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Контрольная работа US ECONOMY и тест

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Описание товара

Задание 1. Перевод текста
The mineral and agricultural resources of the United States are tremendous. Although the country was virtually self-sufficient in the past, increasing consumption, especially of energy, continues to make it dependent on certain imports. It is, nevertheless, the world’s largest producer of both electrical and nuclear energy. It leads all nations in the production of liquid natural gas, aluminum, sulfur, phosphates, and salt. It is also a leading producer of copper, gold, coal, crude oil, nitrogen, iron ore, silver, uranium, lead, zinc, mica, molybdenum, and magnesium. Although its output has declined, the United States is among the world leaders in the production of steel, motor vehicles, and synthetic rubber. Agriculturally, the United States is first in the production of cheese, corn, soybeans, and tobacco. The United States is also one of the largest producers of cattle, hogs, cow’s milk, butter, cotton, oats, wheat, barley, and sugar, it is the world’s leading exporter of wheat and com and ranks third in rice exports. In 1995, U.S. fisheries ranked fifth in the world in total production.
Major U.S. exports include motor vehicles, aircraft, food, iron and steel products, electric and electronic equipment, industrial and power-generating machinery, chemicals, and consumer goods. Leading imports include ores and metal scraps, petroleum and petroleum products, machinery, transportation equipment (especially automobiles), and paper and paper products. The major U.S. trading partners are Canada (in the world’s largest bilateral trade relationship), Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Germany. The volume of trade has been steadily increasing. The gross domestic product has continued to rise, and in 1998 it was easily the largest in the world at about $8.5 trillion. The development of the economy has been spurred by the growth of a complex network of communications not only by railroad, highways, inland waterways, and air but also by telephone, radio, television, computer (including the Internet), and fax machine. This infrastructure has fostered not only agricultural and manufacturing growth but has also contributed to the leading position the United States holds in world tourism revenues and to the ongoing shift to a service-based economy. In 1996 some 74% of Americans worked in service industries, a proportion matched, among major economic powers, only by Canada.

Задание 2. Ответы на вопросы
1. Why was the USA self-sufficient?
2. What does US export include?
3. What industry do most Americans work in?
4. What has the development of the economy spurred?
5. What do US imports include?
6. What has spurred the development of the economy?

Задание 3. Перевод текста
As a global superpower, the United States exerts wide-reaching political, military and economic influence. It has strong political and military ties to democratic governments in Western Europe and in other areas of the world. As the leading power of the western hemisphere, the United States plays an active role in Latin America. About one fourth of the United States military personnel serve overseas. The United States operates military bases in strategic areas throughout the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Central America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Most of its overseas forces, however, are concentrated in Western Europe under provisions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
America’s political and military strength is generated, in turn, by a powerful economy. Although it is neither the world’s largest nor most populous nation, its economic output, measured by gross national product (GNP), is three times Japan’s, and six times West Germany’s.


10. Public transport in London is ... in Europe.
a. the expensivest;
b. the most expensive;
c. more expensive;
d. expensiver.

Дополнительная информация

11. Go to the library if you need ... information.
a. farther;
b. further;
c. farer;
d. far.

12. We didn’t know the score, but we were sure their team ... the game.
a. has lost;
b. had lost;
c. lost;
d. being lost.

13. He gave all his money to me because he ... me.
a. would trust;
b. trusted;
c. had trusted;
d. will trust.

14. Ann hasn’t been informed that the lecture ... on Friday.
a. hasn’t taken place;
b. wouldn’t take place;
c. won’t take place;
d. hadn’t take place.

15. The pupil wasn’t able to do the translation because he ... some special terms.
a. hadn’t known;
b. didn’t know;
c. doesn’t know;
d. wasn’t known.

16. He heard somebody...
a. talking;
b. talked;
c. to talk;
d. being talked.

17. Nobody heard him ... the house.
a. to leave;
b. left;
c. feel;
d. have left.
Нет правильного ответа. Правильный ответ: leave

18. Teddy’s words made me ... uncomfortable.
a. to feel
b. feeling;
c. feel.
d. have left.

19. I watched my cat... with her kittens.
a. played;
b. playing;
c. to play;
d. being played.

20. I have never heard Helm...
a. sang;
b. sings;
c. singing;
d. have sung.


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