Big Journey to Home ( DESURA key region free )

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Описание товара

Welcome to the world of medieval adventures!

You play as Jake, a simple guy who accidentally got in trouble. What will happen to him, how he will behave, whether he gets home: all of this depends on you. Along the way you will encounter a variety of living creatures, from cockroaches to huge scorpions, lizards and even small hamsters! In addition to living beings, you will see a variety of complex mechanisms. To overcome snow, forest, desert and underground areas, you will need a good weapon that - a well sharpened blade that will slay (nearly) every monster.

You will need to carefully plan every step so that the monsters don’t eat you for dinner. However, as long as you stand still, the monsters cannot touch you. The hardcore mode, however, won’t let you sleep: you will have to play at full speed.

If you have a friend, you can play a separate story about Jake’s brother with them. You can traverse the same remote locations and see the same monsters, but they will behave differently. If your friend is lost, you can show them the way using the built-in chat and ping tool.

The game has an achievement system - try to unlock them all! If you want to stay in this unusual world, you can extend the fun by using custom levels that are built by players just like you. Thanks to the convenient level upload system, you can play the game for a very long time.

Key Features:

-Interesting gameplay with turn-based logic and some elements of RPG

-12 single player levels spread over four different locations

-4 cooperative levels with crossplay support

-Adaptable gamepad controls for all systems

-A level editor to create your own puzzles

-Various online capabilities, including a co-op mode, cloud saves, achievements and distribution of your own levels


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