Зачетная работа по английскому (юр фак)

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Задание 1.
Перепишите и переведите предложения, определите видовременные формы глаголов, укажите их инфинитив.
1. He has graduated from the Police Academy with specialization in crime dеtection.
The police authorities have not made a mistake by taking George into the detective division.
As a matter of fact George is a police officer with practical experience: he has already served as a patrolman and has learned the work by experience.
This means that he has got practice in dealing with different police-citizen incidents.
He has certainly handled traffic violations and traffic accidents.

2. There is no more news about the famous Lanstable painting, Norfolk Sunset, which was stolen last night from the National Gallery.
The painting, which is worth half a million pounds, was given to the gallery in 1975.
It hasn’t been found yet, and all airports and ports are being watched.
Cars and trucks are being searched.
A reward of 10,000 pounds has been offered for information.

Задание 2.
Выберите правильный вариант модального глагола и подставьте в предложение. Предложения переведите.
1. You ____ feel relaxed after your holiday.
a) have to; b) ought; c) must; d) are allowed.

2. They ____be tried. They’ve been traveling all night.
a) must; b) can’t; c) shouldn’t; d) had to.

3. She _____ be Scottish with a surname like McKenzie.
a) ought; b) is allowed; c) must; d) is able to.

4. A driver ____ to take the test in English.
a) hasn’t; b) needn’t; c) doesn’t; d) mustn’t.

5. I think we will have to accept the notion that we ____ have total freedom in everything.
a) need; b) needn’t; c)ought; d) have.

Задание 3.
Перепишите и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на значения выделенных слов.
A good criminalist never forgets to use a modern crime technique during crime scene search.
He knows no people in this locality.
The searchers try not to disturb anything at the crime scene.
There is not one method of interrogation.
Nobody knows the number of that car.
We never have practice on Sundays.

Задание 4.
Перепишите и переведите текст на русский язык.

International law

International law is to a large extent natural law. It is respected by all civilized nations not because it is enforced by any world government, but because it embraces universal principles of justice. Many years ago Justice Story held that the slave trade was «against the universal law of society» and, therefore, a violation of international law. Though there was no international statute prohibiting traffic in slaves, the Judge found that the natural law of international relations was a part of the supreme law of the US. More recently a Justice of the US Supreme Court acted as public prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials. He charged that the German leaders in World War II had committed crimes against humanity. In carrying on an unjust war, they had violated those first principles of ethics, which are basic in the relations of civilized nations.
International law is also common law or judge-made law. When the judge of district court of the US, for example, hears a case involving a collision t se, he refers to previous cases, not only the cases heard in America courts, but in courts of other nations, International law to some extent also includes statutory law. All treaties, convections, and agreements between nations are binding and in that sense are law. The Us Constitution specifically makes treaties part of the law of the land to be enforced like other law in the courts.

Задание 5.
Составить диалог по ситуации «Представьте, что вы следователь и проводите перекрестный допрос (ночная кража со взломом)».

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Зачетная работа по английскому (юр фак)


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В целях оперативного реагирования на нарушения Ваших прав и необходимости блокировки действий недобросовестных продавцов, Plati просит Вас направить заверенную телеграмму, которая будет являться основанием для блокировки действий продавца, указанная телеграмма должна содержать указание: вида нарушенных прав, подтверждения ваших прав и ваши контактные данные (организиционно-правовую форму лица, Ф.И.О.). Блокировка будет снята по истечение 15 дней, в случае непредставления Вами в Адвокатский кабинет письменных документов подтверждающих ваши авторские права или права собственности.

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