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★ Includes "No Survivors" mode: with no time limits or objectives, how long can you survive in a town slowly being overrun by zombies?
★ Put your face in the game! Zafehouse: Diaries gives you the freedom to customize the names, portraits, and the location of your group. Will zombies come to your town?
★ An easy-to-use and streamlined interface means you can focus on the most important thing: survival.
★ A sophisticated combat engine that takes into account each survivor’s abilities, relationships, the environment, weapons, and more.
★ Features “Road Kill” mode where your group scavenges parts for a broken-down car in order to get the hell out of Dodge!


Dear diary,

Hell may be other people but they had enough decency to not gnaw on your head to get to the brains within. Every sunrise I see means we are that much closer to escaping the slavering zombie hordes that hunt in the night. We lost some good people in the last few days: Sam, whom we “convinced” that she should go with the Piper as live bait to lure some of the undead away from here, Zeke went out to explore to look for supplies...last I heard of him were his screams of pain in the distance. There is a small beacon of hope: there are hints about a helicopter that searches for survivors. All we have to do is find out where it will be and stay alive...stay alive...stay alive...

Zafehouse: Diaries is a tactical game of survival, planning, resource management, and problem-solving. Every town, location, and survivor is dynamically generated - no two games are the same. Manage your survivors’ needs, prejudices and motivations and you might stay around long enough to be rescued. Send out search parties to gather supplies and anything useful. Spread rumors to affect relationships between members of your group. Zafehouse: Diaries’ unique, diary-based interface records your actions, reveals the state of the world, provides hints and clues to help you. Your diary can also be exported and shared when the game is over.

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