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The universe in which events unfold Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, reminiscent of "Game of Thrones" and other worlds "realistic fantasy." That is, the names and surnames, familiar from history books, there can not be found, but the intrigue, infighting and other mrachnuhi missing. Background to the conflict textbook: King disappeared in the crusade, and his army at home, no one was waiting for - one of the military leaders who served on the home front, usurped power. In general, the soldiers under the blue and red flags there is cause for bloodshed.

The main thing here - as in the Age of Chivalry, simple but deep combat mechanics with machetes, plug in his belt all the competitors. Other attacks are not forced to stomp nervously keyboard. It is enough to press the left mouse button and turn the dial up or down - that´s the three basic techniques (chopping the top, side and poke). Next start of wisdom: a combination false swing, bash and kicks. Strangers can fend off the attack, wasting energy. Management is more convenient than in the modification, so that fight - a pleasure.

Especially nice to play with a first-person - it is difficult, but the effect of immersion is much higher: if you find yourself on the battlefield, is very similar to the present. Knights screaming rush forward, steel rings, fly towards the severed heads and hands. It looks impressive, good for the image corresponds to the Unreal Engine 3, and the animation does not let us down. Finally captivates the attention to detail. Would, say, mindlessly waving drin - and first of all comrades chop the cabbage.


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