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I.Match the sentences with the situations (a-d) above.
1.The factory will cease operation at the end of the year.
2.I’ll show you how to work the till – it’s quite easy.
3.We think turnover for 2015 will be around £450,000.
4.Will you give me a discount for quantity?
5.The report predicts restaurants will expand another 3 percent in 2020.
6.Bright will continue to work in Boeing’s commercial division.
7.OK, Mr Takamura, I´ll phone you sometime next week
8.All items in this range will be available from 27 April.
9.That´s the phone. I´ll get it.
10.I´ll put half the money in the bank and spend the rest.

II. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
1.you / will / deduct / your / employer / the tax / for.
2.buyers / will / get / free / for / Hyundai / the service / 90 days.
3.profits / reveal / the company / will / on 19 April / its annual.
4.of / this / will / shares / affect / my / the value?
5.hotel / will / receive / you / a personal / star / service / at this three.
6.by / policy / will / you / post / we / send / the insurance.
7.the presentation / place / will / take / hall / in the main.
8.50 / new supermarket / in the area / the / new jobs / will / create.
9.the / of the / losses / factory / will / heavy job / result in / closure.
10. your / bank / we / account / directly / into / the money / will / pay.

III.Match the sentence halves.
1.This investment will certainly create
2.The new airport will serve
3.The firms will build turbines worth 210m euros for
4.The government is offering new tax incentives that will attract
5.Cadbury says the new packaging will cost more than $3m but it will not increase
6.You´ll also need to have
7.The plane will eventually come in three models and fly
8.You will have overall responsibility for
9.The local tourist office will provide
10.The company will finance
a.excellent organizational and management skills.
b.a free map of the region.
c.several large cities in the north.
d.sales and marketing.
e.200 to 250 people up to 8,300 miles non-stop.
f.foreign investment.
g.the construction of a new community sports centre.
h.employment in the area.
i.the price of its products, j. Chinese power plants.

IV.For each sentence write down a question starting with the words given.
1.She´ll cash the traveller´s cheque at the bank.
2.They will send you their booklet free of charge.
3.Stephen Ward will become the firm’s chief executive.
4.All the profits from the sale of the CD will go to the charity.
What amount
5.There will be a meeting of the accounts department on Friday.
6.The contract will guarantee us 2 million barrels of oil per day.
How many?
7.You will need some experience in administration.
What kind of?
8.The project will go to the board for consideration.
9.Our products will be more expensive abroad.
10.The trip will cost you $1000.
How much?

V. Combine each pair of sentences into one sentence. Use the words in brackets
Example: She’ll pay me back. She´ll get some money, (as soon as)
She’ll pay me back, as soon as she gets some money.
1.I’ll wait here. You´ll get back. (until)
2.Give me a ring. You’ll hear some news. (when)
3.The TV programme will end. I´ll do my homework. (after)
4.I´ll go to work. I´ll have a bath. (before)
5.She´ll be in Paris. She’ll visit friends. (while)
6.The lesson will end. I´ll go home. (as soon as)
7.I won´t leave the house. The postman will call. (until)
8.Can you feed the cats? I´ll be away. (while)
9.I´ll tell you about the holiday. I´ll get back. (when)
10.I´ll study English. I´ll speak it perfectly. (until)

VI.Match the situations (1-10) with spontaneous decisions (a-j).
1.You have a splitting headache.a.I’ve had it! I’ll set up my own business.
2.You’ve got a big salary rise.b.I’ll take a taxi.

Дополнительная информация

VII. Match the sentences (1-10) and the predictions (a-j).
1.We’ve installed a new software system.
2.The factory has gone bankrupt.
3.We´ve sold a lot of equipment this month.
4.The exchange rate of the dollar has increased.
5.She’s going on maternity leave next month.
6.We haven’t received many bookings for the summer.
7.Mr Cova has four meetings tomorrow morning.
8.The traffic from the airport is very bad.
9.This production method uses much less electricity.
10.10 We’ve launched a major advertising campaign.

a.The After-sales Department will be very busy next month.
b.Our energy bills won´t be so high in the future.
c.Karen will be late for the meeting.
d.The staff will need more computer training....

VII.Write sentences about yourself ten years from now. Use the phrases in the box to complete the sentences.
I think I’ll …I’ll definitely …
I’m sure I’ll …I’ll probably …
A doubt if I’ll …I definitely won’t …
I’m not sure whether I’ll …I probably won’t …
1.travel to work every day I doubt whether I´ll travel to work every day.
2.be rich and famous
3.need to work
4.still live in the same place...

IX. Susan explains Ivan’s benefits package. Use the present or future simple of the verbs in the box to complete the dialogue.
Pay givehaveanswerrunhavegetwork

Susan: I (1)… through the list of benefits you’re entitled to. If you (2) … any questions, stop me and I (3) … them. You have two weeks vacation with three personal days and five sick days, as well as ten paid holidays.
Ivan: Sounds good to me! Three personal days ... they’re for personal business, right?
Susan: That’s right. We have full medical coverage and some dental coverage. Employees pay a percentage of the costs.
Ivan: I guess that’s the way most plans are.....

X. Writing. Now describe a normal day of a job that would be ideal for you. Use the Future simple. You may start with:
I think I’ll get up …

XI. Case study.
You work for a company in New York. You are planning a business trip to the Chicago division. You want to start on Saturday. Now read the newspaper weather forecast and decide whether you will put off your business trip or not.
Travelers Beware! A major winter storm will spread a deep blanket of white from the Midwest to the East Coast this weekend. A vigorous storm coming down from central Canada will cause all the trouble. The snow will streak southeastward from the northern Plains to the lower Great Lakes Friday. This weekend, the Canadian storm will give way to a new storm along the East Coast. As the coastal storm takes over, snowfall could become quite heavy from the mid-Atlantic region to southern New England.

XII. Translate the sentences into English using your active grammar and vocabulary.
1. Мы считаем, что объем продаж в следующем месяце вырастет на 12 процентов.
2. - Телефон звонит. - Я сниму трубку.
3. Хорошо, мы сообщим Вам, если у нас будет вакансия.
4. Презентация состоится в выставочном зале в 10.45 утра.
5. В следующем году наша компания откроет еще один филиал в Риме.
6. Мы доставим Ваш заказ через неделю.
7. По словам президента,

ХIII. Answer the following questions.
1.How much money do you think you will make on your first job?
2.What is something that you want to buy, but think you never will.
3.Will you report your colleague if he/she uses the office telephone for personal calls?
4.Will you agree to work overtime on regular basis?
5.What will make you leave a well-paid job?

XIV. Finding facts about a company.
CNN is the logo of a well-known company. Write down three sentences that are true about this company. Use the future simple


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