Mac / Linux
Historically accurate weapons and attachments.

Made by 3 dedicated indie developers from BlackMill and M2H, Verdun is a true indie game. Since April of 2013 we launched a public beta and interacted with the verdun community, listening to their feedback to improve the game. Buying Verdun will make sure the small, but highly dedicated and skilled team will be able to continue updating the game, fix bugs and add new features.

Verdun is the first commercial world war one shooter on the market. We have done extensive research in the field, and are advised by experienced historians to make the game as true to historical facts as possible.

Verdun is a co-operative game in its very core. The game is build around squads consisting out of 4 players. Central to the co-operative gameplay is the so called co-op xp which is earned whenever you play together with another player. The more co-op xp you have with the squad members, the more powerful the squad will be.

A squad has a certain type, each squad type is distinct and based on a historical unit. As a result a squad type has plenty of unique characteristics that result in different strategies on the battlefield. In Verdun you fight in a squad under the banner of Alliances Entente or the Central powers. The beta will feature Poilus & Landsers (rifle squads) and Chasseurs Alpin & AlpenJaeger (recon squads)

Within each squad type, there are 4 unique roles to choose from which are specific to that squad and the role it has on the battlefield. Each role gets an attire, weapons and abilities based on the nation the squad is fighting for and its historical unit.

This mode allows players to experience true trench warfare. The map is divided into many trench sectors which can be captured by either side. This creates a real time moving frontline where every captured meter counts.

Verdun features an interactive 3D map of the western front where players can find,join and create squads as well as spotting their position in a frontline sector.

Harsh fighting in muddy, water-filled trenches in the Ypres salient, inspired by battles at passchendaele, Hooge, Hill 60, LangeMark. It features several kilometers of defensive positions.

The solid chalk grounds in the picardie region were suited for deep trenches and were the scene of many bloody battles such as the 1916 offensive on the Somme. The many valleys are littered with depth defensive positions spanning for miles.

A dense trench network set around a huge mine crater. This map is inspired by the craters we visited around the verdun area. It is a tiny map specifically designed for the Rifle Deathmatch game mode.

An environment created from actual trench maps. This map 2 trench systems with no-mans land in between resembling a classic WWI trench warfare scenario on a very small area.

Set in the rocky and wooded Vosges mountains where heavy fighting occurred this map features challenging heights and natural obstacles.

Verdun will feature authentic weapons used by the respective nations in the first world war. We took great care in modeling these weapons from real world examples and photos. In additions there are plenty of attachments to use, such as bayonets and sniper scopes.


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